Anchors Away Cocktail
Bahama Mama #2 Cocktail
Captain on Acid Shot
Caribbean Splash Cocktail
Green Goblin Cocktail
Goombay Smash Bahamas Cocktail
Intimate Encounter Cocktail
Jennifer's Junebug Cocktail
A Lark's Tropical Heaven Cocktail
Angry Pirate Cocktail
Blue Coconut Cocktail
German Chocolate Cake Shot
Tropicana Hurricane Cocktail
Banana Lifesaver Cocktail
Doggystyle Cocktail
Bone Cocktail
Caribbean Sunset #2 Cocktail
Coconut Breeze Cocktail
Coconut Guitar Cocktail
Combat #2 Cocktail
Deez Nutz Cocktail
Dirty Monkey #2 Shot
Island Donkey Cocktail
Key Lime Martini #4 Cocktail
Nookie Cocktail
The Bianca Pop Shot
The Big Banana Cocktail
Party Gras Cocktail
Pina Colada Jello Shot
Pineapple Midori Colada Cocktail
Pink Flamingo #3 Cocktail
Pink Iguana Cocktail
Alien Booger Cocktail
Bahamian Goombay Smash Cocktail
Booty Drink Cocktail
Cloudy Sunshine Cocktail
Dirty Bizzo Shot
Dragon Slayer Cocktail
Drunken Hawaiian Cocktail
Hidden Nightmare #2 Cocktail
Green Sunset Cocktail
Blue Monkey Cocktail
Bootzilla Cocktail
One Fruity Tutti Cocktail
Magnolia #2 Cocktail
Paradise Punch Cocktail
Virgin on the Rocks Shot
CLC (Cherry Lime Coconut) Cocktail
Flying Angel Cocktail
Boston Manpleaser Cocktail
Slimer's Ecto Cooler Shot
Greg Brady Wipeout Cocktail
Sex Appeal Cocktail
Sex with the Bartender Cocktail
Blue Christina Cocktail
Blue Rita Cocktail
Purple Turtle Cocktail
Mounds Bar Shot
Coconut Cream Shot
Rumalright Cocktail
Chocolate Snowball Cocktail
El Blanco Gato Chocolate Shot
Master and Commander Cocktail
Nymphomaniac Shot
Adrian's Special Rum Cocktail
Blackbeard's Ghost Cocktail
Frye's Tropical Blast Cocktail
Hidden Nightmare Cocktail
Irish Potatoe Shot
Lemon Rum Cocktail
Liquid Panty Dropper Cocktail
Malibu Creme Cocktail
Tropical Storm #2 Cocktail
Coqui Cocktail
Creaper Cocktail
Diamond Romeo Cocktail
Hawaiian Desire Cocktail
Hawaiian Shoreline Cocktail
Hoochie Cocktail
Neo-Tropical Cocktail
Southern Santa Cocktail
Storm Trooper Cocktail
Tropical Storm Jack Cocktail
Chocolate Bomb Cocktail
Cioccolato e Cocco Cocktail
Deep-7 Cocktail
Florida Pina Colada Cocktail
Fruit of the Loom Shot
Goombay Smash #2 Cocktail
Green Summer Cocktail
Green Thing Shot
Green Wave Cocktail
Gorky Park Cooler Cocktail
Jamaican Cabdriver Cocktail
Juicy Volkheimer Shot
Agent Provocateur Cocktail
Bali Punch Cocktail
Boca Chica Cocktail
Mellow Hiker Cocktail
Midori 2000 Cocktail
Maria Mia Cocktail
No Problem Cocktail
Nutty Banana Cocktail
Pink Ranger Shot
Casablanca Cocktail
Coconut Grove Cocktail
Coconut Daiquiri Cocktail
Coffee Cream Cocktail
Caribbean Harvest Cocktail
Chop Nut Cocktail
Cocobanana Cocktail
Razberi Sunsplash Cocktail
Rummple Cocktail
Easy Money Cocktail
Eye of the Tiger Cocktail
Explorer's Reward Cocktail
Goldilocks Cocktail
Lemon Tree Cocktail
Frozen Coconut Cocktail
Worried Monk Cocktail
Yum-Yum Cocktail
7-Nut Cocktail
Call a Cab Cocktail
Nebraska Bull Dog Shot
Pink Panties #2 Cocktail
Alien Urine Cocktail
SG03 Cocktail
Coconut Colada Cocktail
Cruiser Cocktail
Dead Budgie Cocktail
Flying Purple Squirrel Cocktail
Furry Purple Squirrel Cocktail
Furry Purple Squirrel Cocktail
Gummi Berry Juice Cocktail
Happy Colada Cocktail
Heat Wave Cocktail
A Day at the Beach Cocktail
Gangsta Colada Cocktail
Sweetheart Shot
Kinky Russian Cocktail
Love Potion #69 Cocktail
Necrophiliac Cocktail
Passion #2 Cocktail
Pina Colada Royal Cocktail
Bahama Breeze Cocktail
Bagce Cocktail
Masculating Madness Cocktail
Nazzy Baby Cocktail
Orgasm on the Beach Cocktail
Pink Fuzzy Pussy Cocktail
Captain Dick Cocktail
White Sandy Beach Cocktail
Big Shot
Butter Baby Cocktail
Fizzy Windex Cocktail
Hawaiian Island Sunset Cocktail
Nerve Agent Cocktail
Hawaiian Lust Cocktail
Paradise Bliss Cocktail
Passion Party Punch Cocktail
Hpnotize Cocktail
Pineapple Fusion Martini Cocktail
Thai-Pirinha Cocktail
CoCito Cocktail
Hurricane Carolyne Cocktail
Coconut Splash Cocktail
Jamaican Tennis Beads Cocktail
Seth's Candyman Cocktail
Banana Hammock Cocktail
Cancun Cocktail
Emerald Breeze Cocktail
Pomegranate Bahama Mama Cocktail
Home Alone #2 Cocktail
Captain's Apple Cocktail
Coco Tropico Smoothie Cocktail
Corn Romeo Cocktail
Mistletoe Martini Cocktail
Dirty Christmas Tree Shot
Kitty Nectar Cocktail
Boozy Juice Cocktail
Coconut Cola Cocktail
Cuckoo Coconut Cocktail
Dr. Ruth Cocktail
Flamingo Fuzz Cocktail
Ka-boom Cocktail
Okinawa Special Cocktail
Red Light District Shot
Ambuco Cinnamon Shooter Shot
Poor Man's Pina Colada Cocktail
Blonde Bimbo Shot
Green Horn Cocktail
High Octane Green Summer Cocktail
Poliuke Cocktail
A Big Pink Dink Cocktail
Flaming Rockstar Cocktail
Green with Envy Cocktail
Medinah Cocktail
Nut Twister Cocktail
Blue Lagoon #2 Cocktail
Blue Ball Cocktail
Demolitious Cocktail
Friday Night Special Shot
Frozen Bay Breeze Cocktail
Fruit Breeze Cocktail
Fuck Your Buddy Cocktail
Lazy Luau Cocktail
Ocean Water Cocktail
Green Frothy Monkey Cocktail
Purple Squirrel Cocktail
All Plucked Up Cocktail
Boozie Shot
Creamy Soda Cocktail
Fruitopia #2 Cocktail
Hawaiian Rain Drops Cocktail
Mounds Martini Cocktail
Nutz in a Blender Cocktail
Paradise In April Cocktail
Pirate Margarita Cocktail
Sherburger Cocktail
Fuzzy Noggin Cocktail
Tropical Pepsi Float Cocktail
Blue Ghost Shot
Dirty Bong H20 Cocktail
Hawaiian Hammer Cocktail
Mint Vacation Treat Cocktail
Randy Randy Cocktail
Blue Heaven Bliss Cocktail
Creeper Coke Cocktail