Acapulco Dream Cream Cocktail
Mexican Wife Beater Cocktail
Flatliner #2 Shot
Black Leather Whip Shot
Ginger Bite Cocktail
Kinky Slinky Cocktail
Perfect Margarita #2 Cocktail
Big Unit Shot
Black and Blue Shark Shot
Agave Suave Cocktail
Double Mudd Cocktail
Fucked Up Lemonade Cocktail
Green Glow Cocktail
Mexican Water Shot
Creamsicle Margarita Cocktail
Santa Maria Cocktail
Fuzzy Mother Shot
Blood Test Shot
Dirty Bird Shot
Gulf of Mexico #2 Cocktail
Mexican Nazi Shot
Disgruntled Elf Cocktail
Bunny Fucker Cocktail
Creaper Cocktail
Hangover Cure Cocktail
Jalisco's Formula Shot
Mexican Fuck Cocktail
Purple Breeze Cocktail
Special Tequini Cocktail
Tequila and Tonic Cocktail
Tijuana Taxi Cocktail
Traffic Light Cooler Cocktail
Drum Cocktail
Strawberry Mango Margarita #2 Cocktail
Executive Sunrise Cocktail
Flatliner Shot
Gold Record Cocktail
Greek Sex On The Beach Cocktail
Gold Margarita Cocktail
Margarita #3 Cocktail
La Bomba Cocktail
Juanita's Gold Delight Cocktail
Margarita's Golden Delight Cocktail
Acapulcoco Cocktail
Arthur's Day Dream Cocktail
Aztec Cocktail
Aztec Surfboard Cocktail
Banana Margarita Cocktail
Bar Bandit Cocktail
Mexican Killer Shot
Mexican Madras Cocktail
Extended Jail Sentence Shot
Mexican Strawberry Cocktail
Mexican Chocolate Cocktail
Monkey Tree Cocktail
Mexican Bliss Cocktail
No Regrets Shot
Olive in an Olive Cocktail
Pepper Eater Cocktail
Purple Cactus Cocktail
Cherry Tuesday Cocktail
Cavalier Cocktail
Corcovado Cocktail
Hotel California Cocktail
Haitian Gold Cocktail
Fruits of the Desert Cocktail
Juliet Cocktail
Last Chance Cocktail
Las Vegas Cocktail
Ridley Cocktail
Tequila Exotica Cocktail
Tequila Shot
Tree House Cocktail
Strawberry Bandit Cocktail
Broken Nose Cocktail
Arizona Twister Cocktail
Mexican Iced Tea Cocktail
Aztec Gold Cocktail
Purple Pussycat Juice Cocktail
Hot Latina Cocktail
Hug the Toilet Cocktail
Java's Jerseys Shot
Christi's Corpse Cocktail
Hunting Party Shot
Talon Cocktail
Rattler Cocktail
Christmas In Mexico Cocktail
El Borak Cocktail
Kickin' Chicken #2 Shot
Monkey Fart Shot
Montana Prairie Fire Shot
Avada Kedavra Shot
Beatle Juice Cocktail
KahBula Shot
The Mexican Pineapple Cocktail
Mule Kick Shot
Neato Bandito Cocktail
Puerto Rican Sky Rocket Cocktail
All Killer with No Filler Cocktail
Body Maid Cocktail
Flying Flamingo Cocktail
Paco Mix Cocktail
Punch in the Stomach Cocktail
Black Cherry Margarita Cocktail
Blue Long Island Cocktail
Have Fun with Your Dildo Cocktail
Moose Hummer Shot
Orange Swamp Cocktail
T-Bone's Ultimate Bloody Mary Cocktail
Dirty Knees Cocktail
High Octane Accelerator Cocktail