After Work Special Cocktail
Bart Simpson #2 Shot
Bahama Todd Cocktail
Bust Your Black Nut Cocktail
C-Dot's Pina Colada Jello Shot
California Barbie Cocktail
Blue Dream Cocktail
Caribbean Breeze #2 Cocktail
Caribbean Delight Cocktail
A Little Dinghy Cocktail
Cherry Paradise Cocktail
Citrus Rum Cooler Cocktail
Ginein's Raspberry Surprise Cocktail
Bakkus Cocktail
Happy Juice Cocktail
Hard Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail
Hawaiian Barbie Cocktail
Hawaiian Surfer on Acid Cocktail
Heaven's Gate Cocktail
Hypnotic Martini Cocktail
Iced Tea and Malibu Cocktail
Luscious Leslie Cocktail
Malibu Barbie #2 Cocktail
Malibu Breeze Cocktail
Malibu Paradise Cocktail
Malibu Reggae Rainbow Cocktail
Martini Clementine Cocktail
Maui Cocktail
Melon Breeze Cocktail
Buck's Peter Cocktail
Banana Jabs Cocktail
Apple Coconut Sour Cocktail
Bailey-Bu Cocktail
Banana Sunrise Cocktail
Cape Cod Islander Cocktail
Cha Cha Unocha Shot
Coconut Milk Cocktail
Coconut Orange Cocktail
Crazy Cocktail
Cream Bomb Cocktail
Cosmo Killer Cocktail
Elven Blood Cocktail
Frutty Fuck-Me-Up Shot
Caribbean Breeze Cocktail
Cabo Beach Party Cocktail
Idaho Dimetapp Cocktail
Barbie Shot
Kevin on the Floor Cocktail
Knockout Shot
Kreeper Shot
Kryptonite Cocktail
Hokey Pokey Shot
Mid-Summer Tea Cocktail
Mojo's Suntan Lotion Cocktail
Oasis #2 Cocktail
Island Jim Cocktail
Bayou Juice Shot
Bobby's Way Cocktail
Captain Jack Sparrow #4 Cocktail
Cotton Candy Cocktail
Cowgirl Quencher Cocktail
Dimple Cocktail
Golden Shower Shot
Doggy Style On the Beach Cocktail
Incredible Chak Shot
One Night in Heaven Shot
2000 Flushes #2 Shot
7 Coconuts Cocktail
Afterburn Shot
Agua Shot
Agua Mouthwash Shot
Almond Joy #3 Cocktail
Angelfire Cocktail
Appleschlager Shot
BC Snowball Cocktail
Caribou Lou Cocktail
Blue Pixie Stick Cocktail
Bone Fish Shot
Cancun Current Cocktail
Candy Apple Martini #2 Cocktail
Captain Morgan on Acid Shot
Carribean Catholic Cocktail
Caribbean Sunset #3 Cocktail
Coconut Fusion Cocktail
Cohutta Twister Cocktail
Cotton Candy #4 Cocktail
Cum Shot #3 Shot
Malibu Sunrise Cocktail
Fat Charley Cocktail
Hayley's Comet Cocktail
Head On Cocktail
Hypnotiq Breeze Cocktail
Island Trader Cocktail
Italian Surfer Shot
Jamaican Rumshaker Cocktail
Kathy's Concoction Cocktail
Key West Cooler Cocktail
King Kamehameha Cocktail
Blue Ninja #2 Shot
Jager and Malibu Shot
Liquid Marijuana Shot
Loom Cooler Shot
Shrek Shot
Mali P&S Cocktail
Malibu Fizz Cocktail
Malibu Hooter Cocktail
Malibu Thong Bikini Shot
Malibu Woo Woo Cocktail
Midori Pearl Diver Cocktail
Midori Splice Cocktail
Mindspaff Shot
MOB Cocktail
Hitler's Chocolate Cake Shot
Murky Water Shot
Ocean Breeze Cocktail
Pacific Wet Dream Cocktail
Pain in the Ass Cocktail
Big Bad Voodoo Kooler Cocktail
Panty Ripper Cocktail
Passion Cocktail
Peachy Cocktail
Pearl Diver #1 Shot
Pearl Diver #2 Shot
Penelope Cocktail
Pink Star Cocktail
Pimp Juice #2 Cocktail
Pineapple Upside Down Cake #3 Shot
Bigger Better Blue Lagoon Cocktail
Black Lodge Cocktail
Purple Pushover Cocktail
Asian Hooker Cocktail
B.M.W. Cocktail
B's Tropical Fix Cocktail
Becky's Nectar Cocktail
Breast Milk On Acid Cocktail
Bloody Pearl Harbor Cocktail
Blue Balls Shot
Gay Pirate Cocktail
Fucked on the Floor Cocktail
Hawaiian Surfer Cocktail
Blue Nut Shot
BMW Shot
Boardwalk Breeze Cocktail
Booger Shot
Booty Juice Cocktail
Kristina Cocktail
Lady Luck Cocktail
Malibu Fun Cocktail
My Malibu Delight Cocktail
Overflow Shot
Pirates of the Caribbean Cocktail
Rachel's Tidal Wave Cocktail
Poutine on the Rocks Cocktail
Jessica in the Snow Shot
Dinky Car Vrroooom Shot
Brain Candy Cocktail
Kirkhouse Klassic Cocktail
Sand in the Crack Cocktail
Alien Sludge Cocktail
Celtic Tapper Cocktail
The Bianca Cocktail
Bull Rider Cocktail
Butternut Rum Lifesaver Shot
Adam's Blues Cocktail
Zagnut Shot
Wedding Cake Martini Cocktail
Tropical Mae Cocktail
The Sabino Special Cocktail
Sammy Special Cocktail
Scooby Snack #3 Cocktail
Scorpion's Tail Cocktail
Screaming Chocolate Monkey Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Orgasm On The Beach Cocktail
Scurvy Shot
Seaweed Cocktail
Sensei on the Rocks Cocktail
Sex On My Face Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #8 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #9 Cocktail
The Shiwala Cocktail
Skane-i-Fier Cocktail
Skipper's Ripper Cocktail
Blue Ice #2 Cocktail
Nikita Cocktail
BlitzKrieg Bop Shot
Mi General Cocktail
The Zornado Cocktail
Highway to Heaven Cocktail
Charter Breeze Cocktail
Jedi Juice Cocktail
Chocolate Thunder Cocktail
Bad Acid Trip Cocktail
Myrtle Beach Breeze Cocktail
Briagra Cocktail
Sweet Georgia Peach Shot
Akin Cocktail
Tahiti Jungle Juice Cocktail
Roger Rabbit Cocktail
Double Trouble Shot
Amerman's Specialty Cocktail
Balboa Cocktail
Caribbean Water Cocktail
Crazy Cat Cocktail
Duck Call Shot
Heaven Sent Cocktail
Liquid Colada Cocktail
Luquinio Beach Cocktail
C & M Cocktail
Slutty Temple Cocktail
Frey Jacobs Special Cocktail
South Texas Snow Cocktail
Island Dew Cocktail
Jei Pi Em Cocktail
Chocolate Penguin Martini Cocktail
Bella Cocktail
Lidalou Cocktail
Orchard Martini Cocktail
Suck My Chocolate Banana Cocktail
Night Rider Cocktail
Malibu Zombie Cocktail
Zach's Mambo Cocktail
Teskinha Cocktail
Fuzzy Palms Shot
Seapool Royal Cocktail
Head Hunter Cocktail
Smooch Cocktail
BMW Cocktail
Snowplow Cocktail
Southern Pink Flamingo Shot
Caribbean Martini Cocktail
Space Odyssey Cocktail
Spooge Cocktail
Stoner On Acid Cocktail
Strawberry Banana Colada Cocktail
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
Three Day Weekend Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost Cocktail
Tiffany's Wet and Ready Cocktail
Tipsy Island Cocktail
Tropical Dream Cocktail
Tropical Heat Cocktail
Tropical Kermit Piss Cocktail
Tropical Life Saver #2 Cocktail
Tropical Life Saver Cocktail
Tropical Lullaby Cocktail
Tropical Martini Cocktail
Tropical Peach Martini Cocktail
Tsunami Cocktail
Turbo Cocktail
Ultimate June Bug Cocktail
Urban Violence Cocktail
USD Sunset Cocktail
California Rattle Snake Cocktail
Caribbean Milk Cocktail
Caribbean Queen Cocktail
Caribbean Screwdriver Cocktail
Caribbean Smoked Torch Cocktail
Caribbean Pineapple Cocktail
Chilly Willy Cocktail
Class Act Cocktail
Club Tropix Cocktail
Coco Rush Cocktail
Coconut Cream Pie Cocktail
Coconut Frappe Cocktail
Coconut Pie Cocktail
German Chocolate Cake Cocktail
Coppertone Punch Cocktail
Cornholio's Revenge Cocktail
Cran-Ram Cocktail
Creamsicle Dream Cocktail
Crimson Tide Cocktail
Green Coconut Cocktail
Depth Charge Cocktail
Dirty Bong Water Shot
Doh Cocktail
Donkey Semmen Cocktail
Dutch Turbo Cocktail
Island Jack Cocktail
Electric Smurf Cocktail
Emerald City Cocktail
Epidural Cocktail
Eskimo Joe's Drink Cocktail
Afghan Monkey Cocktail
Fat Box Shot
Fat Hooker Cocktail
Fig Shot
Fishbone Cocktail
Flaming Jesse Cocktail
King Kong Cocktail
Fong Juice Cocktail
Leg Spreader #2 Cocktail
Fruitopia Cocktail
Fuka Cocktail
Full Moon Fever Cocktail
Georgia Pie Cocktail
Malibu Dew Cocktail
Malibu Smash Cocktail
Goombay Smash Cocktail
Grand Blue Cocktail
Green Angel Cocktail
Green Creeper Cocktail
Green Gulf Cocktail
The Green Mile Cocktail
Green Voodoo Shot
Grinch #2 Cocktail
Grinch Cocktail
Ocean Drive Cocktail
Grape Coconut Cocktail
Bald Taco Cocktail
Halfway Special Cocktail
Hard Green Bricaki Cocktail
Harley Davidson #2 Cocktail
Pina Colada #2 Cocktail
Horny Mohican Shot
Hurricane Flint Cocktail
Iceberg In Radioactive Water #2 Cocktail
Iceberg In Radioactive Water Cocktail
Illusion Shot
Italian Nut Cocktail
Italian Surfer Cocktail
Jamaican Bum Cocktail
Jamaican Dust Cocktail
Jamaican Me Crazy Cocktail
Jamaican Qualude Cocktail
Jamaican Screw Cocktail
Jamaican Ten Speed Cocktail
Jay In Your Tummy Shot
Jeannie's Dream Cocktail
Jello Shot
Jet Pilot Cocktail
Junior Mint Cocktail
Apple Pie With A Crust Cocktail
Karlsson Cocktail
Kermit The Frog Piss Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid #2 Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid (Rhode Island) Cocktail
Kilted Black Leprechaun Shot
Caribbean Sunset Cocktail
Kori's Saturday Night Special Cocktail
Lava Flow Cocktail
Liquid Valium Cocktail
Little Green Frog Cocktail
Long Iver Iced Tea Cocktail
Luftschlange Cocktail
The Lunchbox Cocktail
Walk the Plank Cocktail
The Wedge Cocktail
White Jamaican Cocktail
White Mess Shot
Wild Sex Cocktail
M.V.P. Cocktail
The Mad Hungarian Cocktail
Malibu and Soda Cocktail
Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail
Malibu Dreams Cocktail
Malibu Express Cocktail
Malibu Jane Cocktail
Malibu Jello Shot
Malibu Juice Cocktail
Malibu Massage Cocktail
Malibu Milk Shake Cocktail
Malibu Mocha Milkshake Cocktail
Malibu Pink Panther Cocktail
Malibu Pop Cocktail
Malibu Punch Cocktail
Malibu Screw Cocktail
Malibu Seven Cocktail
Malibu Snapper Cocktail
Malibu Tequichi Cocktail
Malibu Twister Cocktail
Mamacita Cocktail
Surfer On Acid Shot
Scooby Snack #4 Shot
Mekong Cocktail
Spanish Melonball Cocktail
Metromelt Cocktail
Mexican Surfer Cocktail
Midnight Flight to Malibu Cocktail
Midori Splice Cocktail
Mikey Mike Cocktail
Miss V Cocktail
Monkey In a Tree Cocktail
More Orgasms Cocktail
Motor Oil Shot
Mounds Cocktail
Mountaineer On Acid Cocktail
Navel Caribbean Love Cocktail
Nazi Surfer Shot
Neon Iguana Cocktail
Neon Nightmare Cocktail
Nolan Cocktail
Oasis Cocktail
Ogre Drink Cocktail
Orange Surfboard Cocktail
Malibu Surfer Cocktail
Otter Pop Cocktail
Suntanned Malibu Surfer Cocktail
Partymeister Cocktail
Peppermint Beach Cocktail
Pure Pleasure Cocktail
Purple Lei Shot
Radioactive Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Rainbow Brew Cocktail
Red Ox Cocktail
Booda's Black Brew Cocktail
Ringo Cocktail
Roadrunner Punch Cocktail
Rotten Pussy Shot
Ruby Relaxer Cocktail
Rum Aid Cocktail
Vik n' Rum Cocktail
Voodoo Cocktail
Kali Fury Cocktail
Watermelon Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Absolut Stress Cocktail
Acapulcos Malibu Cocktail
Macarena Mist Cocktail
Sundowner Cocktail
Almond Joy #2 Shot
Anna's Tropical Getaway Cocktail
Blue Dolphin Cocktail
Bong Water Cocktail
Clarence Cocktail
Coconut Dream #2 Cocktail
Creamy Nuts Shot
Damage Cocktail
Dr. Malibu Shot
Flaming Mo Shot
Freefall Cocktail
Guava Gibbons Cocktail
Hpnotiq Breeze Cocktail
James' Jungle Juice Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost #3 Cocktail
Kryptonite Shot
Malibu Bomber Cocktail
Malibu Sunset Cocktail
Malibu Zinger Cocktail
Mango Chimp Cocktail
Paradise #2 Cocktail
Alien Secretion #2 Shot
Malibu Peach Cocktail
Alien Secretion Cocktail
Purple Heaven Cocktail
Alien Urine Sample Cocktail
Purple Nurple Cocktail
Ramshanked Cocktail
Red Headed Woodpecker Cocktail
Rumage Cocktail
All Night Long Cocktail
Scooby Snack #2 Cocktail
Sex on The Beach #13 Cocktail
Shot in the Dark Shot
Soviet Holiday Cocktail
Sweet Dream Cocktail
Tequila Surprise Cocktail
The Kelman Cocktail
Almond Joy Dark Cocktail
Tropical Bliss Cocktail
Tropical Suicide Cocktail
Yes! Cocktail
Amaretto Paradise Cocktail
Mickey's Fin Cocktail
Orangutan Cocktail
Bleeding Weasel Cocktail
Blame It On Rio Cocktail
Blue Memphis Cocktail
Cape Breeze Cocktail
Cape Sunrise Cocktail
Caribbean Murder Cocktail
Caribbean Mist Cocktail
Cayman Climax Cocktail
Chachodaddy Cocktail
Chaise Lounge Cocktail
Coconita Shot
Courage Cocktail
Creamy Sex on the Beach Cocktail
Dark Destroyer Cocktail
Dead Pirate Seaspray Cocktail
Dionisia Cocktail
Enigma Cocktail
Floyd Collins Cocktail
Fluffy Cocktail
Frosty Lay Cocktail
Fruitopia Snap Cocktail
Fruit Fusion Cocktail
Fuzzy Duck Cocktail
Guilty O.J. Cocktail
Hammer Cocktail
Hawaiian Cherry Popper Cocktail
Arizona Twister Cocktail
Jaffa Schnapps Cocktail
Jamaican 10-Speed Cocktail
Jamaican Hurricane Cocktail
Jamaican Lifesaver Cocktail
Jamaican Twist Cocktail
Japanese Sex Cocktail
Japanese Sex Slick Style Cocktail
Jubilee on the Square Cocktail
Grape Ape #2 Cocktail
JD's Private Beach Cocktail
Laurie Goes Hawaiian Cocktail
Malibu Barbie Cocktail
Malibu Summer Splash Cocktail
Monkey Island Shot
Kooky Boa Cocktail
Lemmings Leap Cocktail
Lilly Pad Cocktail
Loco Motion Cocktail
MacLaren F1 Cocktail
Mai Tai #6 Cocktail
Mai Tai #6 Cocktail
Malibu Cherry Cocktail
Malibu Heaven Cocktail
Maui Eruption Cocktail
Mexican Riptide Cocktail
Moles Juice Cocktail
Moog Patrol Swisher Cocktail
Mumbai Bombshell Cocktail
Naked Sunburn Cocktail
Malibu Rum Rusher Cocktail
Peachy Screw Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Physcadelic Summer Cocktail
Bahama Mama NC Cocktail
Pina Colada #3 Cocktail
Dennis the Menace Shot
A Tropical Dream Cocktail
Flaming Tiki Torch Shot
First 99 Problems Cocktail
Malibu Mojito Cocktail
U.D. Cocktail
Blue Juice Cocktail
Void Water Cocktail
Valentined Cocktail
Apple Ashley Shot
Dirty Bong Water #2 Cocktail
Manila Frantini Cocktail
Easy Tropical Cocktail
Izzorris Cocktail
Burt Reynolds Cocktail
Frozen Cocorita Cherry-Popper Cocktail
The Train Shot
Squeaker Cocktail
Pineapple Upside Cake Shot
Pretty Ricky Cocktail
Claifornia Sour Cocktail
Virtual Vacation Cocktail
Malibu Fruit Juice Cocktail
Tropical Roofie Cocktail
Beautiful Lady Cocktail
Sparty's Beach Party Cocktail
Malibu Shoe Cocktail
The Doodle Hopper Cocktail
RaRocks Cocktail
Lil' Lady Cocktail
A Saturday Afternoon Cocktail
Coco Pucker Cocktail
Liquid Screw Cocktail
Malibu Twist Cocktail
Marilyn's Green Thing Cocktail
Banana Hurricane Cocktail
Bitch Ass Cocktail
Dartmouth Green Cocktail
Jambu Shot
Liplock Shot
Sex on the Clock Shot
Megan On Acid Shot
CBR 150 Cocktail
Carolina Vagina Shot
Damn Good Lemonade Cocktail
Mo's Beach Drink Cocktail
SmegHead Cocktail
Heather Cocktail
Caribou Lou Shot
Punaka' La Tini Cocktail
Puzzled Tycoon Cocktail
Spider Bite Martini Cocktail
Malibu Stacey Cocktail
Roswell Cocktail
Aloha Paradise Cocktail
Annexation Of Puerto Rico Cocktail
Celestia Cocktail
Crapplenut Punch Cocktail
Jello Colada Shot
Jon's Rum 'n Coke Cocktail
Port Aransas Cocktail
Vanilla Island Paradise Cocktail
Sex in the Bahamas Cocktail
Ultimate Mai Tai Cocktail
Astrids Adoration Cocktail
Cherry Tree Cocktail
Chronic Ice Tea Cocktail
Dirty's Liquid Lovin' Cocktail
Gentle Sun Tan Cocktail
Mauipazaui Cocktail
Orville's-Gasm Cocktail
Tahitian Sunset Cocktail
Crush de Valencia Cocktail
Blue Milk Cocktail
Tropical Sunset Cocktail
Tropial Twist Cocktail
Requiem Cocktail
Absolutely Heaven Cocktail
Caribbean Threesome Cocktail
Florida Orgasm Cocktail
Heaven in Your Mouth Cocktail
Liquid Marijuana Cocktail
Naked Barbie Cocktail
Thai Girl Cocktail
Tiki Tini Cocktail
Sneaky Bastard Cocktail
Latin Knocker Cocktail
Ruby Runner Cocktail
Beach Bum Bob Cocktail
Cox in the Morning Cocktail
Exit the Brain Cocktail
Fucked by a Pharaoh Cocktail
M16 Shot
Malibu Italian Surfer Cocktail
Old Pirate Cocktail
Fuzzy Tounge Cocktail
Stars Fell on Alabama Cocktail
Zero Gravity Cocktail
Curly Samson Cocktail
Too Cool for School Cocktail
Fuzzy Eddie Cocktail
The Loch Ness Monster Cocktail
Lost Surfer Shot
Fuzzy Nut Shot
10 Deep Cocktail
Ruby Soho Cocktail
Charlie's Revenge Cocktail
El Condor Pasa Cocktail
J Face Shot
Cherry Bomb Shot
Scrappy Snack Shot
Junior Mints Shot
Oral Invasion Cocktail
Pineapple Delight Cocktail
White Ukrainian Cocktail
Spit in the Hand Shot
Sunny Hpnotiq Breeze Cocktail
Sex on the Island Cocktail
The Mel Gibson Cocktail
Tequini Cocktail
Coconut Pod Cocktail
Jade Martini Cocktail
The Superman Cocktail
Yellow Belly Shot
Yellow Belly Shot