Alligator Sperm Shot
Bailey's Dream Shake Cocktail
Double Fudge Martini #2 Cocktail
Key Lime Pie #2 Shot
Manilla Gorilla Cocktail
Banana Cow Cocktail
Banana Dream Cocktail
Cream Bomb Cocktail
Banshee Cocktail
Fluffy Pink Angel Shot
Leaky Buttery Nipple Cocktail
Monk's Nuts Shot
Nutty Nipple Cocktail
Baywatch Cocktail
Border Patrol Cocktail
Citrus Kiss Shot
Banana Rocket Cocktail
Butterscotch Dream Cocktail
Candy Cane Shot
Chocolate Russian Cocktail
Dirty Banana #2 Cocktail
Grape Bubbolicious Cocktail
Galliano Milkshake Cocktail
Gay Uncle Shot
Good Action Cocktail
Hennessy Alexander Cocktail
Ice Cream Float Cocktail
Kathy's Concoction Cocktail
Lavender Lady Cocktail
Buttercream Tea Cocktail
Berrynice Cocktail
Nuck'n Futs Cocktail
Ohio Bulldog Cocktail
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Orient Express Cocktail
Bit of Russian Honey Cocktail
Bitches Tit Cocktail
Black Forest Cocktail
A Brain Teaser Cocktail
B's Creamy Gift Cocktail
Bananas Foster Cocktail
Black Raspberry Ice Cream Shot
Blue Knickers Cocktail
Chaos Cocktail
Citron Cheese Cake Cocktail
Creamy Root Beer Float Cocktail
Dreamy Banana Smoothie Cocktail
Five-Dollar Margaret Cocktail
Heberts Alexander Cocktail
Hello Nurse Cocktail
Hawaiian Eye Cocktail
High Jamaican Wind Cocktail
Blueberry Kami Shot
Mint Chocolate Chip Cocktail
Orange Smooth Cocktail
Liebfraumilch Cocktail
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Mint Cocoa Mocha Cocktail
Orchid Cocktail
Creamy Kiss Cocktail
Blue Skyy Cocktail
Virgin on the Rocks Shot
Flying Saucer Cocktail
Second Night Stand Cocktail
Orange Whip Cocktail
Satin Angel Cocktail
Raspberry Trouffle Cocktail
Screaming Banana Banshee Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Climax Cocktail
Sex On The Beach #6 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #9 Cocktail
Simple Charm Cocktail
Calypso Daiquiri Cocktail
Hufflepuff Cocktail
Rhode Island Ice Coffee Cocktail
Banana Slide Cocktail
Chocolate Snowball Cocktail
Davis Dream Cocktail
Enchantress Divine Cocktail
Gentle Bull Cocktail
German Cherry Bomb Cocktail
Huntress Cocktail
Iceball Cocktail
Kahlua Peppermint Pattie Cocktail
Blue Alexander Cocktail
Boccie Bounce Cocktail
Chocolate Flip Cocktail
Godiva Mudslide Cocktail
Jager Shaker #3 Shot
Mint Chip Ice Cream Cocktail
Moo Moo Land Cocktail
Network Special Cocktail
Old-Fashioned Chocolate Coke Cocktail
Miss Daniels Martini Cocktail
Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Kamora and Cream Cocktail
Peachtree Square Cocktail
Phantasm Cocktail
Up the IRA Cocktail
Smooth Operator Cocktail
Smurf Fart Shot
Born on the 4th of July Cocktail
Caribbean Kiss Cocktail
Sperm Shot
Spooge Cocktail
Springbok Shot
Strawberry Blonde Cocktail
Strawberry Dream Cocktail
Tangerine Dream Cocktail
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
Texas Sling Cocktail
Three Musketeers Shot
Toblerone Cocktail
Toblerone #2 Cocktail
Torridora Cocktail
Tuaca Nutter Cocktail
Zipper Shot
The Drunken Elf Cocktail
Zoo Station Shot
Ultimate Mudslide Cocktail
Call of the Snowfields (Lumikenttien Kutsu) Cocktail
Candy Bar Cocktail
Candy Corn Shot
Captain Crunch Shot
Caribbean Screwdriver Cocktail
Chastity Belt Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Banana Cocktail
Chocolate Cow Cocktail
Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Cocktail
Chocolate Rum Cocktail
Chocolate Valentine Shot
Coco Channel Cocktail
Coconut Cream Pie Cocktail
Cognac Flip Cocktail
Colorado Pitbull Cocktail
Cricket Cocktail
Green Coconut Cocktail
Cumulus Cocktail
Horny Toad Cocktail
Door County Cherry Cheesecake Shot
Abbot's Dream Cocktail
Alexander The Great Cocktail
Amaretto Sombrero Cocktail
Kahlua Kiss Cocktail
Field of Hearts Cocktail
Florida Pina Colada Cocktail
Lady 52 Cocktail
Fourth of July Shot
Friar Tuck Cocktail
Fridays Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Fuzzy Logic #2 Cocktail
Log Cabin Cocktail
O Circle Martini Cocktail
Orangesicle Cocktail
Panama #2 Cocktail
Panama Cocktail
Golden Cadillac #2 Cocktail
Green Sneaker Shot
Grendel Cocktail
Barbara Cocktail
Pina Colada #2 Cocktail
Swimming Pool Cocktail
Ramos Fizz Cocktail
Italian Delight Cocktail
The Italian Job Cocktail
Italian Sunrise #2 Cocktail
Jedi Mind Trick Cocktail
Kahlua and Cream Cocktail
Kahlua Madness Cocktail
Kim Special Cocktail
Kiss From Rudy Cocktail
Lambada Cocktail
Lay Down and Shut Up Shot
Lewd Lewinsky Shot
Little Beer Shot
White Bull Cocktail
White Carnation Cocktail
White Heart Cocktail
White Russian #2 Cocktail
The Whole Maryann Cocktail
Wicked Tasty Treat Cocktail
Mad Cow Shot
Magic Star Cocktail
Wild White Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Midori Green Russian Cocktail
Midori Splice Cocktail
Moo Moo Cocktail
Mounds Cocktail
Mundo Fine Cocktail
Nuclear Waste #2 Cocktail
Oasis Cocktail
Olympia-Flip Cocktail
Orange Crisis Shot
Panama Deluxe Cocktail
Passcack Valley Orgasm Cocktail
Pink Drink Cocktail
Pink Flamingo #2 Cocktail
Pirate Float Cocktail
Pisang Pistace Cocktail
Protein Smoothie Shot
Pumpkin Eater Cocktail
Coffee Alexander Cocktail
Nutty Bitch Cocktail
Russian Qualude Cocktail
Rock Lobster #2 Cocktail
Simply Exquisite Cocktail
Snicker Cocktail
Velvet Hammer Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #2 Cocktail
Nutty Irishman Cocktail
Cinnamon Nuts and Cream Cocktail
Tumbleweed Cocktail
Nuts and Cream Cocktail
Wolfsbane Cocktail
Impatient Virgin Cocktail
Nuts and Berries Cocktail
Purple Dream Cocktail
Raspberry Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate Squirrel Cocktail
Angel's Delight Cocktail
Brandy Benedictine Cream Cocktail
Bahia Cocktail
Batida de Banana Cocktail
Bee's Kiss Cocktail
Brandy Eggnog Cocktail
Breakfast Eggnog Cocktail
Brigitte Bardot Cocktail
Cafe de Paris Cocktail
Caledonia Cocktail
Champagne Flip Cocktail
Charles's Caribbean Cocktail
Choco Colada Cocktail
Coconut Dream Cocktail
Colada Brazil Cocktail
Copacabana Cocktail
Flying Kangaroo Cocktail
French Colada Cocktail
God's Child Cocktail
Golden Colada Cocktail
Goldie Cocktail
Hot M.M.M. Cocktail
Italian Colada Cocktail
Mexican Colada Cocktail
New Orleans Fizz Cocktail
New York Flip Cocktail
Pink Creole Cocktail
Pinky Colada Cocktail
Porto Flip Cocktail
Red Mouth Cocktail
Rum Alexander Cocktail
Russian Bear Cocktail
Russian Cadillac Cocktail
Silver Jubilee Cocktail
Sweet and Hot Cocktail
White Cloud Cocktail
Acid Cookie Shot
Irish Coconut Cocktail
Latin Love Cocktail
Mexican Blonde Cocktail
Mud Slide Cocktail
Scorpino Cocktail
Papagena Cocktail
Schoko Royal Cocktail
Mont Blanc Cocktail
Almond Joy #2 Shot
Cody Spunk Cocktail
Alexander Cocktail
Irish Ghost Cocktail
Alexandra Cocktail
Root Beer Float #2 Cocktail
Ruptured Duck Shot
Strawberry Overdose Cocktail
Amaretto Alexander Cocktail
Apollo 13 Cocktail
Beach Bum's Cooler Cocktail
Better Than Sex Cocktail
Big Chill #2 Cocktail
Birky's Bubblegum Cocktail
Blue Squid Cocktail
Blue Temptation Cocktail
Celeste Sunrise Cocktail
Sugar Daddy Cocktail
Chocolate Banana Banshee Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cocktail
Coco-Mocha Alexander Cocktail
Creamy Crotch Cocktail
Cum in your Mouth Cocktail
Dirty Apple Cocktail
Don Pedro Cocktail
Fire in the Sky Cocktail
Flying Cow Cocktail
Gumdrop Cocktail
Jamaican Hurricane Cocktail
Janne's Summernight Cocktail
Cum in Your Panties Shot
Kicking Cow Cocktail
Lipstick Cocktail
Louisville Lady Cocktail
Love Bite Cocktail
Lover's Kiss Cocktail
Magnolia Blossom Cocktail
Avalanche Cocktail
Melon Fever Cocktail
Miami Meloni Cocktail
Mutagen Cocktail
Nasty Cocktail
New York Motherfucker Cocktail
Nickel Fever Cocktail
Nutty-Tini Cocktail
Foxy Lady Cocktail
Passion Colada Cocktail
Pudwacker Cocktail
Blue Carnation Cocktail
Hot Port Flip Cocktail
Sweet Toxic Cocktail
Coffee Nut Cream Cocktail
Wakey Wakey Shot
Blueberry Pie Martini Cocktail
Jamaican Tennis Beads Cocktail
Chocolate Cherry Bomb Cocktail
Cupid's Kiss Cocktail
Disaronno and Cream Cocktail
In the Marketplace Cocktail
KC Rum Cocktail
Apple Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate Heart Cocktail
Daddy's Milk Shot
Dirty Momma Cocktail
Imperial House Bracer Cocktail
Javahopper Cocktail
Starry Night Martini Cocktail
Cancun Cocktail
Cherry Cream Rum Cocktail
Choco Buca Cocktail
Chocolate Chicken Cocktail
Chocolate Mountain Cocktail
Java Jam Cocktail
Arctic Orange Cocktail
Chocolate Chimp Cocktail
Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cocktail
Coco Tropico Smoothie Cocktail
Death's Chocolate Design Cocktail
Everglades Special Cocktail
Flying Gorilla Cocktail
Jamaican Hop Cocktail
Liquid Gold Cocktail
Choco-Banana Tini Cocktail
Chocolate City Cocktail
Mama Mia Cocktail
Absolut Zero Cocktail
Banana Moo Cocktail
Chocolate Stick Cocktail
Irish Chocolate Cocktail
Bazooka Joe #4 Shot
Raspberry Beret #2 Cocktail
Chocolate Mint Smooth Cocktail
Chocolate Twist Cocktail
Damn Yankee Shot
Dirty Strawberry Cocktail
Il Magnifico Cocktail
Irish Orgasm Cocktail
Jason Voorhies Cocktail
Morning Junkie Monkey Cocktail
Hair of the Dog Cocktail
Two Lesbians for Flavour Cocktail
Jamie's Dream Cocktail
Remote Control Cocktail
Death Everywhere Cocktail
G-String Cocktail
Kialoa Cocktail
KOJ Cocktail
Pineapple Francine Cocktail
Divine Splice Cocktail
Audrey's Russian Cocktail
Bourbon Cream Cocktail
Green Alexander Cocktail
Green Doodoo Cocktail
Gump Cocktail
Hard On Cocktail
Amaretto Cruise Cocktail
Anal Sex Cocktail
Blastula Cocktail
Club Paradise Cocktail
Hammer and Tongs Cocktail
Henry Morgan's Grog Cocktail
Mexican Cherry Bomb Cocktail
MILF Cocktail
Muddpuddle Cocktail
Pirate Margarita Cocktail
The Squat Cocktail
A Monkey's Rum Martini Cocktail
Blue Ghost Shot
Plastered Possum Cocktail
Quebecer Banana Blow Job Shot
After Dinner Mint #3 Cocktail