Guillotine #2 Shot
Ball Bag Cocktail
Archdruid Cocktail
Chaos Cocktail
Bobby Burns Cocktail
Orange Monk Cocktail
Brainstorm Cocktail
Prince Elizabeth Martini Cocktail
Aunt Jemima Cocktail
Benedictine Herbal Liqueur Cocktail
Green Carnation Cocktail
Gold Card Cocktail
Smart Christine Cocktail
Southern Belle Cocktail
Tartantula Cocktail
Twin Hills Cocktail
Cabaret Cocktail
Cool Cucumber Cocktail
Frisco Sour Cocktail
Frisco Cocktail
Genuine Singapore Sling Cocktail
Gipsy Cocktail
Honeymoon #2 Cocktail
Honolulu #2 Cocktail
John's Bomb Shot
Kentucky B And B Cocktail
Kentucky Colonel Cocktail
Widow's Kiss Cocktail
B2 C2 Cocktail
B&B Collins Cocktail
Brain Blender Cocktail
Monkey Gland #2 Cocktail
Maiden's Kiss Cocktail
Mule's Hind Leg Cocktail
Mandarin Cocktail
The Original Singapore Sling Cocktail
Queen Elizabeth Cocktail
Ragged Company Cocktail
Rolls-Royce Cocktail
Hong Kong Fizz Cocktail
April Shower Cocktail
Brandy Benedictine Cream Cocktail
Brighton Punch Cocktail
Brown Fox Cocktail
Frisco Sour #2 Cocktail
Absinthe Herbal Liqueur Cocktail
Prince of Wales Cocktail
Touch of Zam Cocktail
Verdi Cocktail
Rum Scaffa Cocktail
D.O.M. Cocktail
Sherman Tank Cocktail
Turtle Cocktail
Two Turtles Cocktail
Burn's Night Special Cocktail
Sweet Nan Cocktail
B & B Stinger Cocktail
Silent Monk Cocktail
Cream Sherry Sangaree Cocktail
Monastery Cocktail
Angel's Lips Cocktail
Antibes Cocktail
Blessed Event Cocktail
Bonny Doon Cocktail
Preakness Cocktail
Buzz Bomb Cocktail
Chrysanthemum Cocktail
Archbishop Cocktail
Froupe Cocktail
Hoot Mon Cocktail
Hot Mon Cocktail
Autumn Thunder Cocktail
Lorraine Cocktail
B&B Cocktail
Original Singapore Sling Cocktail
Singapore Sling (Raffles Hotel) Cocktail
Honolulu Lulu Cocktail
Walk in the Park Shot
Pleasure Dome Cocktail
Charybdis Cocktail
Kentucky Colonel #2 Cocktail
Dickjack Shot
Pousse L'Amour Cocktail
Annabele Special Cocktail
Fat Friar Cocktail
Flaming Asswipe Shot
Harm's Way Cocktail