Chocolate Candy Cocktail
Creamsicle #7 Cocktail
Jelly Donut Cocktail
Banana Cream Pie Shot
B-2 Cocktail
Banana Russian Cocktail
Easter Egg Cocktail
Fat Lighter Cocktail
Frosted Coke Cocktail
Girl From Mars Cocktail
Creamy Pflueger Cocktail
Key Lime Martini #3 Cocktail
Creamy Anyie Shot
Deep Pleasure Cocktail
Banana Split #4 Cocktail
BC Snowball Cocktail
Black and Blue Who Who Shot
California Stripper Cocktail
Chocolate Heaven Martini for Two Cocktail
Colorado Bulldog #2 Cocktail
Cum Shot #3 Shot
Death by Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Fuzzy Pucker Cocktail
Key Lime Pie Martini Cocktail
Kahlua Cookie Cocktail
Ladybird Cocktail
Miscegenation Cocktail
Multiple Orgasm #2 Cocktail
Orange Dream Cocktail
Peanut Butter Cup #2 Cocktail
Black Cow #2 Cocktail
Black Death Shot
Banana Split Cocktail
Muddy River Cocktail
Bourbon Milk Punch Cocktail
Brandy Alexander Cocktail
Pink Pinicillin Shot
Breast Milk Shot
Bull Rider Cocktail
Bushwacker #3 Cocktail
Butcherblock Cocktail
Buttered Toffee Cocktail
The Vanilla Kiss Shot
Chocolate Bulldog Shot
Slime Cocktail
Silver Fizz Cocktail
Key Lime Mapletini Cocktail
Baby Beer Shot
Creamy Pina Colada Cocktail
Suck My Chocolate Banana Cocktail
Dreamsicle #6 Cocktail
Slippery Dick Cocktail
Snow Snake Cocktail
Spunky Monkey Cocktail
Standard Cream Cocktail
Strawberries And Cream Cocktail
Tattooed Love Goddess Cocktail
Yuppidoo Cocktail
Candy Cane Cocktail
Caucasian Cocktail
Cocaine #2 Shot
Conga Line Cocktail
German Chocolate Cake Cocktail
Godiva Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Creamy Snatch Cocktail
Daydream Shot
Dirty Moma Cocktail
Double Intention Cocktail
Dreamsicle #2 Cocktail
Orange Bomb Cocktail
Banana Italiano Cocktail
Hot and Creamy Cocktail
Irish Cream #2 Cocktail
Irish Cream #3 Cocktail
Irish Cream Liqueur Cocktail
Jamaican Bum Cocktail
Jamaican Ten Speed Cocktail
Black Cherry Cocktail
Key Lime Shot
Kris Kringle Shot
La Cafe Cocktail
Mike's Chocolate Pudding Cocktail
Mistletoe Cocktail
Monkey La La Cocktail
Mutual Orgasm Cocktail
Naked Shake Cocktail
Panty Dropper Cocktail
Pensacola Bushwacker Cocktail
Cowboy Killer Cocktail
Rebel Russian Cocktail
Vodka Fizz Cocktail
Cement Mixer #2 Shot
Bitches from Hell Shot
Creamy Nuts Shot
Dreamsicle #5 Cocktail
Midori Alexander Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm #3 Cocktail
Sweet Dream Cocktail
Nutty Italian Cocktail
British Bulldog Cocktail
Lizbuth Cocktail
Anchors Aweigh Cocktail
Orangutan Cocktail
Angel's Tit Cocktail
Blue Angel Cocktail
Bourbon Satin Cocktail
Buddha's Banshee Cocktail
Buddy Rich Cocktail
Cafe Romano Cocktail
Apple Colada Cocktail
Cherry Repair Kit Cocktail
Coconut Climber Cocktail
Coke Sucker Cocktail
Coffee Egg Nog Cocktail
Czarina #2 Cocktail
Embryo Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #3 Cocktail
Key Lime Martini Cocktail
Kinky Russian Cocktail
Closure Cocktail
Bad Headgasket Cocktail
Neopolitan Dream Cocktail
Burnt Toasted Almond Cocktail
Hot Lava Cocktail
Muddy Rose Cocktail
Push-up Cocktail
Beautiful Lady Cocktail
Jamaican Creamsicle Cocktail
MOO-salini Cocktail
Pitbull On Crack Cocktail
Sex on the Clock Shot
Ragtime Cocktail
Afrikaaner Cocktail
Coffee Kiss Shot
Princess Alexandra Cocktail
Destroyer Cocktail
Key West Key Lime Pie Martini Cocktail
Blue Milk Cocktail
Riley's Rosarita Cocktail
Beach Bum Bob Cocktail
Big Apple Cinnatini Cocktail
Leadville Hot Chocolate Cocktail