Bruce Doucet Cocktail
Captain and Coke Cocktail
Captain and Tonic Cocktail
Captain Jack Sparrow Cocktail
Captain on Acid Shot
Heaven's Gate Cocktail
Holiday Captain Pepsi Cocktail
GordBuster from Hell Cocktail
Luscious Leslie Cocktail
Back Row Cocktail
Captang Poontag Cocktail
Divine Cocktail
2000 Flushes Cocktail
Captain Jack Shot
Captain Jack Sparrow #3 Shot
Captain Plah Cocktail
El Negro Shot
Green Lantern #2 Cocktail
Black Napkin Cocktail
Baso Cocktail
Morning After Cocktail
Nixon Cocktail
Oasis #2 Cocktail
Cowboy Killer Shot
Bayou Juice Shot
Captain Defender Cocktail
Captain Jack Sparrow #4 Cocktail
Glow Job Cocktail
Anthrax Shot
Bloody Urine Cocktail
Pineapple Bomber #2 Cocktail
Big Red Cocktail
Burried Treasure Shot
Cancun Rum Runner Cocktail
Captain Bucci Cocktail
Captain Crisp Cocktail
Captain Guy Cocktail
CJC Cocktail
Captain Morgan on Acid Shot
Captain Slim Cocktail
Captain's Shadow Cocktail
Captain's Son Cocktail
Caribbean Sunset #3 Cocktail
Choad #2 Shot
Coney Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Cable Car Cocktail
Drunken Parrot Cocktail
Captain Ron Cocktail
Flavor Five Shot
The Bathroom Floor Shot
Biekert Cocktail
Captain My Organ Cocktail
Hula Bob Cocktail
Iced Captain Cocktail
Hard Root Beer Cocktail
Liquid Marijuana Shot
M&M's Shot
Ming Tran Cocktail
Big Pine Puss Shot
Berryjito Cocktail
Ewa Beach Ice Tea Cocktail
Flaming Shocker Cocktail
Gina Shot
HollaDeck Cocktail
Boat Drink Cocktail
The Boiling Panther Cocktail
Lady Luck Cocktail
Lemon Blitz Cocktail
Rabid Pitbull Shot
Kersha Shot
Hard Rootbeer Cocktail
Tropical Morgan Cocktail
Sand in the Crack Cocktail
Alabama Afterburner Cocktail
Klingon Blood Wine Cocktail
Unky Norm Cocktail
Santa Maria Cocktail
Blue Sea Martini Cocktail
Selena Jo Cocktail
Spiced Cherry Cocktail
Sex with the Captain Cocktail
Shark Bite Cocktail
Shark's Nipple Cocktail
Short Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Juicy Pirate Cocktail
African Wench Shot
Captain's First Mate Cocktail
Charter Breeze Cocktail
Kiki Tiki Cocktail
Master and Commander Cocktail
Monsters Ball Cocktail
Morgan Melon Cocktail
Smooth Sailor Cocktail
Nicole Simpson Cocktail
Mango Colada Cocktail
Smooth Johnny Cocktail
Waffles and Syrup Shot
Crazy Cat Cocktail
Dancing Captain Cocktail
One for the Bums Cocktail
Peachy Pirate Cocktail
The Raggaeton Cocktail
Surprise Me Cocktail
Rum Float Cocktail
Bella Cocktail
Fruity Blast Cocktail
Hot and Spicy Men Cocktail
Night Rider Cocktail
The Bear Cocktail
Yarmouth Cadillac Cocktail
Southern Comford Shot
Guerrilla Shot
O Captain! My Captain! Cocktail
Swashbuckler Cocktail
Slimer #2 Cocktail
Solaris Shot
Captain Pepper Cocktail
Captains Pie Cocktail
Spiced Apple Shot
Carolina Iced Tea Cocktail
Toocan Sam Cocktail
Tropical Nat Cocktail
Tsunami Cocktail
Utar Cocktail
Captain Creamsicle Cocktail
Captain Do Cocktail
Captain Louie Shot
Captain Morgan's Steamy Applecolada Dream Cocktail
Captain With A Skirt Cocktail
Captain's and Creme Cocktail
Captain's Cream Soda Cocktail
Captain's Spiced Cider Cocktail
Captains Saddle Cocktail
Eye of the Storm Cocktail
Colorado Pitbull Cocktail
Cuban Crime of Passion Cocktail
Dewing the Captain Cocktail
Embolism Cocktail
Evil Tea Cocktail
Fuka Cocktail
Ganggreen Cocktail
Gary's Poison Cocktail
Murray's Cocktail
Captain's Colada Cocktail
Green Wave Cocktail
On the Deck Cocktail
Baby Aspirine of Humbolt Cocktail
Backyard Dawg Cocktail
Happy Skipper Cocktail
Heliuva Rootbeer Cocktail
Hillinator Shot
Rum Runner Cocktail
Irish Pirate Shot
Jack Voigt Shot
Jamaican Sunset Cocktail
Jennifer's Orgasm Shot
Key Largo Kooler Cocktail
Laura's Surprise Cocktail
Lemon Drop #4 Shot
Lewie Cocktail
Long Island Sunset Cocktail
Lorraine's Delight Cocktail
Walk the Plank Cocktail
Windy Beach Cocktail
Micheal's Downfall Cocktail
Neon Iguana Cocktail
Orange Push-Up Cocktail
Mojito Cocktail
PEZ Cocktail
Pirate Float Cocktail
Pirate's Float Cocktail
Red Beard Shot
Captain's Cocktail
Blackbeard Cocktail
Captain Cola Cocktail
Rum Aid Cocktail
Rumka Shot
Cinnamon Toast Cocktail
Sienna Cocktail
Tropical Spiced Tea Cocktail
Anna's Tropical Getaway Cocktail
Binford Cocktail
Black Haus Chimney Cocktail
Blue Dolphin Cocktail
Bong Water Cocktail
Captain Butter Cream Cocktail
Captain Mike's Lemonade Cocktail
Captain's Elixir Cocktail
Chocolate Ravage Cocktail
Chubbie Moose Cocktail
Fade 'o Rade Cocktail
Goombay Smash Charleston Style Cocktail
Kryptonite Shot
Paradise #2 Cocktail
Malibu Peach Cocktail
Pussy Charger Cocktail
Rumage Cocktail
Skin and Bones Cocktail
Skittles Cocktail
Travis' Special Cocktail
Captain's Mast Cocktail
Arizona Aztec Cocktail
Bayou Self Cocktail
Blame It On Rio Cocktail
Broken Leg Cocktail
Buttered Pancakes Cocktail
Captain Al Cocktail
Captain Pepsi Cocktail
Captain's Coffee Cocktail
Captain's Punch Cocktail
Crapton Cocktail
Dreamsicle Delight Cocktail
Dr. Morgan Cocktail
Flaming Gay Morgan Cocktail
Jolly Homo Cocktail
Maple Syrup Shot
Odin's Juice Cocktail
Old 7's Cocktail
Ol' Dirty Bastard Cocktail
Captain's Bomb Shot
Conquistador Cocktail
Fuzzy Iron Worker Shot
Butt Pirate Shot
Captain Nelson's Select Grain Shot
Captain Kinger Shot
Spew Cocktail
Orange Tickle Cocktail
Garnet Crow Cocktail
Purple Fucker Cocktail
Dirty Bong Water #2 Cocktail
Rain Forest Cocktail
Sparty's Beach Party Cocktail
Captain OJ Cocktail
Captain On A Diet Cocktail
Captain Pat's Rapier Cocktail
Captain's and Cream Cocktail
Captain and Taneal Cocktail
Captain's Booty Cocktail
Invinceabull Cocktail
Jack Sparrow Cocktail
Captain's Apple Cocktail
Captain's Charge Shot
Category 5 Cocktail
Columbus Cactus Bowl Cocktail
Captain's Code Cocktail
The Southerner Cocktail
Caribbean Storm Cocktail
Aloha Paradise Cocktail
Captain Jack Sparrow #5 Shot
Ship of Fools Cocktail
Pirates Pleasure Cocktail
Rampage Cocktail
3 Dollar Hooker Shot
Captain's Treasure Shot
Chronic Ice Tea Cocktail
Caribbean Threesome Cocktail
Liquid Marijuana Cocktail
Pirate Flag Cocktail
Walk the Plank Shot
Frosty Sailor Cocktail
Asian Sensation Cocktail
Benji Cocktail
Dew the Dancin Captain Cocktail
The Loch Ness Monster Cocktail
Maviagator Cocktail
Bubbly Butt Pirate Cocktail
Lake Bottom Shot
Pirate's Treasure Cocktail
Slippery Sailor Shot
Strawberry Frenzy Cocktail
Blue Ghost Shot
Oral Invasion Cocktail
Panamaniac Cocktail
Pineapple Delight Cocktail
Captain Morgan's a Limey Cocktail
Purple Pirate Cocktail
Applefancy Cocktail