Citron Splash Martini Cocktail
Cosmopolitan #4 Cocktail
Dib Dab Cocktail
Lakeside Lemonade Cocktail
Cherry Lemon Drop Shot
G-Spot Martini Cocktail
H2O Martini Cocktail
Italian Ice Shot
Lemon Drop Martini #2 Cocktail
Metropolitan #2 Cocktail
Country Time Shot
Grown-up Lemonade Cocktail
Absolut Train Wreck Shot
Aquatini Cocktail
Citron and Sprite Cocktail
Fear the Turtle Shot
Frosty Pineapple Crush Cocktail
Fuzzy Bunny Cocktail
Happy Birthday Motherfucker Cocktail
Iced Pineapple Sunrise Cocktail
Jack-in-the-Green Cocktail
Lemon Slap Shot
Absolut Citron Limonata Cocktail
Malibu Thong Bikini Shot
Hitler's Chocolate Cake Shot
Maxi Cocktail
Neon Loki Shot
The Betty Ford Cocktail
Orange Fizz Shot
The Abba Cocktail
Blue Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Citron Cheese Cake Cocktail
Neon Cocktail
Get Faced Shot
Absolut Evergreen Cocktail
Long Island Iced Tea - Premium Cocktail
Drunken Sailor Cocktail
The Frieght Train Cocktail
Sex On The Beach #6 Cocktail
Sexual Trance Cocktail
Absolut Mixer Cocktail
Black Widow Cocktail
Absolut Trouble Cocktail
Lincolnshire Fields Lemonade (LFCC Lemonade) Cocktail
Black Cherry Shot
Chanel #5 Cocktail
Pajama Jammy Jam Cocktail
Absolut Suicide Shot
Toms Fab Cosmo Cocktail
Slippery Box Cocktail
Snowshot Cocktail
South Beach Martini Cocktail
Southern Peach Cocktail
Spice and Ice Cocktail
Sprawling Dubinsky Shot
Stardust Shot
Taste of Winter Cocktail
Cosmopolitan #2 Cocktail
Thunder Peel Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost - Hawaiian Cocktail
Triple Asp Cocktail
Tropical Hooter Shot
Tropical Life Saver #2 Cocktail
Tropical Orgasm Cocktail
French Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Citron My Face Shot
Citronade Cocktail
Gingervitas Cocktail
Cruz Azul Shot
Dignified Iced Tea Cocktail
Electric Lemonade Cocktail
Alzheimers Cocktail
Flaming Lemon Drop Shot
Forest Funk Cocktail
French Sailor Cocktail
Good Fortune Cocktail
Murray's Cocktail
Greven Cocktail
Halfway Special Cocktail
Hard Green Bricaki Cocktail
Hurlyburly Cocktail
Inverted Pyramid Martini Cocktail
Jedamski's Tropical Orgasm Cocktail
Jen's Red Shot
Jogeir Shot
John Daly Cocktail
Joy Ride Cocktail
Lava Lamp Cocktail
Lemon Drop #2 Shot
Lemon Drop #3 Shot
Lemon Drop Cocktail
Lemon Shot
Lemon Twister Cocktail
Loopy Lemonade Cocktail
The Lunchbox Cocktail
Waverunner Cocktail
What She's Having Cocktail
Mazerati Cocktail
Midori Hack Cocktail
Mogadon Cocktail
Moilanen Cocktail
New York Lemonade Cocktail
Patel's Special Cocktail
Getaway Car Shot
Pink Lemonade Cocktail
Pink Millenium Cocktail
Purple People Eater Cocktail
Roxy Special Cocktail
Vicious Kiss Cocktail
Cosmobellini Cocktail
Absolut Anti-Freeze Shot
Absolut Lemonade Cocktail
Absolut Limousine Cocktail
Absolut Summertime Cocktail
Absolutly Screwed Up Cocktail
D & D Lay Cocktail
Ice House Highball Cocktail
Melon Martini Cocktail
Meloncholy Baby Cocktail
Sunset Breeze Cocktail
Suntory Cocktail
Blue MotherFucker Cocktail
Boom Shaka Laka Cocktail
Creamsicle #4 Cocktail
Aladdin Sane Cocktail
Flaming Lemon Shot
Hateraid Shot
Italian Stallion Cocktail
Party Boy Cocktail
Suck Bang and Blow Cocktail
Triple Threat Cocktail
Dry Lemonade Cocktail
Fuzzy Nuts Cocktail
Joe Cassano Cocktail
Lemon Joe Cocktail
Lemon Twist Cocktail
Lethal Lemonade Cocktail
A Fuzzy Thing Cocktail
Magic Mountain Dew Cocktail
Vegas Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail
Nuclear Slush Cocktail
The Light in the Piazza Cocktail
Green-tini Cocktail
Raising Kain Shot
Lemon Drop Martini #3 Cocktail
Cheap Date Cocktail
Gummybear Cocktail
Kat Hinzman's Fresh Ink Cocktail
Absolutely Heaven Cocktail
Northern Sweet Tea Cocktail
The Molotov Cocktail
Liam's Lucky Charm Cocktail
Scubaronzo Cocktail
Zen Sake-tini Cocktail
Zen Sake-tini Cocktail
Pink Mishe Shot