Barber Chair Shot
Dirty Sanchez Shot
Fedberg's Woodstock Cocktail
Hpnotiq Margarita Cocktail
Hurricane Sunrise Cocktail
Three Wise Men and Their Bastard Cousin Shot
Death Row Shot
Bartender's Margarita Cocktail
Mexican Titty Shot
Marcelita Cocktail
Jim the Destroyer Shot
Loch Ness Demon Shot
Beergarita Cocktail
Three Wise Men on a Cold Mexican Night Shot
Bloody Urine Cocktail
Burnt Mexican Shot
Cancun Rum Runner Cocktail
Dirty Sanchez #2 Shot
Flavor Five Shot
Four Horsemen Piledriver Shot
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cocktail
Hairless Chiahuahua Cocktail
Hayley's Comet Cocktail
Jim the Ripper Shot
Hyper Beam Shot
Long River Tea Cocktail
Marzo Madness Cocktail
Mexican Motherfucker Shot
Bangkok Bomb Cocktail
Phoenix Cocktail
Pink Mikey Cocktail
Bloody Chicken Shot
Ewa Beach Ice Tea Cocktail
Gold Dust Cocktail
Mexican Pebble Shot
Pink Crystal Cocktail
Pink Pussy Cocktail
Sublime Shot
Tequila Head Slam Shot
Klingon Blood Wine Cocktail
Sangrita Shot
Caribbean Volcano Shot
Jose Green Slush Cocktail
K-Hole Shot
Jell-O Margarita Cocktail
Deathproof Cocktail
Thorny Mexican Shot
YIP! Cocktail
Caribbean Ice Tea Cocktail
Che Guevara Shot
Flying Squirrel Cocktail
Cranberry Margarita Cocktail
Double Gold Shot
Duke's Nightmare Shot
Italian Margarita Cocktail
Ethnic Sugar Cocktail
Fatkid On The Rocks Cocktail
Flaming Anus Cocktail
Flat Tire Shot
Four Horsemen #2 Shot
Four Horsemen Shot
Lake George Iced Tea Cocktail
Funky Chicken Shot
Gayley Avenue Margarita Cocktail
Panama Red Cocktail
Mexican Iceberg Cocktail
Gold Driver Cocktail
Granny Apple Blossom Cocktail
Navy Seal Cocktail
Hot Jose Shot
Indigo Blues Cocktail
Rearbuster Cocktail
The Jack Hammer Shot
Jose Flame-O Shot
Just Shoot Me Shot
Kick Me in the Jimmy Shot
Westwood Ice Tea Cocktail
Mexican Sexy Lemonade Cocktail
Mexican Mouthwash Cocktail
Mexican Stand-Off Shot
Mexican Three Wise Men Shot
Mexican Prairie Fire Shot
Mountain Sunrise Cocktail
The Nick Cocktail
Four Fine Friends Shot
Pick Me Up Jose Shot
Pit Bull On Crack #2 Shot
Pit Bull On Crack Shot
Pina Rita Cocktail
Presticles Spectacles Wallet and Watch Cocktail
Prickly Pear Shot
Purple Mexican Shot
Roadkill Cocktail
Rooster Tail Shot
Body Slammer Shot
Bahia Breeze Cocktail
Dakota Shot
5 Best Friends Shot
ApriJose Nectar Cocktail
Are You Tough Enough? Cocktail
Battery Acid Shot
Bo's Space Roo Cocktail
Dr. Red Cocktail
Hate Cocktail
Jose and Ginger Cocktail
Lucifer's Lane Shot
Midwest Stop Light Shot
Orange Rita Cocktail
Squirting Orgasm Shot
Suck Bang and Blow Cocktail
Tabletop Iron Man Shot
Tropical Suicide Cocktail
Texas Pink Cloud Cocktail
Captain's Mast Cocktail
Arizona Aztec Cocktail
Bloody Matador Cocktail
Blue Lagoon Margarita Cocktail
Brain Pain Killer Cocktail
Cabo Wabo Cocktail
Brain Freeze Cocktail
William Wallace Shot
Matador Cocktail
Monkey Madness Cocktail
Nick at Night Cocktail
Freddy Kreuger Shot
Sally Fudpucker Cocktail
4 Godfathers Cocktail
Caputo Special Cocktail
Bear Dozer Shot
Bob'arita Cocktail
Cuban Sunset Cocktail
Mack 10 Shot
Mexican Mountain Cocktail
Mexican Trailer Park Cocktail