Lakeside Lemonade Cocktail
Mail Man's Daughter Cocktail
Green Day Shot
Amaretto Seduction Cocktail
Chris Anders Shot
Clear Lemonade Cocktail
Liquid Candycane Cocktail
Mikey's Grape Drink Cocktail
Peach Puff Martini Cocktail
Bourbon Cooler Cocktail
Brandy Cooler Cocktail
Slurrricane Shot
The Blues Brothers Cocktail
Seduction on the Rocks Cocktail
Skinhead Paramedic Cocktail
Disgruntled Elf Cocktail
Amaretto Jones Cocktail
Southern Gangrene Cocktail
Tijuana Taxi Cocktail
Tinyee's Orange Smoothie Cocktail
Zadarade Cocktail
Cactus Berry Cocktail
Dominican Goddess Cocktail
Down Home Cocktail
Funky Filly Cocktail
Sophisticate Cocktail
O Look Martini Cocktail
Miami Ice Cocktail
Green Meanie #2 Cocktail
Glass Tower Cocktail
Green Gables Cocktail
Alaskan Iced Tea Cocktail
Wine Cooler Cocktail
Mister Wu Cocktail
National Aquarium Cocktail
Noah Cocktail
Nord-Norsk Depresjon Cocktail
Windex Cocktail
Queen Charlotte Cocktail
Raspberry Cooler Cocktail
The Graveyard Cocktail
Rum Cooler Cocktail
Vodka "7" Cocktail
Whiskey Fizz Cocktail
Alamo Splash Cocktail
Steele Frost Cocktail
Sweet Heart Cocktail
Tequila Cooler Cocktail
Vodka Cooler Cocktail
Whiskey Cooler Cocktail
Green Goddess Cocktail
Man in the Melon Cocktail
Blue Glory Cocktail
Red Wine Cooler Cocktail
Blue Latvian Cocktail
Calypso Cooler Cocktail
Caribbean Smuggler Cocktail
Casco Bay Lemonade Cocktail
Citrus Cooler Cocktail
Clear Cell Cocktail
Citrus Mist Colada Cocktail
Frozen Fuzzy Cocktail
Jericho's Breeze Cocktail
Little Eva Cocktail
Lake Breeze Cocktail
Mai Tai Mai Cocktail
Mist Iced Tea Cocktail
Orange Blossom Special Cocktail
Corkscrew #2 Cocktail
Sonic Screwdriver Cocktail
Piss Water Cocktail
Cherry Lime-Aid Cocktail
Kitchen Sink Cocktail
Nuclear Meltdown Cocktail
Lime Giant Cocktail
Shaved Pussy Cocktail
Purple Passion Tea Cocktail
Requiem Cocktail
Absinthe Paralysis Cocktail
Melon Man Cocktail
T-Bone's Black-Razz Tea Cocktail
Rum Relaxer Cocktail
Sherburger Cocktail
Seorita Cocktail