Black Allocation Shot
Black Death Cocktail
Black Forest Cake Cocktail
Cappucini Cocktail
Chocolate Pirate Cocktail
Didaccino Cocktail
Dirty Grandmother Cocktail
Dirty Sanchez Shot
Double Fudge Martini #2 Cocktail
Black and White Shot
Flaming Duck Quiff Cocktail
Gil's Revenge Cocktail
Intimate Encounter Cocktail
Flaming Bloody Rectum Shot
Bloody Rectum Shot
Banana Cream Pie #2 Shot
Hershey Highway Cocktail
Arielle's Fuck 'n Run Cocktail
B-2 Cocktail
Black Santa Cocktail
Butterfinger #2 Cocktail
Calm Monkey Cocktail
Chocolate Boobie Cocktail
Chocolate Coke Cocktail
Bananas and Cream Shot
Banana Split #2 Shot
Deep Dark Love Cocktail
Diarrhea Bomb Cocktail
Bullfrog #3 Cocktail
Chocolate Shot
Frosted Coke Cocktail
Cabo Beach Party Cocktail
Italian Bulldog Cocktail
Napoleon's Mexican Winter Cocktail
Knockout Shot
Creamy Anyie Shot
Lindsey's Night Cap Cocktail
Bartender's Wet Dream Shot
Mariachi Cocktail
Maya Kiss Shot
Deep Pleasure Cocktail
Milli Vanilli Cocktail
Nasty Mexican Shot
Nicky's Sweet Tooth Cocktail
Ball Bag Cocktail
Nuttier Russian Shot
Greenbrier Creek Cocktail
Johnny Puke Cocktail
A Curious Feeling Cocktail
Black Russian #4 Cocktail
Buffalo's Milk Cocktail
Burberry Bulldog Cocktail
Buttsniffer Shot
Colorado Motherfucker #2 Shot
Antwoine Shot
Espresso Martini #2 Cocktail
6-Shooter Shot
Alco Choco Milkshake Cocktail
Andy's Ivory Cocktail
August Moon Cocktail
Banana Split #4 Cocktail
Bone #2 Shot
Brandy Mexi Cocktail
Butterscotch Mudslide Shake Cocktail
Canadian Hangover Cocktail
Chocolate Russian Cocktail
Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail
Cioccolatino Shot
Cocaracha Shot
Colorado Bulldog #2 Cocktail
Cotton Club Cocktail
Da Monkey Shot
Dark Horse Cocktail
Deep Throat Shot
Dirty Mother #2 Cocktail
Dirty Pat-Trick Cocktail
Slippery Nipple #3 Shot
Cucaracha Cocktail
Drunken Stupor Cocktail
Flaming JT Bomber Shot
Flaming Pumpkin Shot
Frothy Snowman Cocktail
Bee Bite Shot
Good Action Cocktail
Great Artius Cocktail
Hot Lesbian Cocktail
Island Trader Cocktail
Jack Shit Cocktail
Jedi Mind Trick #2 Shot
Kathy's Concoction Cocktail
Kahlua Cookie Cocktail
Leg Spreader #3 Cocktail
Mar's Mind Eraser Shot
Maria on the Beach Cocktail
Mexican Motherfucker Shot
Mind Fuck Shot
Miscegenation Cocktail
B-52 Flame Shot
Bangkok Bomb Cocktail
Muddy Madagascar Cocktail
Mulatto Cocktail
Multiple Orgasm #2 Cocktail
N'awlins Mudslide Cocktail
Nichols' Flaming Cocktail
Nuttylua Shot
Oatmeal Cookie #2 Shot
Ohio Bulldog Cocktail
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Orgasm Shot
P & P Cocktail
Pacific Wet Dream Cocktail
Brown Elephant #2 Cocktail
Buttery Russian Cocktail
Neopolitan Shot
Saskatchewan Paralyzer Cocktail
Big Bull Cocktail
Pecan Coffee Shot
Pink Mocha Martini Cocktail
Tony Roma's Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Bit of Russian Honey Cocktail
Black and White Cocktail
Black Cow #2 Cocktail
Black Death Shot
Black Dragon Shot
Black Irish Cocktail
Banana Split Cocktail
Blackforest Shot
Apache Cocktail
Bill Clinton Zipper Dropper Cocktail
Black Yak Shot
Black Russian #2 Cocktail
Black Russian #3 Cocktail
Black River Cocktail
Black Tartan Cocktail
Black Unicorn Shot
Black Watch Cocktail
Blackjack Cocktail
Blind Russian Cocktail
Chocotini Cocktail
Five-Dollar Margaret Cocktail
Gainer Cocktail
Hawaiian Eye Cocktail
High Jamaican Wind Cocktail
Italian Cadillac Cocktail
Kahlua Frost Cocktail
Mad Russian Cocktail
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Mint Cocoa Mocha Cocktail
Mud Pie Shot
Rabid Pitbull Shot
Delhis Devils Cocktail
Brain Destroyer Shot
Brain Eraser Shot
Brain Eraser Cocktail
Chunky Monkey Cocktail
Quicksand Cocktail
Cafe Martini Cocktail
The Jory Krieger Cocktail
Brown Cow From Hell Cocktail
Brown Cow Cocktail
Brown Eye Opener Cocktail
Bruce's Puce Shot
Bumble Bee Shot
Bushwacker Cocktail
Bushwacker #2 Cocktail
Bushwacker #3 Cocktail
Butcherblock Cocktail
Buttered Toffee Cocktail
Afterparty Dregs Cocktail
Flying Saucer Cocktail
Rusty Sheriffs Badge Shot
The Vanilla Kiss Shot
Chocolate Bulldog Shot
Moosemilk Cocktail
Sandbar Sleeper Shot
Schwimmer Shot
Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Screwdriver With Color Cocktail
Sensei on the Rocks Cocktail
Separator Cocktail
Sexual Chocolate Cocktail
Shamrock #2 Cocktail
Shit On Grass Shot
Silver Cloud Cocktail
Simple Charm Cocktail
Sinfonian Shot
Sit On My Face Shot
Skid Marks Shot
Skier's Toddy Cocktail
Banana Creame Cocktail
Bruno's Cinnamon Blast Cocktail
Good Morning Jamaica Cocktail
Hard Dick Cocktail
Original Irish Carbomb 1979 Shot
Ratty Ol'Deer Head Cocktail
Rhode Island Ice Coffee Cocktail
A-Bomb Cocktail
Davis Dream Cocktail
Decadance Cocktail
Dirty Russian Cocktail
El Blanco Gato Chocolate Shot
Exstatic Orgasm Cocktail
Gentle Bull Cocktail
Kahlua Peppermint Pattie Cocktail
Love Assounta Cocktail
Chocolate Chequita Cocktail
Chocolate Thunder Cocktail
White German Cocktail
Azteca Cocktail
Back In Black Cocktail
Chocolate Lesbian Shot
D Devils Cocktail
Half of Everything We Gots Shot
Hell's Eye Shot
Ixtapa Cocktail
Kahlua Egg Cream Cocktail
Love Daisy Cocktail
Mid Air Collision Shot
Picador Cocktail
Upsidedown Pick-me-up Cocktail
Hot Screaming G-Spot Orgasm Cocktail
B-69 Cocktail
Bartender's Rootbeer Cocktail
Dragoon Cocktail
Drunken Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Frozen Sex Cocktail
Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Mexican Fuck Cocktail
Up the IRA Cocktail
Suck My Chocolate Banana Cocktail
The Famous Ben Newmark Cocktail
Mexican Sunset Cocktail
Blitzkrieg Cocktail
Pudding Shot
Skull Shot
Slider Cocktail
Smashing Pumpkin Shot
Smith and Wesson Cocktail
Smooth Operator Cocktail
Sneaky Pete Cocktail
Sneaky Wesley Cocktail
Snow Snake Cocktail
Caribbean Kiss Cocktail
Spark In The Night Cocktail
Spooge Cocktail
Spunky Monkey Cocktail
Starla's Waver Cocktail
Steamboat Shot
T-52 Shot
T.K.O. Shot
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
Teresa's Dream Shake Cocktail
The Texas Mudslide Cocktail
Texas Sling Cocktail
Toasted Almond Cocktail
Toblerone Cocktail
Toblerone #2 Cocktail
Toolkit Shot
Tootsie Roll Float Shot
Tossed Salad Shot
Tropical Clarkson Cocktail
Tropicetto Cocktail
Tuaca Nutter Cocktail
Turlock Bulldog Cocktail
Y2K Shot
Yuppidoo Cocktail
Ultimate Mudslide Cocktail
Umbrella Man Special Cocktail
Unicorn Cocktail
Caffeine Attack Cocktail
Candy Bar Cocktail
Canecutter Cocktail
Captain Crunch Shot
Captain Louie Shot
Caramilk Shot
Caucasian Cocktail
Chocolate Black Russian Cocktail
Chocolate Bomb Cocktail
Chocolate Buzz Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot
Chocolate Cow Cocktail
Chocolate Monk Shot
Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Cocktail
Chocolate Toasted Almond Cocktail
Choozy Mothers Milk Cocktail
Cliffhanger Shot
Clousseau Cocktail
Cocaine Lady #2 Cocktail
Cocaine Lady Shot
Cockroach Shot
Coco Channel Cocktail
Coconut Pie Cocktail
Coffee Crisp Shot
Coffee Crisp Cocktail
Coffee Grinder Shot
Cokahlualicious Cocktail
The Colombian Shot
Colorado Bulldog Cocktail
Colorado Pitbull Cocktail
Cookie Monster #2 Shot
Cookie Tosser Cocktail
Cossak Cocktail
Creamy Punani Cocktail
Creamy Snatch Cocktail
Creamy Tan Cocktail
Creamy Tan Cocktail
Creative Native Cocktail
Crispy Crunch #2 Shot
Cucacaracha Shot
Cucaracha Shot
Cum Scorcher Shot
Dambuster Cocktail
Daring Dylan Cocktail
Dark Nightmare Shot
The Dark Side Cocktail
Deep Dark Secret Cocktail
Dickhead's Delight Cocktail
Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail
Dirty Grasshopper Cocktail
Dirty Moma Cocktail
Dirty Mother Cocktail
Dirty Nipple Shot
Dirty White Mother Cocktail
Horny Toad Cocktail
Dressed Up Like A Dogs Dinner Cocktail
Duck Shit Inn Cocktail
Duck's Ass Shot
Easy Does It Shot
Erinn's Kahlua And Godiva Cocktail
American Leroy Cocktail
F-69 Shot
The Fat Albert Cocktail
Kahlua Butterball Cocktail
Feel The Burn Cocktail
Kahlua Kiss Cocktail
Kahlua Sour Cocktail
Flaming Giraffe Shot
Kinky Orgasm Cocktail
Flaming Gorilla Shot
Flaming Lamborghini Shot
Flaming Gorilla Titties Shot
Flying Monkey Shot
Lady 52 Cocktail
Freddie's Naughty Neopolitan Shot
French Afternoon Cocktail
Fridays Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide #2 Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Fucked Up Float Cocktail
Fuzzy Logic #2 Cocktail
Galliano Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Gingerbread Man #2 Shot
Gingersnap Cocktail
Glaucoma Cocktail
The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly Cocktail
Gorilla Milk #2 Cocktail
Gorilla's Tit Cocktail
Mint Condition Cocktail
Grainslide Shot
Grim Reaper Cocktail
Groader Cocktail
Ground Zero Shot
Gail's Summer Storm Cocktail
Ghostbuster Cocktail
B-28 Cocktail
B-55 Shot
Banana Sandwich Cocktail
Paralyzer Cocktail
Paralyzer #2 Cocktail
Headcrack Cocktail
Hillbilly Bob's Mountain Drink Cocktail
Pillow Mint Cocktail
Holy Doodle Cocktail
Hot Afternoon Shot
Hot Scott Shot
Ice Bolts Shot
Iguana Shot
Indian Summer Shot
Quagmyre Cocktail
Iron Butterfly Cocktail
Raspberry Truffle Cocktail
Rearbuster Cocktail
Jamaican Dust-Buster Shot
Jedi Mind Trick Cocktail
Jeremiah Cocktail
K.G.B. Shot
Kahlodster Cocktail
Kahlua and Cream Cocktail
Kahlua and Iced Cream Cocktail
Kahlua Bomb Cocktail
Kahlua Fudge Shake Cocktail
Kahlua Madness Cocktail
Kahlua Madness Cocktail
Kahlua Twist Cocktail
Black Cherry Cocktail
Kelly's Buttery Nipple Shot
Kickstand Cocktail
Kim Special Cocktail
Kish Wacker Cocktail
Kokopa Shot
Chocolate Covered Cherries Cocktail
Dirty Banana Cocktail
Lara's Russian Qualude Cocktail
Lava Lamp Shot
Lay Down and Shut Up Shot
Leah's Last Hope #2 Cocktail
Leah's Last Hope Cocktail
Dreamy Chocolate Winter Cocktail
Letitia's Penisbutter Cup Cocktail
Liberace Shot
Lighthouse Shot
Liqiud Mintaero Cocktail
After Eighteen Cocktail
Little Brother Cocktail
B-52 Shot
Wet Back Shot
White Bull Cocktail
White Russian #3 Cocktail
Wicked Tasty Treat Cocktail
Widow Maker Cocktail
Acapulcoco Cocktail
Beam Me Up Scotty Cocktail
Big Toe Cocktail
Black Dublinski Cocktail
Blushin' Russian Cocktail
Brazilian Monk Cocktail
Mad Cow Shot
Wild Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Beam Me Up Scottie Shot
Wild White Slippery Mudslide Cocktail
Mudslide Cocktail
Mansion Mind Eraser Cocktail
Mexican Cappuccino Cocktail
Mexican Mudslide Cocktail
Mike's Chocolate Pudding Cocktail
Mind Eraser Shot
Mind Eraser #2 Cocktail
Mind Eraser Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Shot
Misty Loch Cocktail
Dead Green Frog Shot
Mocha Martini Cocktail
Modified Duck Fart Shot
Mongolian Motherfucker Cocktail
Monkey La La Cocktail
Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Moose Fart Shot
Morgan's Mountain Cocktail
Muff Diver Shot
Multiple Orgasm Cajun Style Cocktail
Mexican Chocolate Cocktail
Mozartus Cocktail
Duck Fart #2 Shot
Napalm-Death Shot
Neutron Bomb Shot
Nightcap Cocktail
Nuclear Waste #2 Cocktail
Nummer 10 Cocktail
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shot
Oreo Cookie Shot
Orgasmic Fantasy Cocktail
Panama Deluxe Cocktail
Panty Dropper Cocktail
Cobra Cocktail
Passcack Valley Orgasm Cocktail
Patti's Blow Job Shot
Peaches and Cream Cocktail
Pearl Necklace #2 Shot
Pensacola Bushwacker Cocktail
Peppermint Aztec Cocktail
Peppermint Crisp Cocktail
Pink Russian Cocktail
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Cocktail
Plead The 5th Shot
Poison Ivy Shot
Porky Bone Cocktail
Pure Ecstacy Cocktail
Peanut Coffee Frenzy Cocktail
Grizzly Bear Cocktail
Cara Sposa Cocktail
Colditz Cocktail
Coffee Colada Cocktail
Quentin Cocktail
Quick Fuck Shot
Raging Bull Shot
Raging Indian Shot
Raspberry Russian Cocktail
Rattlesnake Shot
Rebel Russian Cocktail
The Red and Black Shot
Rhino Shot
Royal Temptation Cocktail
Rugburn Cocktail
Nutty Bitch Cocktail
Russian Cream Cocktail
Russian Qualude Cocktail
Russian Roulette Shot
Panty Burner Shot
The Valentine Cocktail
Vit Ryss Cocktail
Vixen Cocktail
Tumbleweed Cocktail
Voodoo Cocktail
Heart Throb Shot
Pumpkin Pie Shot
Harbor Light Cocktail
Chocolate Snake Bite Shot
Kahlua Cognac Cocktail
Frozen Black Irish Cocktail
Hammer Horror Cocktail
Kahlua Cream Soda Cocktail
Kahlua Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Quick Fox Shot
Mexican Colada Cocktail
Sweet and Hot Cocktail
She's Paying Cocktail
War Cloud Cocktail
Riviera Cocktail
Wobbly Knee Cocktail
Xaviera Cocktail
Strawberry and Coffee Cream Soda Cocktail
Strawberry Cascade Cocktail
Caribbean Bulldog Cocktail
Adios Motherfucker #2 Shot
Island Rose Cocktail
Macarena Mist Cocktail
Sweet Temptation Cocktail
Mexican Blonde Cocktail
Mud Slide Cocktail
Smith and Kearns Cocktail
After Dark Shot
White Bat Cocktail
After Five Shot
B-55 #2 Shot
Black Forest Cake Shot
Black Ice Cocktail
Brain Freeze #2 Cocktail
Braindead #2 Shot
Aggravation Cocktail
Coco Martini Cocktail
Hot Cambodian Skin Shot
Irish Ghost Cocktail
Jailbreak Cocktail
Jeff Boxies Cocktail
Mini Murphy Shot
Piece of Heaven Shot
Root Beer Float #2 Cocktail
All Night Long Cocktail
Shot in the Dark Shot
Slapper Shot
Alley Shooter Shot
Strawberry Overdose Cocktail
Sweating Colombian Cocktail
Almeria Cocktail
Sweet Dream Cocktail
Taiwan Duck Fart Shot
Tan Nipple Cocktail
Harrison Ford Cocktail
White Girl Cocktail
White Romanian Cocktail
British Bulldog Cocktail
Jamaica Hop Cocktail
Ambijaxtrious Cocktail
Slamdancer Cocktail
B-52 #2 Cocktail
Coffee Stick Cocktail
Douglas Town Cocktail
King Alphonse Cocktail
Witch's Tit Cocktail
Peppermint Twist Cocktail
American Dream Shot
Hot Daring Dylan Cocktail
Amoco Shot
Butter Chocolate Bliss Cocktail
Better Than Sex Cocktail
Big Chill #2 Cocktail
Big Dog Cocktail
Black Stuff #2 Cocktail
Black Jew Cocktail
Apocalypse Cocktail
Buddy Rich Cocktail
Buried Treasure Cocktail
Canoe River Special Cocktail
Captain's Coffee Cocktail
Sugar Daddy Cocktail
Chocolate Milkshake Cocktail
Chocolate Cappuccino Cocktail
Coconita Shot
Coke Sucker Cocktail
Crying Game Cocktail
Cum in a Blender Cocktail
Datsun Cocktail
Dead Pirate Seaspray Cocktail
Dirty Apple Cocktail
Don Pedro Cocktail
Eager Beaver Cocktail
Endurance Cocktail
Flying Cow Cocktail
Frozen Andes Mint Cocktail
Fudgesicle Cocktail
Fudge Slide Cocktail
Full House Cocktail
Fuzzy Bear Cocktail
Guinness Martini Cocktail
Happy Camper Cocktail
Happy Hawaiian Cocktail
Harpic Cocktail
Hey Bitch, Come Here Cocktail
Honey Nuts Cocktail
Arkansas Razorback Cocktail
Hot Throbbing Banana Cocktail
Ice Coffee Cocktail
Jamaican Reindeer Cocktail
Jenny's Banana Pudding Cocktail
Johnny Loftus Cocktail
Kahlua Martini Cocktail
Kahlua Cobweb Cocktail
Kak in the Eye Cocktail
Babygirl Cocktail
Brazilian Mango Cocktail
Klingon Koffee Cocktail
La Brea Tar Pit Cocktail
Liquid Caramel Cocktail
Avalanche Cocktail
Mayan Whore Cocktail
Mexican Dream Cocktail
Mexican Grasshopper Cocktail
Mexican Riptide Cocktail
Mint Chip Cocktail
Moocow's Brown Cow Cocktail
Mayan Sacrafice Shot
Mr. Insaneo The Cow Cocktail
Mutagen Cocktail
Closure Cocktail
Nasty Cocktail
Nazi Qualik Cocktail
New York Motherfucker Cocktail
French Dream Cocktail
Orange Ed Cocktail
Orange Smartie Cocktail
Orgasm #5 Cocktail
Orgasm #6 Cocktail
B-51 Shot
Orgasm #9 Cocktail
B-53 Shot
Baby Eskimo Cocktail
Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Baby Guinness Shot
Butterscotch Ice Cream Cocktail
Backfire Shot
A Joy of Almond Cocktail
Berry Cherry Chocolate Shot
Flaming Blue Lamborghini Cocktail
Hot Young Lady Cocktail
Toxic Cream Factory Shot
Pepsi Pleaser Cocktail
Bad Headgasket Cocktail
Chilled Cinnamon Cookie Shot
Burnt Almond Cocktail
Butter Baby Cocktail
Grampa's Morning Coffee Shot
Happy Holly-daze Cocktail
Neopolitan Dream Cocktail
Christmas Cookie Shot
Blarney Shot
Burnt Toasted Almond Cocktail
Good Morning Mexico Cocktail
Hot Russian Christmas Cocktail
Piss on the Ground Shot
Scholar's Nightmare Cocktail
Muddy Rose Cocktail
Smooth as Silk Cocktail
Hot Damn Pink Russian Cocktail
Caffeini Martini Cocktail
Fuzzy Mack Truck Cocktail
Nutney Cocktail
Ebony Babe Cocktail
Jamaican Wind Cocktail
KC Rum Cocktail
Pitbull On Crack Cocktail
Cactus Venom Cocktail
Chocolate Heart Cocktail
Coco Butter Cocktail
Dirty Momma Cocktail
Kamorita Cocktail
Starry Night Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Chicken Cocktail
Chocolate Mountain Cocktail
Colorado Pug Cocktail
Hyper Monkey Shot
Jamaican Foam Cocktail
Kanawful's Serum Shot
Kill Me Now Kahlua Cocktail
Choco Cherry Shot
Everglades Special Cocktail
Monkey's Dessert Cocktail
Rong's Finnigan's Wake Cocktail
Carolina Vagina Shot
Cherry Ooh-La-La Shot
Chocolate Shake Cocktail
Cocoa Colada Cocktail
Cokahlua Cocktail
Jamexican Shot
Joe's Apartment Shot
Lipstick On Your Dipstick Shot
Monkey's Nuts Cocktail
Russian Quaylude Cocktail
Absolut Zero Cocktail
Bleacher's Twist Shot
Cherry Drop Shot
Chocolate Carmel Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Dr. Pepper Cocktail
Comfortable Coffee Cocktail
Energy FM Cocktail
Kahlua Toreador Cocktail
Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail
La Cucharacha Cocktail
Loon Fart Cocktail
Mocha Shot
Screaming Pedro Shot
Shooters Special Shot
Bosco 42DD Cocktail
Cerebral Haemorrhage Cocktail
Chocolate Mint Smooth Cocktail
Dirty Strawberry Cocktail
Dublin Double Shot
Frozen Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Heart Warmer Cocktail
KahBula Shot
Kodiak Sled Dog Cocktail
Mexican Mocha Cocktail
Morning Junkie Monkey Cocktail
Nail Puller Cocktail
Hot Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Polyjuice Potion Shot
The Hang Glider Shot
Roasted Toasted Almond Cocktail
Botched Abortion Shot
Chocolate Heaven Shot
Chocolatey Orange Sunset Cocktail
DC3 Shot
El Toro Cocktail
Frozen Leprechaun Cocktail
Irish Pinata Cocktail
Jager Shaker #2 Shot
Kahlua Earthquake Cocktail
Kialoa Cocktail
KOJ Cocktail
Bon Voyage #2 Cocktail
Terry's Chocolate Orange Cocktail
A Few Of My Favorite Things Cocktail
B-54 Shot
Beach Bum Bob Cocktail
Black Lady Cocktail
Blanqita Cocktail
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun Cocktail
Green Doodoo Cocktail
Hard On Cocktail
Hot Choco-Mora Cocktail
Juiffee Cocktail
Kahluaita Cocktail
Loudmouth Cocktail
Midnight Samurai Cocktail
Mother Fucker Shot
New Guinea Cocktail
Nutty Meister Shot
Potent Possum Cocktail
Psychadelic Tiger Shot
Ultimate Chocolate Martini Cocktail
The Real Mexican Motherfucker Shot
Flagstaff Shot
Undertaker Cocktail
B-57 Shot
Black Magic Cream Shot
Dirty Bloody Red Headed Slut Cocktail
German Bulldog Cocktail
Jackalope Cocktail
Just What the Doctor Ordered Cocktail
Kahlua Mocha Milkshake Cocktail
Leadville Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Mexican Cherry Bomb Cocktail
Muddpuddle Cocktail
Nutz in a Blender Cocktail
One Night Stand Shot
B52-Slovak Shot
J Face Shot
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Shot
B-69 Flame Shot
Big O Shot
Flaming Black Russian Shot
Oreo Speedwagon Cocktail
Pasquale's Rico Suave Cocktail
White Ukrainian Cocktail
Zip Drive Cocktail
Van Nuys Cocktail
After Dinner Mint #3 Cocktail
Canadian Immigrant Shot
Coma Shot
The Drunken Monkey Shot