Butterbeer Cocktail
Caramel "J" Cocktail
Bailey's Comet Cocktail
Dark and Veiny Shot
Jam Doughnut Shot
Alien Nipple #2 Shot
Buttery So-Co Cocktail
Candy Apple Martini Cocktail
German Chocolate Cake Shot
Slippery Virgin Cocktail
Leaky Buttery Nipple Cocktail
Deep Pleasure Cocktail
Clit Lickin' Cowgirl Shot
Carnival Apple Shot
Charley Town Beatdown Shot
Buttersweet Symphony Shot
Dirty Toilet Shot
Christmas Nipple Cocktail
6-Shooter Shot
Butterscotch Dream Cocktail
Butterscotch Mudslide Shake Cocktail
Caramel Apple Martini Cocktail
Caramel Apple #2 Shot
Carrot Cake #3 Shot
Cocksucking Cowboy Shot
Oatmeal Cookie Shot
Constellation Shot
Della's After Dark Cocktail
Slippery Nipple Shot
Dirty Fetus Shot
Slippery Nipple #3 Shot
Exxon Valdez Shot
Gingerbread Man Shot
Jedi Mind Trick #2 Shot
Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb Shot
Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail
Mad Pirate Shot
Mustache Ride Shot
Oatmeal Cookie #2 Shot
Buttery Russian Cocktail
Bit of Russian Honey Cocktail
Bananas Foster Cocktail
Alien Suicide Shot
Buca Bear Shot
Black Unicorn Shot
Bleacher Creature Shot
Blind Russian Cocktail
Carmel Apple Spritzer Cocktail
Frozen Nipples Cocktail
Boston Burn-Out Shot
Mad Russian Cocktail
Branded Nipple Shot
Breast Milk Shot
Brown Eye Opener Cocktail
Butter Cream Cocktail
Butter Nut Scotch Cocktail
Butterballs Shot
Butterball Shot
Butterbee Shot
Butterfinger Cocktail
Butternut Rum Lifesaver Shot
Buttery Nipple #2 Shot
Buttery Nipple With A Cherry Kiss Shot
Buttmeister Shot
Aussie Chocolate Dream Shot
Schwimmer Shot
Seduction on the Rocks Cocktail
Sex in the Shower Cocktail
Butter Milk Cocktail
Pineapple Upside Down Cake #4 Shot
French Toast #2 Shot
Perfect Cherry Cheese Cake Shot
Rusty Lumberjack Shot
Ali Shooter Shot
Leg Opener Cocktail
Slippery Dick Cocktail
Slippery Eggs Cocktail
Spanish Fly Cocktail
Spicey Scot Cocktail
Spicy Buttery Nipple Shot
Topaz Cocktail
Tropical Lullaby Cocktail
Camel Hump Shot
Candy Apple #2 Cocktail
Caramel Apple #2 Cocktail
Carmel Apple Shot
Carmel Coke Cocktail
Carrot Cake #2 Shot
Copper Camel Shot
Cotton Candy #5 Cocktail
Cum Scorcher Shot
Cum Shot
Deer Killer Cocktail
Kahlua Butterball Cocktail
Flaming Giraffe Shot
French Toast Shot
Fuzzy Irishman Shot
Gingerbread Man Cocktail
Golden Nipple Shot
Guillotine Shot
B-28 Cocktail
Harbor Lights Shot
Hot Butterscotch Cocoa Cocktail
Hot Scotch Cocktail
Jen's Hot Chocolate Butterscotch Cocktail
Kelly's Buttery Nipple Shot
Candy Apple Cocktail
Letitia's Penisbutter Cup Cocktail
Luftwaffe Shot
Carmel Apple Funtini Cocktail
Carmel Sour Apple Shot
Buttery Nutty Squirrel Cocktail
Wild Buttery Squirrel Cocktail
Wild Irish Buttery Squirrel Cocktail
Slippery Nuts Shot
Slippery Rootbeer Lollipop Shot
Slick Irish Rootbeer Lollipop Shot
Nutty Slippery Rootbeer Lollipop Shot
Slippery Tasty Bald Beaver Cocktail
Screaming Slippery Bald Beaver Cocktail
Wild Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Wild White Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Slippery Strawberry Bald Beaver Cocktail
The Marv Alberts Cocktail
McTavish Shot
Mind Eraser #2 Cocktail
Monk's Butt Cocktail
Mother's Milk Shot
Nagel Nectar Cocktail
Neutron Bomb Shot
Nipple On Fire Shot
Pearl Necklace #2 Shot
Cowboy Cocksucker Shot
Cowboy Cocksucker #2 Shot
Cowboy Killer Cocktail
Jack the Ripper Shot
Queen Soda Cocktail
Simply Exquisite Cocktail
Velvet Kilt Cocktail
Slippery Panties Cocktail
Voodoo Cocktail
Slippery Nutcracker Cocktail
Acid Cookie Shot
Aggie Banana Cocktail
Chris' Flaming Skull Cocktail
Dragon Piss Shot
Festive Fuck Shot
Finger Me Good Shot
Alien Nipple Shot
Santa's Little Helper Cocktail
Bling Bling Shot
Tonsil Tickler Shot
White Cotton Panties Shot
Bayou Self Cocktail
Butter Chocolate Bliss Cocktail
Buttered Brandy Cocktail
Buttermilk Cocktail
Butterscotch Eggnog Cocktail
Butterscotch Kiss Cocktail
Butterscotch Truffle Martini Cocktail
Sugar Daddy Cocktail
Corey's Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail
Gumdrop Cocktail
Hot Chocolate Almond Cocktail
Jack's Bagpipe Cocktail
Jaffa Schnapps Cocktail
Jamaican Lifesaver Cocktail
Johnny Loftus Cocktail
Buttermint Shot
Cinnamon Toast Crunch #2 Shot
Liquid Caramel Cocktail
Classic Oatmeal Cookie Shot
Maple Syrup Shot
Butterscotch Ice Cream Cocktail
Cluster Fuck Cocktail
Candy Corn Martini Cocktail
Butter Baby Cocktail
Italian Flag Shot
Butterscotch Martini Cocktail
Butterscotch Cookie Shot
Buttertini Cocktail
Buttery Crown Shot
Caffeini Martini Cocktail
Ice Cream Schnapps Cocktail
Caramel Mochatini Cocktail
Coco Butter Cocktail
Kenai Campfire Cocktail
Bit 'o Honey Shot
Liquid Crystal Cocktail
Carameled Apple Shot
Cattle Prod Shot
McGuire's Fuzzy Irishman Cocktail
Banoffee Milkshake Cocktail
Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail
Ambuco Cinnamon Shooter Shot
Caramel Candy Apple Cocktail
Crotch Shot
Irish Orgasm Cocktail
Montana Smoothie Cocktail
Oatmeal Cookie and Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Ogre Piss Cocktail
Caramel Coke Cocktail
Morphine Drip Shot
Sweet 'n' Smooth Shot
Sweet Home Chicago Cocktail
A Few Of My Favorite Things Cocktail
Audrey's Russian Cocktail
Felony Cocktail
Nanogram Shot
A Kissed Buttery Nipple Cocktail
Bubbly Butt Pirate Cocktail
Frigid Alaskan Nipple Shot
Hot Chocolate Butternut Cocktail
Aphrodisiac Shot
Puddle in the Rainforest Cocktail
The Dark Side Shot
Homer's Plutonium Shot