Acid Water Cocktail
Bend Me Over #2 Shot
Bloody Monkey Cocktail
Caramel Apple Cocktail
Chewbacca Cocktail
Citrus Rum Cooler Cocktail
Foamy Irishman Cocktail
Hypnotiq Slice Shot
Baltic Murder Mystery Cocktail
John Stalker Cocktail
Evening in Paris Cocktail
Bambi's Iced Tea Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid (Canada) Cocktail
187 Cocktail
80's Orange Wine Cooler Cocktail
80's Peach Wine Cooler Cocktail
80's Berry Wine Cooler Cocktail
Angry Pirate Cocktail
Blue Coconut Cocktail
Double-O-Seven Cocktail
Feni Highball Cocktail
Ghetto Margarita Shot
H2O Martini Cocktail
Happy Camper #2 Cocktail
Blue MotherFucker #2 Cocktail
Hpnotiq and 7 Cocktail
Japanese Jim Cocktail
Kim's Cherry Cocktail
Canadian Skittle Cocktail
Bellatrix Ball Cocktail
Nixon Cocktail
Norm the Niner Cocktail
Oasis #2 Cocktail
Doggy Style On the Beach Cocktail
7 Coconuts Cocktail
7 on 7 Cocktail
After Five #2 Cocktail
Asskicker #2 Cocktail
Back Packer Cocktail
Bam Bam Shot
Black Opal Cocktail
Bottle Cap Shot
IAS-Special Cocktail
Carolina Piece of Ass Shot
Cesar Chavez Cocktail
Watermelon #2 Shot
Purple Hooter Shot
Cocky Apple Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Daredevil Cocktail
CRS Cocktail
Danny Borracho Cocktail
Diabloow Cocktail
Dirty Ashtray Cocktail
Do Me Now Cocktail
Fag Juice Cocktail
Ginadine Fizz Cocktail
Golden Delicious Shot
Golden Up Cocktail
Hawaiian Punch Cocktail
Lauren's Razzle Dazzle Cocktail
Cherry Martini Cocktail
Grape Martini Cocktail
Lynchburg Mine Explosion Cocktail
Mali P&S Cocktail
Mang Tini Shot
Marsupial Cocktail
Mass Confusion Shot
Cinco de Mayo #2 Cocktail
Mojito Diablo Cocktail
Oh Yeah! Shot
Old Fashioned (Sweet) #2 Cocktail
Oz Dust Cocktail
Blue Wave Cocktail
Pain in the Ass Cocktail
Panama City Gin 'n' Juice Cocktail
Paralyzer #3 Cocktail
Pauligno Cocktail
Peachy Dream Cocktail
Bitch Slap Cocktail
Bite of the Iguana Shot
Black Jack WV Shot
Purple Pushover Cocktail
Asian Hooker Cocktail
Blue Jeep Island Cocktail
Bad Ass Amaretto Cocktail
Black River Boogie Cocktail
Black Swedish Virgin Cocktail
Blonde Ron Cocktail
Blood Clot Shot
Blue Bomber Shot
Blue Iguana Cocktail
Bald Pussy Cocktail
GinGold Cocktail
Go-Go Juice Cocktail
Green Sunset Cocktail
Hawaiian Surfer Cocktail
Blue Motorcycle Cocktail
Blue Sunset Cocktail
The Bomb Shot
Bootlegger Tea Cocktail
Boozy Maria Cocktail
Junk In Da Trunk Shot
Lychee Cooler Cocktail
Mexican Pebble Shot
Prickly Porn Star Cocktail
Purple Wave Cocktail
Raspberry Renegade Cocktail
Jamaica Cooler Cocktail
Naughty Monkey Cocktail
Pharoah's Paradise Cocktail
Purple Cool Aid Cocktail
Purple Wet Dream Cocktail
Southern Sour Cocktail
Ocho Cinco Shot
Cinnamon Stick #2 Cocktail
Original Liquid Cocaine Cocktail
The Bianca Cocktail
Tequila Head Slam Shot
Brevann Springwater Cocktail
Italian Ice Cocktail
Original Firecracker Cocktail
By The Pool Cocktail
Santa Fe Cocktail
Scooby Snack Cocktail
Screw-Up Cocktail
Seven and Seven Cocktail
Seven Veils Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #3 Cocktail
Sex with the Bartender Cocktail
Shattered Dreams Cocktail
Shoot to the Moon Cocktail
Shot-o-Happiness Shot
Sid's Special Cocktail
Ski Slope Cocktail
Birdman's Delight Cocktail
Fusion Rioja Cocktail
Tequila Lemonade Cocktail
Highway to Heaven Cocktail
Capri Sun Cocktail
Cheap Sunglasses Cocktail
Coconut Bra Cocktail
Cran-Rum Twister Cocktail
Doo-littles Cocktail
Drag Queen Cocktail
Kentucky Crack Cocktail
Laffy Taffy Cocktail
McIntosh Apple Shot
Morgan Melon Cocktail
Excuse Me Cocktail
The Raven Cocktail
Purple Farmer Cocktail
Absinthe Herbal Liqueur Shot
Bay Spritzer Cocktail
Black Butterfly Cocktail
Cran Daddy Cocktail
Crazy Cat Cocktail
Fruit Booty Cocktail
Half of Everything We Gots Shot
Karen's Melons Cocktail
Kriaura Shot
Lick Dawn Dry Shot
Mouse Trap Cocktail
Purple Goddess Cocktail
Southern Tea Cocktail
Bloody Cherry Cocktail
Blue Mother Cocktail
Bunny Fucker Cocktail
Diamond Romeo Cocktail
Frinky Cocktail
Hoochie Cocktail
Lover's Moon Cocktail
Malibulicious Cocktail
Mountain Berry Cooler Cocktail
Ohio State Redeye Cocktail
Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Pucker Up Cocktail
Matrix's Blue Pill Cocktail
Glass Angel Cocktail
Red Moon Cocktail
Absolut Suicide Shot
Monito Cocktail
The Skunk Pussy Cocktail
Sky Blue Fallout Cocktail
Smooth Dog Shot
Smooth Pink Lemonade Cocktail
Smoothie Shot
Sno-Cone Cocktail
Snowflake Cocktail
California Gold Rush Cocktail
Southern Death Cult Cocktail
Southern Harmony Cocktail
Southern Raspberry Tart #2 Cocktail
Southern Suicide Cocktail
Chameleon Cocktail
Stoli Fruit Cocktail
Strawberry Dream #2 Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost - Hawaiian Cocktail
Tina Baker Cocktail
Toasted Fisherman Cocktail
Tokyo Ice Tea Cocktail
Death of a Virgin Cocktail
Tropical Hooter Shot
Tropical Life Saver #2 Cocktail
Tropical Pear Fizz Cocktail
Troutie Cocktail
Tummy Blower Cocktail
Twinkle My Lights Shot
Electric Jam Cocktail
California Lemonade Cocktail
California Rattle Snake Cocktail
Candy Cane Cocktail
Captain's Cream Soda Cocktail
Caribbean Cruise Cocktail
Field of Green Cocktail
Fluffy Duck Cocktail
Cheat's Pimm's Cocktail
Cherry Bomber Cocktail
Cherry Popper Cocktail
Cibola Cocktail
Citron My Face Shot
Club Tropix Cocktail
Clueless Cocktail
Coast-Line Cocktail
Colorado Coolaid Cocktail
CoonDogg Shot
Crocodile Cooler Cocktail
Crooked Monkey Cocktail
Green Scorpion Cocktail
Daylon's Bedtime Cocktail
Deep-7 Cocktail
Deerslayer Cocktail
Diva Cocktail
Dog Biscuit Cocktail
Irish Whip Cocktail
Eenytini Cocktail
Electric Popsicle Cocktail
Electric Watermelon Cocktail
Evil Tongue Shot
Fart in the Ocean Cocktail
Fishbone Cocktail
Kansas City Ice Water Cocktail
Formula 420 Cocktail
From Russia With Love Cocktail
Leg Spreader #2 Cocktail
Fruit a La La Cocktail
Fruity Vodka Beverage Cocktail
Gangbuster Punch Shot
Madonna Cocktail
Gladiator Cocktail
Grand-Ma In A Wheelchair Shot
Granny Apple Blossom Cocktail
Green Apple #2 Cocktail
Green Dinosaur Cocktail
Murray's Cocktail
Green Lantern Cocktail
Naked Twister Cocktail
Grinch #2 Cocktail
Grinch Cocktail
Gaston Cocktail
Nuclear Ice Tea Cocktail
Glacier Mist Cocktail
Green Vodka Cocktail
Bay Blue Cocktail
Hawaiian Punch From Hell Shot
Heavy G Cocktail
Pixie Stick Cocktail
Ice-T Cocktail
Jade Isle Cocktail
Red Rattlesnake Cocktail
Jamaican Bum Cocktail
Jeannie's Dream Cocktail
Russian Seven Cocktail
Jon Lee Hooker Cocktail
Jufu Cocktail
Kermit The Frog Piss Cocktail
Killing Light Cocktail
King Willy Cocktail
Long Beach Ice Tea Cocktail
Longaberger Lemonade Cocktail
Loopy Lemonade Cocktail
Lucky Lemon Cocktail
The Lunchbox Cocktail
Walk the Plank Cocktail
Whop Me Down Sweet Jesus Cocktail
Hal Ligon Cocktail
Mexican Sexy Lemonade Cocktail
Wild Bill's Lemonade Cocktail
Malibu Dreams Cocktail
Malibu Express Cocktail
Malibu Punch Cocktail
Malibu Seven Cocktail
Mandarin Sunrise Cocktail
Mandy Sea Cocktail
Mansion Mind Eraser Cocktail
Mazerati Cocktail
Mekong Cocktail
Midnight Lemonade Cocktail
Mind Eraser #2 Cocktail
Mogadon Cocktail
Montana Tornado Cocktail
Mother Pucker Cocktail
Muppet Shot
Mach 1 Shot
Nalgaa Cocktail
Nan's Special Cocktail
Nappy Dugout Cocktail
Norling Special Cocktail
Florida Iced Tea Cocktail
Old Fashioned (Sweet) Cocktail
California Iced Tea #2 Cocktail
Malibu Surfer Cocktail
Otter Pop Cocktail
Otter Pop Shot
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster #2 Cocktail
Peach May Cocktail
Peach Nehi Shot
Pedro Collins Cocktail
Pentecostal Cocktail
Piggelin #2 Cocktail
Pimm's Cup Cocktail
Pine Needle Cocktail
Pineappleless Pineapple Juice Cocktail
Polish Professor Cocktail
Popper Shot
Purple Devil Cocktail
Purple Fantasy Cocktail
Purple Haze #2 Shot
Purple Haze #2 Cocktail
Polar Bear #2 Cocktail
Purple Helmeted Warrior Cocktail
Purple Lobster Shot
Polar Bear Cocktail
Purple Motherfucker Cocktail
Purple Plague Cocktail
Purple Russian Gonzo Cocktail
Peach Up Cocktail
Peanut Coffee Frenzy Cocktail
Polar Bear Cooler Cocktail
C60 Cocktail
Corsican Cocktail
Red Beard Shot
Camp Grenada Cocktail
The Quan Cocktail
R-Float Cocktail
Ragnar Cocktail
Raspberry Sex Shot
Razzleberry Cocktail
Ruby Slipper Shot
Zoot Cocktail
Frosty Amour Cocktail
Gang Up Cocktail
Indycar Cocktail
Jug Wobbler Cocktail
Hollywood Nuts Cocktail
Pimm's No. 1 Cocktail
Summer Cooler Cocktail
Round-Up Cocktail
Absolute HB Cocktail
Royal Turkey Cocktail
Sixteen and a Half Cocktail
Radio City Cocktail
Adios Motherfucker Cocktail
Miami Iced Tea Cocktail
Adios Mother Cocktail
7-Nut Cocktail
Asian Fetish Cocktail
Bong Water Cocktail
Bull's Special Cocktail
Christopher Walken Cocktail
Citron and Seven Cocktail
Chronic Cocktail
Algae Cocktail
Mowed Lawn Shot
Pissing Parrot Cocktail
Slimer Cocktail
Sparkley Spritz Cocktail
Sugar 'n Sinz Cocktail
Sweet Tight Pussy Shot
Tequila Pop Shot
Triple Threat Cocktail
Washington Apple Shot
American Pie Cocktail
Apple Soda Cocktail
Aruba Smash Cocktail
Beam and 7 Cocktail
Big Johnson Cocktail
Bloody Hurricane Cocktail
Blue Lagoon Margarita Cocktail
Buzzer Cocktail
Apple Cider Slider Shot
Caribbean Mist Cocktail
Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail
Cherry Shake Cocktail
Citrus Neon Cocktail
Colonel Dan's Ice Tea Cocktail
Apple Slammer Shot
Deep Sea Sex Cocktail
Doh Doh Cocktail
Don Roberto Cocktail
Dry Lemonade Cocktail
Aqua Cocktail
Flaming 7-7 Cocktail
Fruity Toad Cocktail
Full House Cocktail
Fuzzy Fruity Brain Blitzer Cocktail
Gummi Berry Juice Cocktail
Hairy Berry Cocktail
Hammer Cocktail
Holiday Hangover Cocktail
Honey Bunny Cocktail
Jack Me Off Cocktail
Jack Me Up Cocktail
Japanese Jack Cocktail
Orange Rush Shot
Lemon Joe Cocktail
Liquid Nerds Cocktail
Little Bastard Cocktail
Lumpy Lime Cocktail
Magic Spritzer Cocktail
Axe Murderer Cocktail
Molester Cocktail
Mountain Berry Punch Cocktail
Naked Sunburn Cocktail
Nickel Cocktail
Nickel Alloy Cocktail
Oklahoma Cooler Cocktail
Old 7's Cocktail
Orange Creamsicle Cocktail
Padas Passoa Cocktail
Pep Up Cocktail
Phantasmic Explosion Cocktail
151 Reasons Cocktail
80's Wine Cooler Cocktail
Blues Night Cocktail
357 Magnum Cocktail
A Night At Naughty Nikki's Shot
Amaretto Spritzer Cocktail
Big Easy Martini Cocktail
Brevann Cocktail
Bruja Cubana Cocktail
Fuzzy Hippo Cocktail
Pink Dink Cocktail
Purple Fairy Dream Cocktail
Rick James Cocktail
Goony Goo Goo Shot
Red Kryptonite Cocktail
Fizzy Windex Cocktail
Panty Thief Cocktail
Summer Dream Cocktail
Dirty Bong Water #2 Cocktail
Passion Party Punch Cocktail
Quick Fix Cocktail
Grandma's Peach Fuzz Cocktail
Heads Up 7 Up Cocktail
Red Juicy Puss Cocktail
Buccaneer Cocktail
Dro Cocktail
Pornstar Cocktail
Southern Sunbeam Cocktail
Captain Jake's Cocktail
Cherokee Cocktail
Coconut Splash Cocktail
Cape Cod Sour Squishy Cocktail
A. F. Tini Cocktail
Cherry Breeze Cocktail
Humble Hippie Holiday Cocktail
Jolly Drunken Rancher Shot
Kill Me Now Kahlua Cocktail
Liquid Screw Cocktail
Malibu Twist Cocktail
Banana Hurricane Cocktail
Hypnotic Bawls Cocktail
Caputo Special Cocktail
Carbonated Cranberry Cocktail
Cherry Ooh-La-La Shot
Danny Sheldon Cocktail
K-12 Cocktail
Kitty Nectar Cocktail
Liquid Babysitter Cocktail
Purple Cocktail
Purple Jim Bob Cocktail
Raving Psycho Cocktail
Blue-Balled Frog Cocktail
Gatorape Cocktail
Granny Smackers Cocktail
Green Gummy Bear Shot
Ice Blue Kamikaze Cocktail
Jan Juice Cocktail
Man-Bull Cocktail
Purple Alaskan Thunder Fuck Shot
Sweet Motherfucker Cocktail
Jolly Rancher #4 Cocktail
A Kiss Goodnight Cocktail
B.V.D. #2 Cocktail
Bar Slut Cocktail
Beatle Juice Cocktail
Chronic Ice Tea Cocktail
Deep Freeze Cocktail
Hawaiian Death Cocktail
Ladies Night Cocktail
Michelle's Indigo Cocktail
MoCo Melon Cocktail
Mountain Stream Cocktail
Peachy Green Cocktail
Poliuke Cocktail
Raspberry Jello Spritzer Shot
Napalm Cocktail
Georgian Redneck Cocktail
Tanqueray & Chronic Cocktail
Black Orchid Shooter Cocktail
Dan-O-Bomb Shot
Dreams Cocktail
Electric Blue Lemonade Cocktail
Hiball Cocktail
Lord Smirnoff Shot
Prom Date Special Cocktail
Raspberry Muscle Relaxant Cocktail
Crabby Soul Man Cocktail
Pirate Flag Cocktail
Dante's Inferno Cocktail
Purple Honker Cocktail
Black Temple Cocktail
Dreamy Chameleon Cocktail
Dreamcatcher Cocktail
Eve's Original Sin Cocktail
Flying Flamingo Cocktail
Fuzzy Chambord Slammer Shot
Hefty Smurf Cocktail
Jai Ma Kali Cocktail
Needle in Your Eye Cocktail
Princess Cocktail
242 Cocktail
Brandy Old Fashion (Pressed) Cocktail
Pucker-7 Cocktail
Blue Eyed Bitch Cocktail
Creamy Soda Cocktail
Devotion Cocktail
Fake Mountain Dew Cocktail
Fruity Carebare Cocktail
Golden Shnoozberry Cocktail
Hawaiian Rain Drops Cocktail
Licorice Whip Cocktail
New Orleans Hurricane Cocktail
Pink Polka Cocktail
Pussy-tat Cocktail
Long Island Ice Tea (Low Cal) Cocktail
Rusty Water Cocktail
Peach Up Kiry Cocktail
Dirty Bong H20 Cocktail
Frozen Pussy Cocktail
Minerstown Sling Cocktail
Neon Smurf Cocktail
Pissed McGillis Cocktail
Mountain Dew Me Cocktail
Partridge in a Pear Tree Cocktail
Silent Touch Cocktail