Angel's Kiss #2 Cocktail
Caramel "J" Cocktail
Horny Kermit Shot
Ice Shot
Manhattan for Rome Cocktail
B-2 Cocktail
Dali Lama Cocktail
Slippery Virgin Cocktail
Lime Chiver Cocktail
Milky Way #2 Shot
Monk's Nuts Shot
Chocolate Cake Martini Cocktail
No Fucking Idea Cocktail
Nutty Nipple Cocktail
Black Haze Shot
Black Rose Shot
Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot
Ichabod Crane Cocktail
Abbie's French Kiss Shot
Almond Joy #3 Cocktail
Carrot Cake #3 Shot
Crispy Crunch Shot
Chocolate Cake Shot
Deez Nutz Cocktail
Hazy Skyy Cocktail
Jim Carrey Cocktail
Kentucky Gentleman Top Hat Cocktail
Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb Shot
Hitler's Chocolate Cake Shot
Nuck'n Futs Cocktail
Nutty Russian Cocktail
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Opaque Bloom Cocktail
Orient Express Cocktail
Pancake Shot
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cocktail
Peanut Butter Cup #2 Cocktail
B's Creamy Gift Cocktail
Angel Dust Shot
Carmel Apple Spritzer Cocktail
Citron Cheese Cake Cocktail
Heberts Alexander Cocktail
Irish Quaalude Cocktail
Nutty Irishwoman Shot
Palamino Cocktail
German Chocolate Shot
Cafe Martini Cocktail
Buttery Nutt Shot
Banana Nut Bread Cocktail
Zagnut Shot
Chocolate Bulldog Shot
Sandbar Sleeper Shot
Satin Angel Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Climax Cocktail
Sit On My Face Mary Jane Shot
Sit On My Face Shot
Chocolate Almond Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate Confusion Cocktail
Chocolate Snowball Cocktail
Dog Bowl Shot
Nutty Buddy Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Penguin Martini Cocktail
Ali Shooter Shot
Bergenline Cocktail
Boinkin' Shannon Shot
Broadside Cocktail
The Christie Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #3 Cocktail
Smooth Operator Cocktail
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
Toblerone Cocktail
Toblerone #2 Cocktail
Tootsie Roll Shot
Tuaca Nutter Cocktail
Candy Bar Cocktail
Chocolate Cake #2 Shot
Chocolate Monk Shot
Coffee Crisp Shot
German Chocolate Cake Cocktail
Creamy Crispy Crunch Cocktail
Crispy Crunch #2 Shot
Dephaekt Cocktail
Hazelnut Martini Cocktail
End of the Road Cocktail
Abbot's Dream Cocktail
Jimtini Cocktail
Alaskan Polar Bear Cocktail
Field of Hearts Cocktail
Frangelico Float Cocktail
Friar Tuck Cocktail
El Salvador Cocktail
Ginelico Cocktail
Gingersnap Cocktail
Gail's Summer Storm Cocktail
Hot Nun Cocktail
Hunter Mountain Cocktail
Irish Monk Shot
Irish Monk Cocktail
Italian Stallion Shot
Jamaican Qualude Cocktail
Lara's Russian Qualude Cocktail
Lava Lamp Shot
Letitia's Penisbutter Cup Cocktail
Liquid Rocher Cocktail
Liquid Snickers Cocktail
Banana Nutbread Cocktail
Big Toe Cocktail
Bonaparte Velvet Cocktail
Brazilian Monk Cocktail
Butter Pecan Cocktail
M&M Shot
Monk on Coke Cocktail
Monk's Butt Cocktail
Nuts 'n Holly Shot
Nutty Belgian Cocktail
Nutty Ginger Cocktail
Nutty Russian #2 Cocktail
Nuts 'n Berries Shot
Occhi Blu Cocktail
Paisano Cocktail
Pine-Sol Shot
Nuts Banane Cocktail
Nut Crusher Cocktail
Plenty O'Toole Cocktail
Chop Nut Cocktail
Royal Bitch Shot
Nutty Bitch Cocktail
Russian Qualude Cocktail
Panty Burner Shot
Simply Exquisite Cocktail
Snicker Cocktail
Slippery Panties Cocktail
Nutty Irishman Cocktail
Nutty Irishman Shot
Vixen Cocktail
Cinnamon Nuts and Cream Cocktail
Red Nuts Shot
Tumbleweed Cocktail
Nuts and Cream Cocktail
Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot
Nutty Jamaican Shot
Impatient Virgin Cocktail
Slippery Nutcracker Cocktail
Nutcracker Cocktail
Fluffy F Cocktail
Nutcracker #2 Cocktail
Nuts and Berries Cocktail
Hollywood Nuts Cocktail
Chocolate Squirrel Cocktail
Hot Nuts Cocktail
Friesian Cocktail
White Flag Shot
Roadster Cocktail
Strawberry Fetish Cocktail
D.R.F.O. Cocktail
Winston Martini Cocktail
Nutty Angel Cocktail
Hot and Spicy Dirty Angel Shot
Screaming Orgasm #3 Cocktail
Alley Shooter Shot
Friar's Luck Cocktail
Nutty Italian Cocktail
End of My Rope Cocktail
Friar Tuck #2 Cocktail
American Dream Shot
Monk's Rope Coffee Cocktail
Anatole Coffee Cocktail
Better Than Sex Cocktail
Buddy Rich Cocktail
Celeste Sunrise Cocktail
Celtic Twilight Cocktail
Coffee Lover's Martini Cocktail
Comfortable Brother Cocktail
Connolly's Irish Connection Cocktail
Fire in the Sky Cocktail
Frangelico and Chocolate Cocktail
French Fry Cocktail
Happy Camper Cocktail
Heavenly Orgasm Cocktail
Honey Nuts Cocktail
Hot Anal Sex Cocktail
Monk Cocktail
Closure Cocktail
Nazi Qualik Cocktail
Nut Case Cocktail
Nutty Martini Cocktail
Nutty-Tini Cocktail
B-51 Shot
Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail
Peppermint Cream Cocktail
Butterscotch Ice Cream Cocktail
Raspberry Fancy Cocktail
Blarney Shot
Coffee Nut Cream Cocktail
Wedding Cake Shot
Pineapple Upside Cake Shot
Nutney Cocktail
Chocolate Heart Cocktail
Comfortable Nut Cocktail
Creme De Cachaca Cocktail
Daddy's Milk Shot
Absolut Quaalude Shot
Little Red Corvette Cocktail
Candy Orange Shot
Russian Quaylude Cocktail
Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail
Absolut Nut Shot
Banana Nut Cocktail
G-Boy Cocktail
Kodiak Sled Dog Cocktail
Nutdriver Cocktail
Orville's-Gasm Cocktail
BaWanna Tom Cocktail
Chocolate Espresso Cocktail
Crazy Caribbean Gentleman Cocktail
DC3 Shot
Caramel Martini #2 Cocktail
Sweet Home Chicago Cocktail
MILF Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Chip Shot
Nutz in a Blender Cocktail
J Face Shot
Junior Mints Shot
Honkie Shot
Pasquale's Rico Suave Cocktail
White Ukrainian Cocktail
After Dinner Mint #3 Cocktail