Aragorn Cocktail
Balmoral Cocktail
Bluecheese Martini Cocktail
Dry Brandy Manhattan Cocktail
El Presidente #3 Cocktail
Baron Cocktail
Beadlestone Cocktail
Beal's Cocktail
Beauty Spot Cocktail
Bermuda Highball Cocktail
Betty Paige Cocktail
Paez Cocktail
Bitch-On-Wheels Cocktail
Black Devil Cocktail
Black Feather Cocktail
Addington Cocktail
Archdruid Cocktail
Blue Mouth Cocktail
Black Pagoda Cocktail
Bloodhound Cocktail
Copper Rivet Cocktail
Glasgow Cocktail
Harper's Ferry Cocktail
Bombay Cocktail
Boomerang Cocktail
Dry Martini Cocktail
Pineapple Currant Cocktail
Brandied Madeira Cocktail
Brantini Cocktail
Wiseguy Cocktail
Brazil Cocktail
Fall of Rome Cocktail
The Bronx Ain't So Sweet Cocktail
Bronx Cocktail
Bronx Golden Cocktail
Bronx Silver Cocktail
Bronx Terrace Cocktail
Brown Cocktail
San Francisco #2 Cocktail
San Juan Cooler Cocktail
Scotch Bishop Cocktail
Screaming Viking Cocktail
Serena Cocktail
Shamrock Cocktail
Silver Bronx Cocktail
Silver Cocktail
Prince Elizabeth Martini Cocktail
Assassino Cocktail
Barefoot And Pregnant Cocktail
Grand Slam Cocktail
Grease Lightning Cocktail
Indubitably Cocktail
Kingdom Come Cocktail
Accordion Cocktail
Fairbanks Cocktail
Filby Cocktail
Jack Withers Cocktail
Juniper Blend Cocktail
This Episode is F'd Up Cocktail
Alliance Cocktail
Dewberry Martini Cocktail
Louisville Slugger Cocktail
Bonnie's Black Jack Cocktail
Sloe Gin Cocktail
Sloe Vermouth Cocktail
Blue Lady Cocktail
Sloppy Joe's No. 1 Cocktail
Smiler #2 Cocktail
Snyder Cocktail
Soul Kiss Cocktail
Soviet #2 Cocktail
Soviet Cocktail
Sphinx Cocktail
Stiletto Manhattan Cocktail
Strawberry Martini Cocktail
Tango Cocktail
Tequila Pink Cocktail
Tequilini Cocktail
Tequini Cocktail
Thanksgiving Special Cocktail
Creeping Death Cocktail
To Hell With Swords And Garter Cocktail
Trinity Cocktail
Tropical Cocktail
Turf Cocktail
Tuxedo Cocktail
Dirty Martini Cocktail
Twenty Thousand Leagues Cocktail
Yale Cocktail
Yellow Rattler Cocktail
Cabaret Cocktail
California Dream Cocktail
Emerald Martini Cocktail
Far West Cocktail
Caruso Blanco Cocktail
Caruso Cocktail
Cat's Eye Cocktail
Charmer Cocktail
Claridge Cocktail
Coco's Cocktail
Combo Cocktail
Cooperstown Cocktail
Corkscrew Cocktail
Coronation Cocktail
Country Club Cooler Cocktail
Gingervitas Cocktail
Creole Scream Cocktail
Damn-Your-Eyes Cocktail
Delmonico Cocktail
Delmonico #2 Cocktail
Diplomat Cocktail
Dirty Bloody Martini Cocktail
Dirty Dick's Downfall Cocktail
Dixie Cocktail
Dry Rob Roy Cocktail
Du Barry Cocktail
Duchess Cocktail
East India #2 Cocktail
Emerald Vodka Martini Cocktail
English Rose Cocktail
European Cocktail
Admiral Cocktail
Alfonso Special Cocktail
Almond Cocktail
Aloha Cocktail
Alternatini Cocktail
Amaretto Heartwarmer Cocktail
Fantasio Cocktail
Farmer Giles Cocktail
Farmer's Cocktail
Favorite Cocktail
Fifty-Fifty Cocktail
Fleet Street Cocktail
Fontainebleau Special Cocktail
Four Roses Cocktail
Frankenjack Cocktail
Fruit Pastille Cocktail
Gent Of The Jury Cocktail
Gilroy Cocktail
Girlie Martini Cocktail
Gloom Raiser Cocktail
Golden Bronx Cocktail
Golden Panther Cocktail
Golf Cocktail
Golf Martini Cocktail
Great Caesar's Martini Cocktail
Green Fantasy Cocktail
Green Room Cocktail
Babyface Martini Cocktail
Bamboo Cocktail
Bastardo Cocktail
H.P.W. Cocktail
Haidin-Haidin Cocktail
Hasty Cocktail
Hat Trick #2 Cocktail
Horsley's Honor Cocktail
Hotel Plaza Cocktail
Ideal Cocktail
In and Out Martini Cocktail
James The Second Comes First Cocktail
Johnny Cat Cocktail
Journalist Cocktail
Judgette Cocktail
Kir Martini Cocktail
Kiss in the Dark Cocktail
Knickerbocker Cocktail
Knockout Cocktail
Latin Manhattan Cocktail
Lawhill Cocktail
Loch Lomond Cocktail
Lone Tree Cooler Cocktail
Wallick Cocktail
Warsaw Cocktail
Washington Cocktail
Webster Cocktail
Wembly Cocktail
Western Rose Cocktail
What The Hell Cocktail
Whip Cocktail
Why Not Cocktail
Will Rogers Cocktail
Bronx Martini Cocktail
Martini Cocktail
Martinez Cocktail
Montgomery Cocktail
Albert 2000 Cocktail
Algonquin Bar Punch Cocktail
Apricot Tree Cocktail
Bacardi Martini Cocktail
Bar Bandit Cocktail
Bonny Prince Cocktail
Manhasset Cocktail
Dry Manhattan #2 Cocktail
Dry Manhattan Cocktail
Martini, Patton Cocktail
Mary Garden Cocktail
Maxim Cocktail
Miami Beach #2 Cocktail
Mint Gin Cocktail
Montana Cocktail
Mostly Mal Cocktail
Mountain Cocktail
Maggie May Cocktail
Maragato Special Cocktail
Martian Cherry Cocktail
Marrakech Express Cocktail
Mississippi Magic Cocktail
Morticia Cocktail
Mohican Cocktail
Paisley Martini Cocktail
Palmetto #2 Cocktail
Parisian Cocktail
Peggy Cocktail
Perfect Cocktail
Perfect Manhattan Cocktail
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail
Peter Pan Cocktail
Piccadilly Cocktail
Piper At Arms Cocktail
Plaza Cocktail
Princeton Cocktail
O.D. Cocktail
One Exciting Night Cocktail
Parrot Cocktail
Pompanski Cocktail
Presidente Cocktail
Presidente Seco Cocktail
Orchard Orange Cocktail
Peach Up Cocktail
Perfect Martini Cocktail
Count Blythe Cocktail
Cesar Ritz Cocktail
Chartreuse Cocktail
Devil's Cocktail
Ceasefire Cocktail
Queen Elizabeth Cocktail
Vampire's Kiss Cocktail
Red Ruby Cocktail
Reform Cocktail
Rock and Rye Cocktail
Rolls-Royce Cocktail
Rose Cocktail
French Rose Cocktail
Roselyn Cocktail
Rosita Cocktail
Rum Martini Cocktail
Venezia Cocktail
Vermouth Cassis #2 Cocktail
Vermouth Cassis Cocktail
Vodka Martini Cocktail
Wong Tong Cocktail
Woodward Cocktail
Even Pair Cocktail
Downhill Cocktail
Easy Action Cocktail
Gremlin Fixer Cocktail
Hell Bender Cocktail
Hell Hole Cocktail
Henry's Last Hurrah Cocktail
Indycar Cocktail
Jug Wobbler Cocktail
German Bight Cocktail
Goin' Home Cocktail
Haymaker Cocktail
Hell Frozen Over Cocktail
Jungle Frost Cocktail
Killarney Cocktail
Kiss and Tell Cocktail
Luigi Cocktail
Attaboy Cocktail
Bitter Sweet Cocktail
Western Rose Cocktail
Cuban Manhattan Cocktail
Devil Cocktail
East Indian Cocktail
Eastwind Cocktail
Fallen Leaves Cocktail
Ferrari Cocktail
Gene Tunney Cocktail
Absinthe Martini Cocktail
Income Tax Cocktail
Absinthe Minded Martini Cocktail
Manhattan Perfect Cocktail
Merry Widow #2 Cocktail
Scofflaw Cocktail
Sloppy Joe Cocktail
Stormy Weather Cocktail
Vermouth Cocktail
RAC Cocktail
Satan's Whiskers Cocktail
Spanish Guitar Cocktail
Superman Cocktail
Tailor Made Cocktail
Ten Pin Gin Cocktail
Absolute HB Cocktail
Verdi Cocktail
Witch Hunt Cocktail
Yeoman's Passion Cocktail
Syracuse Special Cocktail
Southern Tango Cocktail
Boulevard Cocktail
Maragato Cocktail
Nick and Nora Martini Cocktail
Paris Cocktail
Affinity Cocktail
Vendome Cocktail
Confidence Builder Cocktail
Algonquin Cocktail
Allegheny Cocktail
Allies Cocktail
Tequila Martini Cocktail
Czarine Cocktail
Gale At Sea Cocktail
Green Mirage Cocktail
La Carre Cocktail
Laughing at the Waves Cocktail
Sarah Cocktail
Geraldine Cocktail
Major Bradbury Cocktail
Poor Tim Cocktail
Quebec Cocktail
Teacher's Pet Cocktail
Agincourt Cocktail
Allied Requirements Cocktail
Balanchine's Belle Cocktail
Belle of Ellis Island Cocktail
Big Red #2 Cocktail
Bittersweet Cocktail
Blonde Jenny Cocktail
Boswellian Booster Cocktail
Boyd of the Loch Cocktail
Bresnan Cocktail
Chelsea Cocktail
Cuyahoga Cocktail
Dancin' Bones Cocktail
Dry Negroni Cocktail
Farthingale Cocktail
Gadzooks Cocktail
Gladys Delight Cocktail
Go for Broke Cocktail
Graceland Cocktail
Head for the Hills Cocktail
Hilgert Cocktail
Jeff Tracy Cocktail
Kaytee Cocktail
Lady Evelyn Cocktail
Lady Madonna Cocktail
Leo the Lion Cocktail
Lying with the Tigress Cocktail
Magique Cocktail
Maureen's Dream Cocktail
Mayflower Cocktail
Mayor Billy Cocktail
Mercenary Cocktail
Moi Cocktail
Pammy Kay Cocktail
Piggot's Preference Cocktail
Same Old Song Cocktail
Tannersworth Cocktail
Thanksgiving #2 Cocktail
Triplet Cocktail
True Trixie Cocktail
Vermouth Cassis Tall Cocktail
Warrior Cocktail
Westerman Sings the Blues Cocktail
Wilfred's Weather Cocktail
Roger Swims a Mile Cocktail
American Beauty Cocktail
Green Goddess Cocktail
Madeira M'Dear Cocktail
Anesthetic Cocktail
Apple Pie Martini Cocktail
Beachcomber's Gold Cocktail
Black Dog Cocktail
Irish Blackthorn Cocktail
Blended Comfort Cocktail
Antoine Special Cocktail
Aperol '86 Cocktail
Boardwalk Cocktail
Boomerang Martini Cocktail
Bourbonella Cocktail
Buckeye Martini Cocktail
Byrrh Cocktail
Canadian and Campari Cocktail
Christina Cocktail
Christmas Martini Cocktail
Chrysanthemum Cocktail
Church Lady Martini Cocktail
Coffee Lover's Martini Cocktail
Cool Yule Martini Cocktail
Cuban Martini Cocktail
Curled Satan's Whiskers Cocktail
Danish Martini Cocktail
Darb Cocktail
Deep Sea Cocktail
Deep Sea Martini Cocktail
Desert Martini Cocktail
Desperate Martini Cocktail
Dirty Vodka Martini Cocktail
Douglas Martini Cocktail
Dusty Martini Cocktail
Emerald Cocktail
Fare Thee Well Cocktail
Fare Thee Well Martini Cocktail
Frozen Martini Cocktail
Gumdrop Martini Cocktail
Haiku Cocktail
Heat of the Heart Cocktail
Hep Cat Cocktail
Hoffman House Martini Cocktail
Hollywood Martini Cocktail
Hoosier Cocktail
Hot and Dirty Martini Cocktail
Irish Martini Cocktail
Island Martini Cocktail
James Bond Martini #2 Cocktail
Astoria Cocktail
Indispensable Martini Cocktail
Kyoto Cocktail
Leaning Tower Cocktail
Le Margarita des Artistes Cocktail
Lemon Twist Cocktail
Low Tide Martini Cocktail
Maritime Martini Cocktail
Martini Milano Cocktail
Martini Navratilova Cocktail
Martunia Cocktail
Maurice Cocktail
Midnight Martini Cocktail
Axelrod's Sweet Concoction Cocktail
Moll Flanders Cocktail
Morning Cocktail
Mumbai Bombshell Cocktail
New Orleans Martini Cocktail
Nineteenth Hole Cocktail
Oakland Cocktail
Octopus's Garden Cocktail
Pall Mall Cocktail
Pall Mall Martini Cocktail
Peppertini Cocktail
Comfort Manhattan Cocktail
Provencal Cocktail
Raspberry Blush Cocktail
Paultini Cocktail
HPW Cocktail
Racquet Club Cocktail
Charybdis Cocktail
Queens Cocktail
Davis Cocktail
B.V.D. Cocktail
Bitter Bikini Cocktail
El Presidente Edwardo Cocktail
Jack Gin Cocktail
King James II Cocktail
Perfect Brandy Manhattan Cocktail
Plaza Martini Cocktail
Pretty Martini Cocktail
Bitter End Cocktail
Black Zaffa Cocktail
Circular Incision Cocktail
King of Noble Cocktail
Last Round Cocktail
Pompano Cocktail
Liquid Cinnamon Shot
Calgary Flames Martini Cocktail
James Bond Sprite Cocktail
Annabele Special Cocktail
Blue Denim Cocktail
Charging Rhino Cocktail
Dead Lawyer Cocktail
Havana Club Cocktail
Moontini Cocktail
Velvetized Martini Cocktail
Tamarindotini Cocktail
Secret Soviet Cocktail
Bad Mother Fucker Cocktail
Dry Chocolate Cocktail
Caribbean Blues Cocktail