How to make a Crying Game Cocktail

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey1/5 oz
Absolut Vodka1/5 oz
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur1/5 oz
Bailey's Irish Cream1/5 oz
Grenadine Syrup1/5 oz
Tequila1 oz
Rum1 oz
Tomato Juice5 oz


Combine Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Absolut Vodka and Kahlua Coffee Glass in a mixing glass. Heat Bailey’s Irish Cream, Tequila and Rum in a Saucepan. Combine the contents of the mixing glass and saucepan into a heatproof cup, add Tomato Juice and stir, top with Grenadine Syrup. Garnish with a celery stick and a green onion.
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