Banana Cream Cocktail
Bloody Smurf Jizz Cocktail
Brain Hemmorhage #2 Shot
Cappucini Cocktail
Bailey's Banana Colada Cocktail
Bailey's Comet Cocktail
Bailey's Comet #2 Shot
Christian Killer Shot
Bailey's Dream Shake Cocktail
Bailey's Hot Shot
Dirty Sanchez Shot
Bailey's Shake #2 Cocktail
Baileyfloat Cocktail
Hard Dreamsicle Cocktail
Intimate Encounter Cocktail
Jam Doughnut Shot
Dutch Disaster Shot
Jam Donut Shot
Absolut Wet Spot Shot
Alien Nipple #2 Shot
Avalanche #2 Cocktail
B-2 Cocktail
Bailey-Bu Cocktail
Boize Kumm Shot
Boo Hoo Cocktail
Brain Hammer Cocktail
Butterscotch Bomb Shot
Calm Monkey Cocktail
Cerebro de Los Pollos Shot
E.T. Shot
Fat Girl Shot
Flaming Angry Dragon Shot
Irish Rose Cocktail
Irish Paddy Cocktail
Creamy Anyie Shot
Mangled Frog Shot
Bartender's Wet Dream Shot
Deep Pleasure Cocktail
Milky Way #2 Shot
Monsen Miser Shot
Muscle Relaxer Shot
Nicky's Sweet Tooth Cocktail
Clit Lickin' Cowgirl Shot
Ball Bag Cocktail
B.A.V. Cocktail
Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookie Shot
Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail
Oatmeal Cookie Rummy Shot
Amsterdamned Cocktail
Bazooka Joe Shot
Brown Eyed Girl Shot
Buttsniffer Shot
Chip Shot
Clit Lickin' Cowgirl #2 Shot
Colorado Motherfucker #2 Shot
Dirty Toilet Shot
Espresso Martini #2 Cocktail
Scottie Mac Cocktail
Christmas Nipple Cocktail
6-Shooter Shot
Absolut Trifle Shot
After Five #2 Cocktail
Afterburn Shot
Agua Shot
Agua Mouthwash Shot
Alco Choco Milkshake Cocktail
Almond Fog Cocktail
Alrighty Then! Cocktail
Andy's Ivory Cocktail
August Moon Cocktail
Bacardi Big Skeet Cocktail
Barenana Popsicle Shot
Belfast Bomber Shot
Blue and White Shot
Boob Grabber Shot
Bounty Bar Shot
Bounty Bar Margarita Cocktail
Brick Cocktail
Bubblin' Dublin Cocktail
Butterscotch Mudslide Shake Cocktail
Blow Job Shot
Carribean Catholic Cocktail
Celtic Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Raspberry #2 Shot
Chocolate Heaven Martini for Two Cocktail
Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail
Cocaine Shot
Cocksucking Cowboy Shot
Oatmeal Cookie Shot
Creamsicle Martini Cocktail
Creamy Pussy Shot
Da Monkey Shot
Deep Throat Shot
Slippery Nipple Shot
Dirty Banana #2 Cocktail
Dirty Fetus Shot
Slippery Nipple #2 Shot
Slippery Nipple #3 Shot
Chilled Orgasm Cocktail
Flaming JT Bomber Shot
Flaming Lamborghini #2 Cocktail
Flaming Pumpkin Shot
Gingerbread Man Shot
Hot Hopper Cocktail
Irish C-4 Cocktail
Island Trader Cocktail
Jack Sauce Shot
Jack Shit Cocktail
Jager Shake Shot
Jedi Mind Trick #2 Shot
Jessica's Cocoa Bitch Shot
Kathy's Concoction Cocktail
Letter Bomb Shot
Liquid Candy Shot
Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail
Luscious Butta Cocktail
Mad Pirate Shot
Maria on the Beach Cocktail
Mindspaff Shot
Mint Chocolate Dream Cocktail
MOB Cocktail
Bangkok Bomb Cocktail
Bitch on the Rag Shot
Buttercream Tea Cocktail
Multiple Orgasm #2 Cocktail
N'awlins Mudslide Cocktail
Betonimylly Shot
Neopolitan Dynamite Shot
Oatmeal Cookie #2 Shot
Octopus Shot
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Orient Express Cocktail
Neopolitan Shot
Paintball Shot
Pierced Nipple #2 Shot
Pineapple Upside Down Cake #2 Shot
Tony Roma's Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Bit of Russian Honey Cocktail
Black Bitch Shot
Black Death Shot
Russian Sombrero Cocktail
Angry Irishman Cocktail
Russjkov Cocktail
Apache Cocktail
B.M.W. Cocktail
Bailey's White Russian Cocktail
Blind Russian Cocktail
Bloody Brain Cocktail
Bloody Tampon Cocktail
Blue Bomber Shot
Blue Caboose Shot
Chaos Cocktail
Dreamy Banana Smoothie Cocktail
Frosty Nipple Shot
Horny White Girl Cocktail
BMW Shot
Booger Shot
Boston Burn-Out Shot
Irish Quaalude Cocktail
Jagerbaby Shot
Mad Russian Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Chip Cocktail
Nutty Irishwoman Shot
Mud Pie Shot
Green Legunes Shot
Brain Destroyer Shot
Brain Tumor #2 Shot
Brain Tumor Shot
Branded Nipple Shot
Quicksand Cocktail
SE1 Shot
Cafe Martini Cocktail
Coffee and Dreams Cocktail
Bitchin Baileys Cocktail
Banana Nut Bread Cocktail
White Irish Cocktail
Breast Milk Shot
Brown Eye Opener Cocktail
Bruce's Puce Shot
Buckshot Shot
Bumble Bee Shot
Bushwacker #2 Cocktail
Bushwacker #4 Cocktail
Butter Cream Cocktail
Butterbee Shot
Buttered Toffee Cocktail
Butterfinger Cocktail
Butternut Rum Lifesaver Shot
Buttery Nipple #2 Shot
Buttery Nipple #3 Shot
Buttery Nipple With A Cherry Kiss Shot
Afterparty Dregs Cocktail
Festival Breakfast Cocktail
Organ Donor Shot
Stink Bombs Shot
Zagnut Shot
Aussie Chocolate Dream Shot
Chocolate Bulldog Shot
Sandbar Sleeper Shot
Schwimmer Shot
Screaming Multiple Orgasm Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm (San Francisco Style) Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm #2 Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Screaming White Orgasm Cocktail
Scurvy Shot
Sexual Chocolate Cocktail
Shamrock #2 Cocktail
Shit on the Grass Shot
Sit On My Face Mary Jane Shot
Sit On My Face Shot
Banana Creame Cocktail
Hard Dick Cocktail
Original Irish Carbomb 1979 Shot
Buttery Nipples Shot
Purple Orgasm Cocktail
A-Bomb Cocktail
Apricots And Cream Cocktail
Car Bomb Cocktail
Chocolate Snowball Cocktail
Cinnamon Roll Shot
Denmark Orgasm Cocktail
Down Under Dreamsicle Cocktail
Exstatic Orgasm Cocktail
Healthy Spice Cocktail
Merlins Monkey Cocktail
Raspberry Felch Cocktail
Chocolate Chequita Cocktail
White Mexican Cocktail
Jack Knife Shot
Chocolate Thunder Cocktail
Pond Scum Cocktail
Banana-Berry Felch Cocktail
Blended Frog Shot
Felching Banana Cocktail
G.I. Giraffe Cocktail
Godiva Mudslide Cocktail
Irish Fat Frog Shot
Irish Potatoe Shot
Love Daisy Cocktail
Mid Air Collision Shot
Nutty Buddy Martini Cocktail
Perfect Cherry Cheese Cake Shot
Protestant Ethic Shot
Velvet Moose Cocktail
Upsidedown Pick-me-up Cocktail
Brandy Snap Cream Cocktail
Hot Screaming G-Spot Orgasm Cocktail
Ginger Nut Cocktail
Ali Shooter Shot
Anus Butter Cocktail
B-69 Cocktail
Bailey's Float Cocktail
Blue Eyed Blonde Shot
Dragoon Cocktail
Drift Cocktail
Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Leprechaun Taint Cocktail
Mudguppy Shot
Open Grave Shot
Savage Car Bomb Cocktail
M.O.A.B. Shot
Pudding Shot
Skull Shot
Sky Pilot Cocktail
Slippery Dick Cocktail
Slippery Eggs Cocktail
Smashing Pumpkin Shot
Smooth Operator Cocktail
BMW Cocktail
Sneaky Wesley Cocktail
Snowplow Cocktail
Southern Ireland Shot
Speedy Gonzales Shot
Spicy Buttery Nipple Shot
Squashed Frog Shot
Squished Smurf Shot
Stained Blue Dress Shot
Stormcloud Shot
Chocolate Raspberry Delight Cocktail
Talbot's Dream Cocktail
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
The Texas Mudslide Cocktail
Tiatip Shot
Toblerone Cocktail
Toblerone #2 Cocktail
Tongue Tangler Cocktail
Toronto Maple Leafs Shot
Tropical Lullaby Cocktail
Tummy Blower Cocktail
Turlock Bulldog Cocktail
Twains Orgasm Cocktail
Ultimate Mudslide Cocktail
Umbrella Man Special Cocktail
Unicorn Cocktail
Camel Hump Shot
Captain Climer Cocktail
Carrot Cake Shot
Carrot Cake #2 Shot
Cement Kicker Shot
Cerebellum Shot
Chastity Belt Cocktail
China White Shot
Chocolate Monk Shot
Christer Petterson Cocktail
Cliffhanger Shot
Cocaine Lady #2 Cocktail
Cocaine Lady Shot
Cocaine #2 Shot
Coconut Frappe Cocktail
Coffee Crisp Shot
Coffee Grinder Shot
Concorde Shot
Concrete Shot
Cookie Dough Shot
Cookie Monster #2 Shot
Copper Camel Shot
Creamy Punani Cocktail
Creamy Tan Cocktail
Creative Native Cocktail
Cum In A Hot Tub Cocktail
Cum Shot #2 Shot
Cum Shot
Cunnilingus Shot
Damn Good Shot
DC Shot
Dick Wells Shot
Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail
Dirty Irish Whiskey Shot
Dirty Nipple Shot
Dirty Oatmeal Shot
Dirty Orgasm Cocktail
Homecoming Cocktail
Dog Biscuit Cocktail
Dong Shot
Doug's Modified Cement Mixer Shot
Drainpipe Cocktail
Dreamsicle Cocktail
Duck Shit Inn Cocktail
Duck's Ass Shot
Easy Does It Shot
Eskimo Joe Shot
Abbot's Dream Cocktail
Abortion Shot
F-69 Shot
Fat Cat Shot
The Feckin Bolox Shot
Feel The Burn Cocktail
Kinky Orgasm Cocktail
Flaming Jesse Cocktail
Flaming Lamborghini Shot
Klondike Cocktail
Fluffy Dog Cocktail
Flying Monkey Shot
French Toast Shot
Fridays Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Fuzzy Ethan Cocktail
Gangreen Shot
Irish Flag Shot
Gingerbread Man Cocktail
Gingerbread Man #2 Shot
Gingersnap Cocktail
The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly Cocktail
Golden Eye Shot
Golden Nipple Shot
Good 'n Plenty Cocktail
Gorilla Snot Shot
Grandmom's Slipper Shot
Green Beaver Shot
Green Eyed Blonde Shot
Grovschpol Cocktail
Grovspol Cocktail
Guillotine Shot
Ghostbuster Cocktail
Orange Bomb Cocktail
B-28 Cocktail
B-55 Shot
Baby Jane Cocktail
Back Street Banger Cocktail
Bailey's and Amaretto Cocktail
Hangover Cocktail
Harbor Lights Shot
Harley Davidson Cocktail
Hillbilly Bob's Mountain Drink Cocktail
Hiroshima Bomber Shot
Honolulu Action Shot
Horny Mohican Shot
Hot Apple Pie #1 Shot
Hunter Mountain Cocktail
Irish Cream Special Cocktail
Irish Curdling Cow Cocktail
Quagmyre Cocktail
Irish Dawg Cocktail
Irish Float Cocktail
Irish Gold Shot
Irish Hammer Shot
Irish Mint Cocktail
Irish Monk Shot
Irish Monk Cocktail
Bailey's Shake Cocktail
Jamaican Qualude Cocktail
Jay's Rootbeer Dream Cocktail
Jedi Mind Trick Cocktail
Jellyfish Shot
Jen's Hot Chocolate Butterscotch Cocktail
K.G.B. Shot
Kamel Drivare Shot
Karlsson Cocktail
Black Cherry Cocktail
Kelly's Buttery Nipple Shot
Kilted Black Leprechaun Shot
Kish Wacker Cocktail
Cement Mixer Shot
Chocolate Covered Cherries Cocktail
Lara's Russian Qualude Cocktail
Lava Lamp Shot
Lewinsky Shot
Light Green Panties Shot
Lighthouse Shot
Loch Ness Monster Shot
B-52 Shot
Lube Job Shot
Buttery Nutty Squirrel Cocktail
Well Greased Dwarf Shot
Wet Crotch Shot
Wild Irish Buttery Squirrel Cocktail
Whistling Gypsy Shot
White Ape Cocktail
Wicked Tasty Treat Cocktail
Slick Irish Rootbeer Lollipop Shot
Beam Me Up Scotty Cocktail
Slippery Tasty Bald Beaver Cocktail
Big Toe Cocktail
Black Dublinski Cocktail
Screaming Slippery Bald Beaver Cocktail
Mad Scientist Shot
Wild Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Wild White Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Mudslide Cocktail
Mallis 97 Cocktail
Slippery Strawberry Bald Beaver Cocktail
Mansion Mind Eraser Cocktail
Martian Hard On Cocktail
The Marv Alberts Cocktail
McShake Cocktail
Metromelt Cocktail
Midnight Mint Cocktail
Milky Nooky Cocktail
The Milky Way Shot
Mint Chocolate Shot
Misty Loch Cocktail
Mocha Maria Cocktail
Modified Duck Fart Shot
Monkey Brain Shot
Moo Moo Cocktail
Moose Fart Shot
More Orgasms Cocktail
Mudwrestle Cocktail
Multiple Orgasm Cocktail
Mozartus Cocktail
Duck Fart Shot
Duck Fart #2 Shot
Napalm-Death Shot
Neutron Bomb Shot
No Regrets Shot
Nuclear Waste Cocktail
Nuts 'n Holly Shot
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shot
Oreo Cookie Shot
Orgasm #2 Shot
Orgasm #3 Cocktail
Orgasm a la Denmark Cocktail
Orgasmic Fantasy Cocktail
Paris Paradise Cocktail
Patti's Blow Job Shot
Patti's Irish Bloody Mary Cocktail
Pearl Necklace Shot
Pedra Shot
Peppermint Patty (Northern Style) Shot
Pierced Nipple Shot
Pinglan Cocktail
Cowboy Cocksucker Shot
Cowboy Cocksucker #2 Shot
Poison Milk Shot
Cowboy Killer Cocktail
Pouce Coupe Puddle Shot
Pure Ecstacy Cocktail
Pineapple Hornblower Cocktail
Plenty O'Toole Cocktail
Chocolate Gatail Cocktail
Chocolate XS Cocktail
Quick Fuck Shot
Quick Decision Cocktail
R-Float Cocktail
Rattlesnake Shot
Brain Hemmorage Shot
Reservoir Dog Cocktail
Richie Family Cocktail
Nutty Bitch Cocktail
Russian Cream Cocktail
Rock Lobster #2 Cocktail
Snicker Cocktail
Viagra Shot
Nutty Irishman Cocktail
Vibrator #2 Cocktail
Wooly Mitten Cocktail
Nutcracker Cocktail
Failure Cocktail
Girl Scout Cocktail
Nutcracker #2 Cocktail
Irish Cappuccino Cocktail
Irish Milk Punch Cocktail
Kerry Cappuccino Cocktail
Pumpkin Pie Shot
Chocolate Snake Bite Shot
Irish Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Frozen Black Irish Cocktail
Frozen Gael Cocktail
Ask The Barman Shot
A.B.C. Shot
After Eight Shot
War Cloud Cocktail
White Flag Shot
Ready Steady Cocktail
Acid Cookie Shot
ABC Pousse Cafe Cocktail
Irish Coconut Cocktail
Mud Slide Cocktail
Nutty Angel Cocktail
After Dark Shot
Whiskey Plush Cocktail
After Five Shot
Abortion #2 Shot
Afterbirth Shot
B-55 #2 Shot
Belgian Berry Cocktail
WCPP Carly Cumlips Shot
Black Berry Chocolate Cocktail
Black Forest Cake Shot
Cement Mixer #3 Shot
Chocohol Cocktail
Chris' Flaming Skull Cocktail
Creamy Nuts Shot
Fuck Me Like An Animal Cocktail
Godiva Cream Cocktail
Golden Kiss Martini Cocktail
Gran'ma Bailey Shot
Hate Cocktail
Hot and Bothered Cocktail
Hot and Spicy Dirty Angel Shot
Hot Cambodian Skin Shot
Irish Ghost Cocktail
Jared's Concoction Cocktail
Jellyfish #2 Shot
Lambraz Cocktail
Little Green Fucker Shot
Mini Murphy Shot
Anaconda Cocktail
New York Black Haus Shot
Alien Nipple Shot
Pumpkin Pie #2 Shot
Scooby Doo Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm #3 Cocktail
Shot in the Dark Shot
Alley Shooter Shot
Squish Frog Shot
Strawberry Overdose Cocktail
Sweet Dream Cocktail
Taiwan Duck Fart Shot
Tan Nipple Cocktail
Harrison Ford Cocktail
Three Bees a Buzzing Shot
Tonsil Tickler Shot
White Girl Cocktail
Wise Bomb Shot
Zorro's Revenge Cocktail
Blackpool Tower Cocktail
Cherry Kiss #2 Cocktail
Morning with the Leprechauns Cocktail
B-52 #2 Cocktail
Angel's Lips Cocktail
BBC Cocktail
Birky's Bubblegum Cocktail
Black Stuff #2 Cocktail
Brain Cocktail
Bukhara Coffee Cocktail
Canoe River Special Cocktail
Apple Cobbler Shot
Celtic Twilight Cocktail
Sugar Daddy Cocktail
Coconita Shot
Minty Nipples Shot
Ciel Cocktail
Coffee Fantasy Cocktail
Connolly's Irish Connection Cocktail
Corey's Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail
Creamy Bush Cocktail
Crying Game Cocktail
Czarina #2 Cocktail
Don Matteo Cocktail
Elf Tea #2 Cocktail
Eskimo Slugger Cocktail
Aqua Cocktail
Fraser Cocktail
Frozen Andes Mint Cocktail
Fudge Slide Cocktail
Fuzzy Duck Cocktail
Guinness Martini Cocktail
Happy Camper Cocktail
Happy Hawaiian Cocktail
Heavenly Orgasm Cocktail
Hell's Kitchen Cocktail
Hot Throbbing Banana Cocktail
Ice Cream Hogarth Cocktail
Jenny's Banana Pudding Cocktail
Juicy Pussy Cocktail
Babygirl Cocktail
Cinnamon Toast Crunch #2 Shot
Cabin Fever Cocktail
Tiger Tail #2 Shot
Kiev Sundae Cocktail
Leprechaun's Lunch Cocktail
Lick out a Sheep Cocktail
Attitude Adjustment Shot
Liquid Caramel Cocktail
Milkshake Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Dream #2 Cocktail
Monk Cocktail
Mooing Irish Pepsi Cocktail
Classic Oatmeal Cookie Shot
Nazi Qualik Cocktail
French Dream Cocktail
Orange Ed Cocktail
Orgasm #6 Cocktail
B-51 Shot
Orgasm #7 Cocktail
Orgasm #8 Cocktail
Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Baby Guinness Shot
Peppermint Cream Cocktail
Eat My Pussy Cocktail
Backfire Shot
Conquistador Cocktail
Berry Cherry Chocolate Shot
Brain Matter Cocktail
Hot Young Lady Cocktail
Toxic Cream Factory Shot
Kiss in the Jaguar Shot
Lu Lu's Velvet Cream Cocktail
Dysentery Shot
Valentined Cocktail
Fozen Leprechaun Cocktail
Banana Cookie Cocktail
Chilled Cinnamon Cookie Shot
Bailey's Meets Cadburys Cocktail
Eat My Cherry Shot
Flaming Chocolate Orange Shot
Grampa's Morning Coffee Shot
Happy Holly-daze Cocktail
Pickled Tink Cocktail
Pink Tutu Cocktail
Christmas Cookie Shot
Blarney Shot
Coffee Nut Cream Cocktail
Bear Claw Shot
Cafe Paloma Cocktail
Cream Reaper Cocktail
Butterscotch Cookie Shot
Muddy Rose Cocktail
Nutney Cocktail
Dirty Leprecaun Shot
The Waffler Shot
Pitbull On Crack Cocktail
Absinthe Without Leave Shot
Creme De Cachaca Cocktail
Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail
Kenai Campfire Cocktail
Mandrex Shot
Starry Night Martini Cocktail
Lisa's Lover Cocktail
Absolut Quaalude Shot
Bit 'o Honey Shot
Chocolate Chicken Cocktail
Chocolate Leprechaun Cocktail
Colorado Pug Cocktail
Cuban Cigar Cocktail
Curt's Cherry Popper Shot
Flaming Sugar Lips Shot
Irish French Kiss Cocktail
Kanawful's Serum Shot
Kill Me Now Kahlua Cocktail
R.T.Q. (Roisin The Queen) Shot
Chocolate Lovers Martini Cocktail
Cyrano Shot
Downsizing Reality Shot
Irish Immigrant Cocktail
Carolina Vagina Shot
Chambord Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate City Cocktail
Chocolate Maple Moo Cocktail
Chocolate Shake Cocktail
Gangrene Shot
Ira Cocktail
Kimber-Lee Krush Shot
Kitty Nectar Cocktail
Lipstick On Your Dipstick Shot
McGuire's Fuzzy Irishman Cocktail
Nuclear Smoothie Cocktail
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cocktail
Baileys Blizzard Cocktail
The Gripper Shot
Raspberry Beret Cocktail
Banana Snowman Cocktail
Bav Cocktail
Bleacher's Twist Shot
Calming Draught Cocktail
Chocolate Carmel Martini Cocktail
Dirty Shaft Cocktail
Insane Asylum Cocktail
Irish Chocolate Cocktail
Jungle Milk Cocktail
Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail
Lesbian Slumber Party Cocktail
Loon Fart Cocktail
Masturbation Shot
Shooters Special Shot
Raspberry Beret #2 Cocktail
Reisen Cocktail
3 Dollar Hooker Shot
Brainwave Cocktail
Cerebral Haemorrhage Cocktail
Chocolate Dream Cocktail
Dublin Double Shot
Epitaph Shot
Frozen Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
G-Boy Cocktail
Irish Chocolate Milk Cocktail
Jager Shaker Shot
KahBula Shot
Kodiak Sled Dog Cocktail
Manannan Mac Lir Shot
Monkey Pussy Shot
Norwegian Orgasm Shot
Oatmeal Cookie and Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Hot Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Orville's-Gasm Cocktail
BBC #2 Cocktail
The Hang Glider Shot
Roasted Toasted Almond Cocktail
BaWanna Tom Cocktail
Baw Cocktail
Cerebral Haemorrhage #2 Shot
Chocolate Espresso Cocktail
Chocolate Heaven Shot
DC3 Shot
Dr. Court Shot
Frozen Leprechaun Cocktail
Irish Cow Cocktail
Jager Shaker #2 Shot
Oatmeal Cookies Shot
Sweet 'n' Smooth Shot
The Side Ponytail Cocktail
Bon Voyage #2 Cocktail
Terry's Chocolate Orange Cocktail
Sweet Home Chicago Cocktail
Christmas Delight Cocktail
A Few Of My Favorite Things Cocktail
Audrey's Russian Cocktail
B-54 Shot
Back Street Romeo Shot
Bailey Martini Cocktail
Crucifix of Love Cocktail
Jupiter Milk Shot
Nanogram Shot
Old Pirate Cocktail
Pickled Placenta Shot
Potent Possum Cocktail
I Blow Up Shot
Ultimate Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Russian Mothers Milk Shot
The Real Mexican Motherfucker Shot
Flagstaff Shot
The Shadow Knows Cocktail
Maviagator Cocktail
Obama Mama Cocktail
A Kissed Buttery Nipple Cocktail
Anal Sex Cocktail
B-57 Shot
Bailey's Banana Vanilla Thrilla Cocktail
Lake Bottom Shot
Leadville Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Melty Snowman Cocktail
MILF Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Chip Shot
Muddpuddle Cocktail
One Night Stand Shot
Orange Swamp Cocktail
Purple Panty Dropper Cocktail
B52-Slovak Shot
Donkey Love Juice Shot
Slippery Sailor Shot
The Squat Cocktail
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Shot
B-69 Flame Shot
Polish Trainwreck Shot
Leather Whip Shot
Moldy Green Comforter Shot
Rickyrootbeer Shot
A Monkey's Rum Martini Cocktail
Baileys Bitch Shot
Flaming Black Russian Shot
Frozen Pussy Cocktail
Pasquale's Rico Suave Cocktail
White Ukrainian Cocktail
After Dinner Mint #3 Cocktail
Velvet Revolver Shot
The Drunken Monkey Shot