Banana Cream Cocktail
Bailey's Banana Colada Cocktail
Gold Wizard Cocktail
Hemingway Hammer Cocktail
Jennifer's Junebug Cocktail
Banana Boat Cocktail
Manilla Gorilla Cocktail
Bushman's Balls Shot
Banana Cream Pie Shot
Banana Dream Cocktail
Banana Jabs Cocktail
Boize Kumm Shot
Banana Foster Martini Cocktail
Bananaball Cocktail
Cherry Toozie Shot
Fuzzy Monkey Cocktail
Island Jim Cocktail
Bazooka Joe Shot
Andy's Ivory Cocktail
Banana Rocket Cocktail
Ampiainen Cocktail
Bubble Gum #3 Cocktail
IAS-Special Cocktail
Cancun Rum Runner Cocktail
Bee Bite Shot
Jelly Bean #3 Shot
Marsupial Cocktail
Minty Crotch Cocktail
Fruit Chew Shot
Big Pine Puss Shot
Banana Split Cocktail
Bananas Foster Cocktail
Banana Bite Shot
Dreamy Banana Smoothie Cocktail
Georgia Peach Fizz Cocktail
Golden Mountain Screw Cocktail
Hawaiian Eye Cocktail
Hook's Delight Cocktail
The Bomb Shot
Booger Shot
Banana Jack Shot
Crash & Burn Cocktail
Juicy Fruit Remix Cocktail
Ocean Spray Monkey Drink Cocktail
Metrosexual Cocktail
Brevann Springwater Cocktail
Bubble Gum Shot
Greg Brady Wipeout Cocktail
Scorpion's Tail Cocktail
Screaming Banana Banshee Cocktail
Screwed Banana Cocktail
Scurvy Cocktail
Sex On My Face Cocktail
Shake That Ass Shot
Skittle Cocktail
Banana Creame Cocktail
Horny Monkey Shot
Banana Mama Cocktail
Banana Slide Cocktail
Dog Bowl Shot
Enchantress Divine Cocktail
Knickerbocker Knocker Cocktail
Spicey Sword Cocktail
Banana Crantini Cocktail
Banana-Berry Felch Cocktail
Electric Bubblegum Cocktail
Felching Banana Cocktail
G.I. Giraffe Cocktail
Moo Moo Land Cocktail
Blunt Ash Cocktail
Drunken Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Fruity Blast Cocktail
Pirate of the Caribbean Cocktail
Pirate of the Caribbean Cocktail
Purple Sour Banana Shot
Pussy On Your Face Cocktail
Blue Brew Cocktail
Flaming Nate Cocktail
Somebird Cocktail
Strawberry Banana Colada Cocktail
Tipsy Island Cocktail
Tom's Rum Runner Cocktail
Tropical Pear Fizz Cocktail
Tropical Titty Twister Cocktail
Zoo Station Shot
Ultimate June Bug Cocktail
Chocolate Monkey Cocktail
Cornholio's Revenge Cocktail
Crazy Monkey Cocktail
Dutch Velvet Cocktail
Island Jack Cocktail
Electric Banana Cocktail
Abbot's Dream Cocktail
Afghan Monkey Cocktail
Fat Cat Shot
Fiery Blue Mustang Shot
Flaming Fruit Trees Shot
King Kong Cocktail
Florida Rum Runner Cocktail
Flower Of Nippon Cocktail
Flying Monkey Shot
Forza FCK Cocktail
Fruit of the Loom Shot
Fuck Me Up Shot
Geting Cocktail
Golden Shower Cocktail
Gorilla Smile Cocktail
Gorilla's Fart Shot
Green Eyed Blonde Shot
Grinch Cocktail
Gumball Hummer Shot
Gandy Dancer Cocktail
Coconut Brandy Bowl Cocktail
Banana Banshee Cocktail
Banana Bliss Cocktail
Banana Foster Cocktail
Banana Popsicle Cocktail
Banana Rum Frappe Cocktail
Hologram Shot
Horny Mohican Shot
Iceberg In Radioactive Water #2 Cocktail
Iceberg In Radioactive Water Cocktail
Italian Sunrise #2 Cocktail
Jamaican Bum Cocktail
Jamaican Me Crazy Cocktail
Kermit Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid #2 Cocktail
Kim Special Cocktail
Kori's Saturday Night Special Cocktail
Little Green Frog Cocktail
Wile E Coyote Cocktail
Beam Me Up Scottie Shot
Mekong Cocktail
Mellow Hiker Cocktail
Midori 2000 Cocktail
Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Nutty Banana Cocktail
Panther Sweat Cocktail
Peach May Cocktail
Penguin Cocktail
Red Alert Cocktail
Rising Skirt Cocktail
Romona Banana Shot
Rum Runner Island Style Cocktail
Rum Runner #2 Cocktail
Valentine Cocktail
Abe's Tropical Night in Hell Cocktail
Coconut Dream Cocktail
Silver Jubilee Cocktail
West Indian Punch Cocktail
Absolutely Fruity Shot
Absolutely Bananas Cocktail
Bitches from Hell Shot
Akis Special Cocktail
Fuck Me Like An Animal Cocktail
White Romanian Cocktail
Orangutan Cocktail
Beach Bum's Cooler Cocktail
Banana Split Shooter Shot
Birky's Bubblegum Cocktail
Blame It On Rio Cocktail
Bob Cocktail
Boston Gold Cocktail
Bubble Gum #2 Cocktail
Bubblegum Shaker Cocktail
Chocolate Banana Banshee Cocktail
Dead Budgie Cocktail
Drunk Monkey Cocktail
Endurance Cocktail
Fruity Fuck Cocktail
Hand Job Cocktail
Hot Throbbing Banana Cocktail
Jack's Jam Cocktail
Jamaican Hurricane Cocktail
Jenny's Banana Pudding Cocktail
Brazilian Mango Cocktail
Rainbow Orgy Cocktail
Kim-Berry Cocktail
Kokomo Joe Cocktail
Mambo's Dream Cocktail
Mongolian Cocktail
Monkey Doo Cocktail
Bahama Breeze Cocktail
Bahama Mama NC Cocktail
Banana Boomer Shooter Shot
Brevann Cocktail
Buenos Noches Cocktail
Boogie Monster Shot
Dirty Green Cocktail
Coconut Splash Cocktail
Jamaican Tennis Beads Cocktail
Banana Hammock Cocktail
Cherry Breeze Cocktail
Dancing Lady Cocktail
The Extremely Exotic Sarah Shot
A Saturday Afternoon Cocktail
Cancun Cocktail
Hyper Monkey Shot
R.T.Q. (Roisin The Queen) Shot
Banana Hurricane Cocktail
Banana Rama Cocktail
Chocolate Chimp Cocktail
Dirty Pussy Shot
Flying Gorilla Cocktail
Limbo Cocktail
Liquid Temptation Cocktail
Monkey's Dessert Cocktail
Monkey Zinger Shot
Senators Sweet Stuff Cocktail
Megan On Acid Shot
Banana Licorice Shot
Choco-Banana Tini Cocktail
Chocolate City Cocktail
Jolly Roger Cocktail
Jungle Jim Cocktail
Lockhart Zoo Cocktail
Monkey's Nuts Cocktail
Banana Moo Cocktail
Banana Snowman Cocktail
Banoffee Milkshake Cocktail
Cannabia Cocktail
Fuzzy Yellow Balls Cocktail
Josephina's Watermelon Crawl Cocktail
Jungle Milk Cocktail
Ka-boom Cocktail
Koala Bear Cocktail
Lisa's Special Cocktail
Bazooka Joe #4 Shot
Russian Banana Cocktail
Banana Nut Cocktail
Banana Tree Cocktail
Bee Cocktail
Gilligan Cocktail
Little, Yellow, Different Cocktail
Monkey Pussy Shot
Morning Junkie Monkey Cocktail
Mulch Muncher Cocktail
Ultimate Bloody Mary Cocktail
Fruit Extravaganza Cocktail
Banana Barbados Cocktail
Banana Twist Cocktail
Nut Twister Cocktail
Jade Monkey Shot
Ruby Runner Cocktail
Banangrove Cocktail
Banana Popsicle Cocktail
Dirty Blonde Cocktail
Hard On Cocktail
Paradise Cola Cocktail
Pervert Cocktail
Potent Possum Cocktail
Chicago Catcus Juice Cocktail
Bartender's Cream Soda Cocktail
Club Paradise Cocktail
Creamy Soda Cocktail
Dundas Valley Ghost Cocktail
Flaming Banana Shot
Goldberg Cocktail
Neiler Cocktail
A Monkey's Rum Martini Cocktail
Banana Bomber Shot
Blue Ghost Shot
Oral Invasion Cocktail
Quebecer Banana Blow Job Shot
Puerto Rican Monkey Fuck Shot