Bald Estonian Cocktail
Banana Cream Cocktail
Caramel "J" Cocktail
Chocolate Pirate Cocktail
Didaccino Cocktail
Dirty Grandmother Cocktail
Bailey's Shake #2 Cocktail
Ice Shot
Intimate Encounter Cocktail
Irish Shake Cocktail
Jagermilch Shot
King Burro Cocktail
Foaming Pepsi Cocktail
Green Eggs Cocktail
Atomic Orange Cream Cocktail
Avalanche #2 Cocktail
Butterfinger #2 Cocktail
Calm Monkey Cocktail
Chocolate Boobie Cocktail
Coconut Milk Cocktail
Cotton Candy #2 Cocktail
Bullfrog #3 Cocktail
Dripping Wet Pink Cocktail
Hermie's Hard Neapolitan Cocktail
Italian Bulldog Cocktail
Lindsey's Night Cap Cocktail
Lithium Cocktail
Marijuana Milkshake Shot
Mexican Titty Shot
Milli Vanilli Cocktail
Nightwalker Cocktail
Bavarian Alps Cocktail
Almond Amaretto Float Cocktail
Bloody Tampon #2 Shot
Buffalo's Milk Cocktail
Burberry Bulldog Cocktail
Chocolate Rattlesnake Shot
Creamsicle #5 Cocktail
Golden Almonds Cocktail
Alco Choco Milkshake Cocktail
Almond Fog Cocktail
Angela's Cabin Shot
Brown Elephant Cocktail
Butter Cookie Cocktail
Canadian Hangover Cocktail
Carribean Catholic Cocktail
Cattie Suprise Cocktail
Cherry Chocolate Milk Royal Cocktail
Chocolate Charlies Cocktail
Chocolate #2 Shot
8th Birthday Cocktail
Dark Pike Cocktail
Della's After Dark Cocktail
Chilled Orgasm Cocktail
Fat Bastard Cocktail
French Toast Cocktail
Frothy Snowman Cocktail
Lactating Cowboy Shot
Liquid Herpes Cocktail
Liquid Leg Spreader Cocktail
Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail
Marijuana Milkshake #2 Shot
Nutty Russian Cocktail
Brown Elephant #2 Cocktail
Buttery Russian Cocktail
Saskatchewan Paralyzer Cocktail
Big Booty Shake Cocktail
Pearl Diver #1 Shot
Pearl Diver #2 Shot
Pink Diamond Cocktail
Pink Lady #2 Cocktail
Bikini Cocktail
Black and White Cocktail
Black Forest Shake Cocktail
Banana Jacuzzi Shake Cocktail
Angel Dust Shot
Bailey's White Russian Cocktail
Blind Russian Cocktail
Dreamy Banana Smoothie Cocktail
Italian Cadillac Cocktail
Los Tios Cocktail
Mad Russian Cocktail
Port Wine Eggnog Cocktail
Bourbon Milk Punch #2 Cocktail
Bourbon Milk Punch #3 Cocktail
Brandy Milk Punch Cocktail
The Gordon Cocktail
Girl Mint Cocktail
Brown Cow #2 Cocktail
Brown Cow From Hell Cocktail
Brown Cow Cocktail
Bull's Milk Cocktail
Bushwacker Cocktail
Butter Cream Cocktail
Butterfinger Cocktail
Pumpkin pie martini Cocktail
Festival Breakfast Cocktail
Cold Chocolate Cocktail
Drunken Grasshopper Cocktail
Sandbar Sleeper Shot
Scooby Snack #3 Cocktail
Screaming Chocolate Monkey Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Orgasm Cocktail
Screaming White Orgasm Cocktail
Sensei on the Rocks Cocktail
Separator Cocktail
Sexual Chocolate Cocktail
Sherry Milk Punch Cocktail
Shotgun Lou Cocktail
Silver Cloud Cocktail
Butter Milk Cocktail
The Battle of the 7 Soul Cocktail
The C G Cocktail
Ratty Ol'Deer Head Cocktail
Chocolate Confusion Cocktail
Exstatic Orgasm Cocktail
French Mud Slide Cocktail
Healthy Spice Cocktail
Jungle Jizz Cocktail
Merlins Monkey Cocktail
White German Cocktail
Banana Milkshake Cocktail
Port Eggnog Cocktail
Rum Flip Cocktail
Blueberry Popsicle Cocktail
Dominican Coco Loco Cocktail
Hell's Eye Shot
Kahlua Egg Cream Cocktail
La Charentaise Cocktail
Candy Cane Crimbo Cocktail
Frey Jacobs Special Cocktail
Mints-Quick Cocktail
The Blenden Cocktail
Pushkin's Milkshake Cocktail
Andes Mint On Your Pillow Shot
Bartender's Rootbeer Cocktail
Bikini Wax Cocktail
Drunken Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Milk 'n' Cookies Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Milk Cocktail
Paradise Peaches and Cream Cocktail
Pink Milk Cocktail
Pudding Shot
The Brain Eater Cocktail
Slider Cocktail
Snake Piss Cocktail
Sneaky Pete Cocktail
Snowflake Cocktail
Splender Blenders Cocktail
Starla's Waver Cocktail
Storm Trooper Cocktail
Chocolate Banana Cocktail
Tanyahtoo Cocktail
Teresa's Dream Shake Cocktail
Tiger's Milk Cocktail
Titia's Tushie Cocktail
Tully's Nuts & Berries Shot
Ultimate Mudslide Cocktail
Unicorn Cocktail
Campari Milkshake Cocktail
Caribbean Milk Cocktail
Chapman Cocktail
Cherry Blossom Cocktail
Chiquita Shot
Chocolate Chip Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Cherry #2 Cocktail
Chocolate Milk Shot
Chocolate Toasted Almond Cocktail
Choozy Mothers Milk Cocktail
Cioccolato e Cocco Cocktail
Cocaine Lady Shot
Coco Cognac Cocktail
Coconut Frappe Cocktail
Coconut Pie Cocktail
Coffee Crisp Cocktail
Cold Fire Shot
Colorado Bulldog Cocktail
Cookies 'n' Cream Cocktail
Cossak Cocktail
Creamsicle Cocktail
Creamy Crispy Crunch Cocktail
Creamy Tan Cocktail
Dambuster Cocktail
Dark Nightmare Shot
Dead Grasshopper Cocktail
Dirty Grasshopper Cocktail
Dreamsicle #3 Cocktail
Drool Cocktail
Dutchie Cocktail
Pawpaw Paradise Cocktail
Elephant Shake Cocktail
Enchantress Cocktail
Eskimo Joe Shot
Etyk Cocktail
Kahlua Butterball Cocktail
Kinky Orgasm Cocktail
Frangelico Float Cocktail
Free Silver Cocktail
Frozen Girl Scout Cocktail
Fruit Loop Shot
Fruit Loop Cocktail
Fruity Pebble Shot
Fucked Up Float Cocktail
Gin Milk Punch Cocktail
Hummingbird #2 Cocktail
Gogl-Mogl Cocktail
The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly Cocktail
Gorilla Milk #2 Cocktail
Gorilla Milk Cocktail
Green Cow #2 Cocktail
Green Cow Cocktail
Green Milkshake Cocktail
GSM Cocktail
Banana Berry Cocktail
Bananalyzer Cocktail
Paralyzer #2 Cocktail
Harry Boy Cocktail
Harvey Cowpuncher Cocktail
Headcrack Cocktail
Hillbilly Bob's Mountain Drink Cocktail
Iceberg Cocktail
Irish Cream Special Cocktail
Irish Mint Cocktail
Raspberry Truffle Cocktail
J. R.'s Godchild Cocktail
Jamaica Kiss Cocktail
Bailey's Shake Cocktail
Jamaican Qualude Cocktail
Jeremiah Cocktail
Event Horizon Cocktail
Kahlua and Iced Cream Cocktail
Kahlua Bomb Cocktail
Kahlua Fudge Shake Cocktail
Karlsson's Dream Cocktail
Key Lime Pie Shot
Glaciermeister Cocktail
LeFreak Cocktail
White Rabbit Cocktail
Letitia's Penisbutter Cup Cocktail
Liberace Shot
Liqiud Mintaero Cocktail
African Lullaby Cocktail
Liquid Courage Cocktail
Warm Woolly Sheep Cocktail
Milky Way Galaxy Cocktail
Wet Pussy Cocktail
Whiskey Milk Punch Cocktail
White Jamaican Cocktail
Widow Woods' Nightcap Cocktail
Windy Beach Cocktail
Barnaby's Buffalo Blizzard Cocktail
Brandy Puff Cocktail
Broker's Thought Cocktail
Butterscotch Milk Punch Cocktail
Malibu Jane Cocktail
Malibu Massage Cocktail
Malibu Milk Shake Cocktail
Malibu Mocha Milkshake Cocktail
Mallis 97 Cocktail
McShake Cocktail
Mexican Rose Shot
Milk Punch Cocktail
Milk Shake 43 Cocktail
Mind Game Shot
Monk's Butt Cocktail
Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Morning Milk Cocktail
Mother Moo Cocktail
Mother's Milk Shot
Mr G Cocktail
Multiple Orgasm Cocktail
Nagel Nectar Cocktail
Nightcap Cocktail
Nutty Banana Cocktail
Paisano Cocktail
Pascal Cocktail
Paul Raspberry Shot
Peaches and Cream Cocktail
Peppermint Crisp Cocktail
Phantom Cocktail
Pinglan Cocktail
Pink Drink Cocktail
Pink Heart Cocktail
Pink Pitch Cocktail
Pink Russian Cocktail
Pink Squirrel #2 Cocktail
Pisang Cold Cocktail
Pooky and Chooky Cocktail
The Power Of Milk Cocktail
Peanut Coffee Frenzy Cocktail
Grizzly Bear Cocktail
Coffee Cream Cocktail
Canadian Cocoa Cocktail
Chocolate XS Cocktail
Raspberry Russian Cocktail
Rum Milk Punch Cocktail
Vanilla Creamsicle Cocktail
Vit Ryss Cocktail
Voodoo Cocktail
Winter Breeze Cocktail
Hot Scotch Nightcap Cocktail
Irish Milk Punch Cocktail
Brandy Eggnog Cocktail
Breakfast Eggnog Cocktail
Caledonia Cocktail
Choco Colada Cocktail
Goldie Cocktail
Hot M.M.M. Cocktail
Jean Gabin Cocktail
Pinky Colada Cocktail
Red Mouth Cocktail
Sweet and Hot Cocktail
Strawberry Tropicolada Cocktail
Russian Satellite Cocktail
Brandy Plush Cocktail
Caribbean Bulldog Cocktail
Smith and Kearns Cocktail
Whiskey Plush Cocktail
White Bat Cocktail
Mozart Milkshake Cocktail
Aggie Banana Cocktail
Chocolate Martini Lite Cocktail
Coco-Cognac Cocktail
Cody Spunk Cocktail
Creamsicle Shot
Dirty Snowball Cocktail
Jeff Boxies Cocktail
Mango Chimp Cocktail
Piece of Heaven Shot
Queerwig Cocktail
Rocky Point Bomber Shot
Scooby Doo Cocktail
Shagger Cocktail
Tan Nipple Cocktail
The Talking Cow Cocktail
Tropical Bliss Cocktail
White Girl Cocktail
White Romanian Cocktail
Ambijaxtrious Cocktail
Gracious Enjee Cocktail
Squire Racine Cocktail
Butter Chocolate Bliss Cocktail
Big Dog Cocktail
Blue Memphis Cocktail
Blue Sky Cocktail
Bubble Gum #2 Cocktail
Bubblegum Shaker Cocktail
Buttermilk Cocktail
Chocolate Milkshake Cocktail
Chocolate Cappuccino Cocktail
Coconut Colada Cocktail
Coconut Shell Cocktail
Coffee Fantasy Cocktail
Coffee Egg Nog Cocktail
Colorado Motherfucker Cocktail
Applecake Shot
Creamy Vodkanilla Cocktail
Cum in a Blender Cocktail
Datsun Cocktail
Frosty Lay Cocktail
Frozen Andes Mint Cocktail
Fudgesicle Cocktail
Fuzzy Bear Cocktail
Jack Hammer Cocktail
Jaffa Schnapps Cocktail
Jamaican 10-Speed Cocktail
Jedi Cocktail
Johnny Loftus Cocktail
Cabronasaurus Cocktail
Astroturf Cocktail
Tijuana Bulldog Cocktail
Leprechaun's Lunch Cocktail
Liquid Caramel Cocktail
Magic Trick Cocktail
Mexican Dream Cocktail
Milkshake Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Dream #2 Cocktail
Mofo Cocktail
Monkey Cum Cocktail
Mooing Irish Pepsi Cocktail
Morir Sonando Cocktail
Mr. Insaneo The Cow Cocktail
Mud Fuck Cocktail
Nazi Qualik Cocktail
Night Cap Cocktail
Papa Muminek Cocktail
Baby Eskimo Cocktail
Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Peppermint Cream Cocktail
Butterscotch Ice Cream Cocktail
Diablo de Blanco Cocktail
Eat My Pussy Cocktail
Flaming Blue Lamborghini Cocktail
Valentined Cocktail
Burnt Almond Cocktail
Butter Baby Cocktail
Happy Holly-daze Cocktail
Neopolitan Dream Cocktail
Bull Stuff Cocktail
Smooth as Silk Cocktail
Thai-Pirinha Cocktail
Caffeini Martini Cocktail
Pink Fluffy Clouds Cocktail
Nutney Cocktail
Quaalude Cocktail
Coco Blossom Cocktail
Kamora Vanilla Shake Cocktail
Coco Butter Cocktail
Hyperactive Apple Cocktail
Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail
Chocolate Leprechaun Cocktail
Flaming Sugar Lips Shot
Coco Tropico Smoothie Cocktail
Ichbien Cocktail
A Walk on the Moon Cocktail
Chocolate Maple Moo Cocktail
Cocoa Colada Cocktail
Jamaican Milk Shake Cocktail
Jungle Jim Cocktail
Kuni's Helper Cocktail
McGuire's Fuzzy Irishman Cocktail
Nuclear Smoothie Cocktail
Baileys Blizzard Cocktail
Banana Snowman Cocktail
Banoffee Milkshake Cocktail
Calming Draught Cocktail
Carrie's Pink Blossom Cocktail
Cherry Poppin' Scotty Cocktail
Chocolate Milk with a Kick Cocktail
Cuckoo Coconut Cocktail
Day Dreaming Cocktail
Lesbian Slumber Party Cocktail
Mocha Shot
Rattlesnake Eggs Cocktail
Ambuco Cinnamon Shooter Shot
Super Stalin Shot
Blowhole #2 Cocktail
Bavarian Alps #2 Cocktail
Cum Guzzler Cocktail
Dirty's Liquid Lovin' Cocktail
Dixie Smooth Cocktail
Heart Warmer Cocktail
Irish Chocolate Milk Cocktail
Kodiak Sled Dog Cocktail
Two Lesbians for Flavour Cocktail
A Big Pink Dink Cocktail
Absinthe Paralysis Cocktail
Blueberry Muffin Shot
Dis'alotta Cocktail
Frozen Leprechaun Cocktail
Irish Cow Cocktail
Irish Pinata Cocktail
Peach Beseech Cocktail
Wigger Russian Cocktail
Port Milk Punch Cocktail
A Few Of My Favorite Things Cocktail
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Chip #2 Cocktail
Monkey's Heaven Cocktail
Potent Possum Cocktail
Curly Samson Cocktail
the Canaan Cocktail
Holiday Crush Cocktail
Northern Comfort Cocktail
High-Octane White Russian Cocktail
Leadville Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Melty Snowman Cocktail
Neiler Cocktail
One Night Stand Shot
Scrappy Snack Shot
Junior Mints Shot
White Ukrainian Cocktail