Italian Bulldog Cocktail
Baywatch Cocktail
The Liquerice Dream Shot
Big Red Hooter #2 Cocktail
Flaming Lamborghini #2 Cocktail
Galliano Milkshake Cocktail
Maggie's Yellow Skoda Cocktail
Old Rootbeer Float Cocktail
Pan-Galactic Garble Blaster #4 Cocktail
Black Army Shot
Blue Knickers Cocktail
Hermes Cocktail
Italian Cadillac Cocktail
Maverick Cocktail
Lucifers Tears Cocktail
Buttafuoco Cocktail
Second Night Stand Cocktail
Sailor Venus Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Orgasm Cocktail
Headlights Cocktail
Raferno Shot
Banana Slide Cocktail
Ignes Fatui Cocktail
Numbnut Cocktail
Atlantic Breeze Cocktail
Chantelle Cocktail
Bartender's Rootbeer Cocktail
Chanel #5 Cocktail
Phantasm Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #3 Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #4 Cocktail
Somebird Cocktail
Southern Chase Shot
Stevie Wonder Shot
Taste of Winter Cocktail
Topaz Cocktail
Traffic Light Shot
Tubboocki Shot
Tweetie Bird Cocktail
Yellow Bird Cocktail
Yuppidoo Cocktail
Urine Sample #2 Shot
Urine Sample Shot
Carabinieri Cocktail
Communicator Cocktail
Dirty Orgasm Cocktail
Alcudla Cocktail
The Feckin Bolox Shot
Field of Hearts Cocktail
Flaming Lemon Drop Shot
Flying Tiger Cocktail
Freddy Fudpucker Cocktail
Gagliardo Cocktail
Galliano Island Iced Tea Cocktail
GG Cocktail
Merete Cocktail
Golden Cadillac #2 Cocktail
Golden Cadillac Cocktail
Golden Dream Cocktail
Banana Italiano Cocktail
Harvey Cowpuncher Cocktail
Ice Palace Cocktail
Italian Heather Cocktail
Italian Screw Cocktail
Italian Stinger Cocktail
Italian Sunrise #2 Cocktail
Jogeir Shot
K.G.B. Shot
Lemon Shot
Lucky Stud Shot
Wedding Anniversary Cocktail
Barnaby's Buffalo Blizzard Cocktail
Man Overboard Cocktail
Moon River Cocktail
Mandarin Cocktail
Mexican Bliss Cocktail
Moira Cocktail
Martian Sex Monster Cocktail
Odwits Cocktail
Olympia-Flip Cocktail
Pink Drink Cocktail
Psycho Cocktail
Camp Lawless Cocktail
Cavalier Cocktail
Connoisseur's Treat Cocktail
Ramcooler Cocktail
Root Beer Float Cocktail
Root Beer Cocktail
Virulent Death Shot
Woody Woodpecker Cocktail
Golden Sunset Cocktail
Highland Cream Cocktail
Galliano Toddy Cocktail
Gemini Cocktail
Gold Mine Cocktail
Golden Russian Cocktail
Kiss and Tell Cocktail
Lost Bikini Cocktail
Galliano Daiquiri Cocktail
Flying Kangaroo Cocktail
Golden Colada Cocktail
Goldie Cocktail
Russian Cadillac Cocktail
Yellow Bird #2 Cocktail
Yellow Boxer Cocktail
Yellow Fever Cocktail
Ridley Cocktail
Slick Rick Cocktail
Strawberry Patch Cocktail
Sun City Cocktail
Yellow Fingers Cocktail
Strawberry Cascade Cocktail
Regatta Cocktail
Adam's Apple Cocktail
International Stinger Cocktail
Lust for Life Cocktail
Sweet Temptation Cocktail
Root Beer Float #2 Cocktail
Susan Littler Cocktail
Scottie Was Beamed Up Cocktail
Zultry Zoe Cocktail
Frightleberry Murzenquest Cocktail
Gale At Sea Cocktail
Green Mirage Cocktail
Her Name In Lights Cocktail
Mazrick Cocktail
Pousse Cafe Standish Cocktail
Hillary Wallbanger Cocktail
Bedroom Farce Cocktail
Good Golly Cocktail
Hot Zultry Zoe Cocktail
Apollo 13 Cocktail
Bossa Nova Cocktail
Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall Cocktail
Deceiver Cocktail
Arcadia Cocktail
Fraser Cocktail
Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall Cocktail
Liquid Lite Cocktail
Mellow Yellow Cocktail
Milano Cocktail
Aztec Gold Cocktail
Nickel Fever Cocktail
Passionate Strap Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Sally Fudpucker Cocktail
Christmas in a Glass Cocktail
Jack Smasher Cocktail
Yellow Peril Cocktail
Harvey Wall Climber Cocktail
Raleigh Autumn Cocktail
Smooth as Silk Cocktail
MOO-salini Cocktail
Cola Kubes Cocktail
Comfortable Screw Against a Fuzzy Wall Cocktail
Liquid Gold Cocktail
Italian Passion Cocktail
Lamborghini Cocktail
Paua Shell Shot
Banana Tree Cocktail
Feeler Cocktail
Remote Control Cocktail
Back Burner Cocktail
Little Bigman Cocktail
Puerto Rican Sky Rocket Cocktail
Roman Riot Cocktail
Hose Wallbanger Cocktail
Potent Possum Cocktail
Goldberg Cocktail
El Condor Pasa Cocktail
The Drunk Smurf Cocktail
Mango Marimba Cocktail
Gallietto Cocktail
Plastered Possum Cocktail
Cappy's Grog Cocktail