Acid Water Cocktail
Apple 151 Cocktail
Bahama Todd Cocktail
Buffalo Chip Shot
Captain Jack Sparrow Cocktail
Bailey's Comet #2 Shot
Chocolate Pirate Cocktail
De-Lay Shot
Detroit Fermi Cocktail
Eliminator Shot
Flaming Duck Quiff Cocktail
Flaming Hot Chocolate Shot
Flaming Liquid Cocaine Blaster Shot
Green Mamba Cocktail
Hemingway Hammer Cocktail
IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Cocktail
Kula-for-Shula Cocktail
Martha Stewart Shot
100 Miles Per Hour Cocktail
Army Ranger Cocktail
Ba-dew-si Cocktail
Battery Skydiver Cocktail
Brain Hammer Cocktail
Cherry Bomb #4 Shot
El Negro Shot
Flaming Nerd Shot
Caribbean Breeze Cocktail
Hot Apple Pie with Sparks Shot
Bacardi Volcano Cocktail
Mind Bomb Cocktail
Kevin on the Floor Cocktail
Kickin' Chicken Shot
Bitch's Skim Milk Shot
Dirty Dick Cocktail
Mind Eraser #2 Shot
Mr. Gerbik Cocktail
Napalm Bomb Shot
Novicain Shot
302 Cocktail
Asia 9.0 Shot
Dr. Rum Shot
Jim the Destroyer Shot
Oatmeal Cookie Rummy Shot
Black Rose Shot
Scottie Mac Cocktail
Flaming Ring of Fire Shot
I See Dead People Shot
Ichabod Crane Cocktail
250 Shot
352 #2 Shot
358 Magnum Shot
Afterburn Shot
Beau's Rum and Coke Cocktail
Amaretto 151 Cocktail
Biohazard Cocktail
Breath of God #2 Shot
Cancun Current Cocktail
Cancun Rum Runner Cocktail
Gorilla Fart Shot
Cleveland Steamer Cocktail
Cleveland Steamer Cocktail
Daredevil Cocktail
Do Me Now Cocktail
Drummer Shot
Flaming JT Bomber Shot
Flaming Turd Rocket Shot
Frog on a Wire Shot
Head On Cocktail
Humper Cocktail
Hurricane Ethel Cocktail
Instant Death #2 Cocktail
Jon Jon Cocktail
Liquid Crack #2 Shot
Jesus Jackhammer Shot
Marzo Madness Cocktail
Caribbean Fly Cocktail
Mint-Chip Backdraft Shot
Modest Mouse Shot
Bangkok Bomb Cocktail
Mongolian Motherfucker #2 Cocktail
Nichols' Flaming Cocktail
Octopus Shot
Omeed's Mom Cocktail
Orange Fucker Cocktail
Oregon Coast Crab Shock Shot
Pain in the Ass Cocktail
Pardo's Party Shot
Party Gras Cocktail
Pharmacy School Shot
Pimpslap Shot
Black Bitch Shot
Asian Hooker Cocktail
Bleacher Creature Shot
Dr. Fire Cocktail
Gay Pirate Cocktail
Blue Smurf Piss Shot
Bonsai Pipeline Shot
Booty Juice Cocktail
Boston Burn-Out Shot
Rabid Pitbull Shot
Get Faced Shot
Brain Destroyer Shot
Liquid Jecktar Shot
Anthrax #2 Shot
Cherry Back Cocktail
Tilt O' Whirl Shot
Original Firecracker Cocktail
San Juan Tea Cocktail
Satan's Piss Shot
Screaming Dead Nazi Shot
The Shanaynay Cocktail
Shark's Mai Tai Cocktail
Shut the Hell Up Shot
Pork Chop Shot
Black Hole Shot
Flaming Jamaican Bobsled Shot
Chocolate Thunder Cocktail
Ray's Suicide Cocktail
Duck Call Shot
Blue Lamborghini Shot
Over Board Mai Tai Cocktail
Rampaging Gutbuster Cocktail
Malibu Zombie Cocktail
The Blackout Express Cocktail
Sky Blue Fallout Cocktail
Soft Serbian Cocktail
Space Odyssey Cocktail
Sparkplug Shot
Stabilizer Shot
Stormcloud Shot
Terminator Shot
Texas Sling Cocktail
Thorazine Shot
Thunder And Lighting Shot
Tidal Wave Cocktail
Yellow Bird Cocktail
Utar Cocktail
CA Area 151 Cocktail
Candy Cocktail
Caribbean Smoked Torch Cocktail
Choozy Mothers Milk Cocktail
Cina Polada Cocktail
Closed Casket Shot
Concorde Shot
Cookie Monster #2 Shot
Crack Pipe Shot
Crimson Tide Cocktail
The Dark Side Cocktail
Death From Above Cocktail
DewRunRum Cocktail
Dick in the Dirt Cocktail
Dirtiest Ernie Shot
Downshift Cocktail
Dragon's Breath #2 Shot
Irish Whip Cocktail
Duck's Ass Shot
The End Of The World Shot
Jake-Knife Cocktail
Extraterrestrial Shot
Feel The Burn Cocktail
Fiery Balls Of Death Shot
Fireball Shot
Flaming Blue Jesus Shot
Flaming Blue Shot
Flaming Dragon Shot
Flaming Goat Cocktail
Flaming Gorilla Shot
Flaming Jesus Shot
Flaming Rasta Shot
Flaming Russian Shot
Flamingo Punch Cocktail
Flaming Gorilla Titties Shot
Four Horsemen Shot
Fu** Me Like A Beast Cocktail
Miami Vice Cocktail
Golden Cola Cocktail
Gorilla Fart #3 Shot
Gorilla Fart #4 Shot
Gorilla's Fart Shot
Gorilla's Puke Shot
Gorilla's Tit Cocktail
Gorilla Cocktail
Gravedigger Shot
Greazy Deigo Cocktail
Green Monster Shot
Green Motherfucker Shot
Green Spider Shot
Grim Reaper Cocktail
Barking Spider Cocktail
Hard Core Cocktail
Harlee's Planters Punch Cocktail
Helluva Hurricane Cocktail
Honolulu Action Shot
Hot Lunch Cocktail
Hurricane, New Orleans Style Cocktail
Instant Death Cocktail
Ironlung Shot
Jamaican Ass-Kicker Cocktail
Joe's Killer Bee Cocktail
Keremiki Shot
Key Largo Kooler Cocktail
Lemon Shot
Lethal Weapon Cocktail
Liberace Shot
Liquid Cocaine #2 Shot
Lucky Seven Cocktail
Weakness Cocktail
Westwood Ice Tea Cocktail
Wild Sex Cocktail
Pain Killer Cocktail
Wet and Wild Lip Tickler Cocktail
Original Zombie Cocktail
Hurricane Cocktail
Buffalo Sweat Shot
Mogul Masher Cocktail
No Pressure Cocktail
Nuclear Rainbow Shot
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shot
Fuzzy Bastard Cocktail
The Other Half Shot
Parappa the Drunk Rappa Cocktail
Paris Paradise Cocktail
Pick Me Up Jose Shot
Pineappleless Pineapple Juice Cocktail
Pit Bull On Crack Shot
Postman Shot
Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker #3 Shot
BearCat Special Shot
Zombie Cocktail
Real Romulan Ale Shot
Red Rooster Cocktail
Rocket Fuel Shot
Rum Aid Cocktail
Vanilla Vargas Cocktail
Voodoo Dew Cocktail
Texas Sunset Cocktail
Acid Cookie Shot
414SS Daiquiri Cocktail
Afterburner #4 Shot
Battery Acid Shot
Bird Feeder Shot
Blast Furnace Shot
Breath of God Cocktail
Bronsky Cocktail
Cuban Assassin Shot
Cuban Lemur Cocktail
Devil's Candy-Cane Shot
Dr. Red Cocktail
Feelin' Lucky Shot
Flaming Daniel Shot
Flaming Jew Shot
Four Horsemen Cocktail
Fucked Up Motherfucker Shot
Guilty Verdict Cocktail
Hobble Gobble Shot
Jerry's Mom #2 Shot
Kryptonite Shot
Liquid Zanex Shot
Little Green Fucker Shot
Lucifer's Lane Shot
Party Boy Cocktail
Pineapple Fuck-Me-Up Cocktail
Southern Bacardi Cocktail
Squirting Orgasm Shot
Suicidal Shot
Sweaty Shot
Sweaty Mexican Shot
Flatliner Cocktail
The Hague Cocktail
Hot Mess Shot
The Quickening Cocktail
Three Bees a Buzzing Shot
Amoco Shot
Angel's Fall Cocktail
Beach Cooler Cocktail
Anti-Freeze #4 Cocktail
Blue Horizon Cocktail
Blue Nuke Cocktail
Cave In Cocktail
Firecracker Cocktail
Rootbeer Piss Cocktail
Elephant Man Shot
Flaming Gay Morgan Cocktail
Fuzzy Leprechaun Cocktail
Hell on Earth Cocktail
Joe Cassano Cocktail
Asthma Attack Cocktail
Crazy Dave Shot
Danny's Favorite Shot
William Wallace Shot
Long Walk off a Short Pier Cocktail
Look Out Below Cocktail
Mary Elizabeth Wagoner Cocktail
Mayan Sacrafice Shot
Firestorm Shot
Officer Down Cocktail
Orang-A-Tang Cocktail
252 Shot
Bacardi Stinger Cocktail
Atomic Plum Shot
Broken Heart Zombie Mai Tai Cocktail
Dr. Pepper Flame Shot
Fire and Ice #2 Shot
Flaming Tiki Torch Shot
357 Magnum Cocktail
Spank the Monkey Shot
Ogden Style Cocktail
Rick James Cocktail
Nuclear Meltdown Cocktail
Caribbean Afterburner Shot
151 Ways to Die Shot
QB Sneak Cocktail
Fahrenheit 151 Cocktail
The Train Shot
Tropical Roofie Cocktail
Silverback Shot
Caribou Boogalou Cocktail
Captain Pat's Rapier Cocktail
Curly Tail Twist Shot
Flaming Licorice Shot
Caribou Lou Shot
Car Wreck Cocktail
Irish Wake Cocktail
Kickin' Chicken #2 Shot
Popeye Shot
Super Stalin Shot
Ray-Ray Cocktail
Lucky Charm #2 Shot
Flaming B-52 Shot
Flaming A-Style Shot
Crazy Caribbean Gentleman Cocktail
Morphine Drip Shot
Blood Fetish Cocktail
Fiery Apple Shot
Thai Girl Cocktail
The Bad Guy Cocktail
Ruby Runner Cocktail
M16 Shot
German Rusty Nail Shot
The Bad Mangofucker Cocktail
Columbian Necktie Cocktail
The Shadow Knows Cocktail
HoneyBee Shot
Lost Surfer Shot
Hot Cider Energy Shot
Rob Zombie Shot
Babymama Drama Cocktail
Fierce 151 Cocktail
Hot Pussy Shot
Rum Runner Mondays Cocktail
Arctic Bomba Shot
Cold War Shot
Champagne Supernova Shot
Big Daddy's Crystal Meth Cocktail
Flaming Black Russian Shot
The Dark Side Shot
Nuclear Powered Zombie Cocktail
Puerto Rican Monkey Fuck Shot
Terrybuster Shot