Betsie Temple Cocktail
A Little Dinghy Cocktail
Erika's Sweet Dream Cocktail
Island Doctor Cocktail
Blue Midnight Cocktail
El Mahon Cocktail
Sweet Lollishot Shot
Nermish Cocktail
The Marvin Cocktail
Adrenaline Rush Shot
Beachcomber Cocktail
Christmas In The Tropics Cocktail
Final Exam Relief Cocktail
Captain Crisp Cocktail
ChaTiffany Especial Cocktail
Crum Cocktail
Drunken Parrot Cocktail
Fuzzy Goose Cocktail
Hawaiian Parrot Cocktail
Perfect Parrot Cocktail
Ship's Doctor Cocktail
Monster Piss Cocktail
Kersha Shot
Drunken Captain Cocktail
Hawaiian Tattoo Cocktail
Indiana Jones Skull and Bones Cocktail
The Blues Brothers Cocktail
Blue Sea Martini Cocktail
Cucamonga Coconut Lime Breeze Cocktail
Coconut Bra Cocktail
Flying Swan Cocktail
Kiki Tiki Cocktail
Smooth Sailor Cocktail
Gay Bartender Cocktail
Shore Leave Cocktail
Monito Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost - Hawaiian Cocktail
Toocan Sam Cocktail
Tropical Titty Twister Cocktail
Captain Morgan's Steamy Applecolada Dream Cocktail
The Captains Silver Sunrise Cocktail
Cuban Crime of Passion Cocktail
Dressed Up Pina Colada Cocktail
Green Slime Cocktail
Baby V.O.X. Cocktail
Kavorkien Cocktail
Lesbian Lover Cocktail
Wild Wendy Cocktail
Monet Carribean Frost Cocktail
Parrot Perch Cocktail
Red Beard Shot
Parrot Bay Breeze Cocktail
Parrot Bay Pinada Cocktail
Parrot Bay Sunset Cocktail
Strawberry Tropicolada Cocktail
Captain Heron Cocktail
Captain's Orange Cocktail
Chocolate Ravage Cocktail
Dave Matthews Cocktail
Litnos' Lemonade Cocktail
Pissing Parrot Cocktail
Sloppy Grumper Cocktail
The Talking Cow Cocktail
Blue Parrot Cocktail
Captain Courageous Cocktail
Cast Away Cocktail
Chocolate Hurricane Cocktail
Crazy Parrot Cocktail
Down to Earth Cocktail
Easy Creamsicle Cocktail
Monte's Sex Potion Cocktail
My Pleasure Cocktail
Odin's Juice Cocktail
Oral Intruder Cocktail
Orange Jeff Cocktail
Out of the Blue Cocktail
Cap'n Togs Warning Shot
Captain Jake's Cocktail
Lime Stripper Cocktail
A-Rang-A-Tang Cocktail
Raspberry Girl Cocktail
Pirates Pleasure Cocktail
Screwed Parrot Cocktail
Purple Donkey Punch Cocktail
Twizzy in Paradise Cocktail
Tropics of Trogdor Shot
Walk the Plank Shot
Denny Bay Cocktail
Paradise Cola Cocktail
Rainmaker Cocktail
Don't Touch My Mustache Cocktail
Puckered Parrot Cocktail
Twisted Sunset Cocktail
Pussy Juice Cocktail
Irish Parrot Cocktail