Bali Dream Cocktail
Banana Cow Cocktail
Banana Rum Cream Cocktail
Banana Russian Cocktail
Banana Sunrise Cocktail
Banshee Berry Shot
Banshee Cocktail
A Splash of Nash Shot
New Dawn Shot
Banilla Splash Cocktail
Absolut Anti-Freeze #2 Cocktail
Buffalo's Milk Cocktail
Scottie Mac Cocktail
Kick in the Nuts Shot
Appleschlager Shot
Barenana Popsicle Shot
Da Monkey Shot
Dirty Hooker Shot
Maggie's Yellow Skoda Cocktail
Bitch on the Rag Shot
The Big Banana Cocktail
Boomer Shot
Bull Rider Cocktail
San Francisco Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Climax Cocktail
Princess Morgan Cocktail
Tropical Paradise Cocktail
Jei Pi Em Cocktail
Suck My Chocolate Banana Cocktail
Standard Cream Cocktail
Chocolate Banana Cocktail
Texas Rose Cocktail
This-n-That Cocktail
Top Banana Cocktail
Tropical Binalada Cocktail
Yellow Birdie Cocktail
Yellow Strawberry Cocktail
Capri Cocktail
Caramilk Shot
Caribbean Screwdriver Cocktail
Chiquita Shot
Chocolate Covered Banana Cocktail
Climax Cocktail
Gege Cocktail
Coppertone Punch Cocktail
Croc Punch Cocktail
Doucet Devil Shot
Elephant Lips Cocktail
Equity's Darling Cocktail
Alcudla Cocktail
Fat Box Shot
Flaming Asshole Shot
Fruit Lush Cocktail
Funky Monkey Cocktail
Fuzzy Monkey Shot
Hummingbird Cocktail
Gorilla Snot #2 Shot
The Green One Cocktail
Golden Oldie Cocktail
Golden Tang Cocktail
Banana Berry Cocktail
Banana Bird Cocktail
Banana Di Amore Cocktail
Banana Italiano Cocktail
Bananalyzer Cocktail
Banana Sandwich Cocktail
Banana Slip Cocktail
Banana Slushee Cocktail
Rum Runner Cocktail
Jack Voigt Shot
Jamaican Banana Cocktail
La Jolla Cocktail
Ladder Cocktail
Dirty Banana Cocktail
Luxor Boom-Boom Cocktail
Wet Dream Cocktail
Amigo Cocktail
Arago Cocktail
Arrowhead Cocktail
Banana Margarita Cocktail
Banana Nutbread Cocktail
Bazooka Cocktail
Beam Me Up Scotty Cocktail
Brain Blender Cocktail
Mandarin Split Cocktail
Scooby Snack #4 Shot
Midnight Flight to Malibu Cocktail
Mongolian Motherfucker Cocktail
Monk's Martini Cocktail
Monkey In a Tree Cocktail
Monkey Tree Cocktail
Mexican Bliss Cocktail
No Problem Cocktail
June Bug Cocktail
Peregrine's Peril Cocktail
Pink Banana Cocktail
Pink Poontang Shot
Nuts Banane Cocktail
Planter's Punch (Americanised) Cocktail
Pink Fingers Cocktail
Coconut Grove Cocktail
Caribbean Harvest Cocktail
Crater Face Cocktail
Cocobanana Cocktail
Quilt Lifter Cocktail
Simply Exquisite Cocktail
Evergreen Cocktail
Firebird Cocktail
Frosty Amour Cocktail
Haitian Gold Cocktail
Kitten Cuddler Cocktail
Fruit Frappe Cocktail
Kali Fury Cocktail
Randy Andy Cocktail
Rebel Rouser Cocktail
Round-Up Cocktail
Visitor's Treat Cocktail
White Sands Cocktail
Soft Love Cocktail
White Christmas Cocktail
Slippery Surprise Cocktail
Sunbeam Cocktail
Surprise Browst Cocktail
Trouser Rouser Cocktail
Tropicolada Cocktail
Zulu Cocktail
Black Banana Cocktail
After Sex Cocktail
Call a Cab Cocktail
Alien Urine Sample Cocktail
Ruptured Duck Shot
Squish Frog Shot
Gull's Wing Cocktail
Foggy Afternoon Cocktail
Sarah Cocktail
Spymaster Cocktail
Witch of Venice Cocktail
Fruit Rum Frappe Cocktail
King of Kingston Cocktail
Mickey's Fin Cocktail
Reggae Cocktail
Bananarama Cocktail
End of My Rope Cocktail
61 Imperial Cocktail
Five Before Flying Cocktail
Bazooka Bomber Cocktail
BBC Cocktail
Blue Temptation Cocktail
Bookmaker's Luck Cocktail
Brain Pain Killer Cocktail
Bubblegum Sundae Cocktail
Buddha's Banshee Cocktail
Caribbean Champagne Cocktail
Chaise Lounge Cocktail
Coco Loco Cocktail
Coconut Shell Cocktail
Dreamy Monkey Cocktail
Arcadia Cocktail
Fruity Smash Cocktail
Fuzzy Charlie Cocktail
Jamaican 10-Speed Cocktail
Jamaican Twist Cocktail
JD's Private Beach Cocktail
L.A. Sunrise Cocktail
Lebanese Snow Cocktail
Lipstick Cocktail
Aztec Gold Cocktail
Papa Muminek Cocktail
Peregrine's Peril Cocktail
Pineapple Banana Refresher Cocktail
Banana Split Martini Cocktail
The Side Ponytail Cocktail
Purple Slurpee Cocktail
Rainmaker Cocktail
Cherry Bomb Shot
Coma Shot
The Superman Cocktail
Shoes Cocktail