Apricot Kiss Cocktail
Bairn Cocktail
Balmoral Cocktail
Irish Cream #4 Cocktail
Barbary Coast Cocktail
Barton Special Cocktail
Mexican Skirt Cocktail
Milk Stiffy Cocktail
Ball Bag Cocktail
Beadlestone Cocktail
Beal's Cocktail
The Liquerice Dream Shot
Manhattan Iced Tea Cocktail
Oil Rig Shot
Peppermint Fireball Shot
Purple Heather Cocktail
Bubba Collins Cocktail
Black Watch Cocktail
Blackjack Cocktail
Blimey Cocktail
Blinder Cocktail
Glasgow Cocktail
Bobby Burns Cocktail
Old Bastard Cocktail
Brainstorm Cocktail
Butter Nut Scotch Cocktail
Santorini Sundown Cocktail
Scotch And Water Cocktail
Scotch Bird Flyer Cocktail
Scotch Bishop Cocktail
Scotch Cobbler Cocktail
Scotch Cooler Cocktail
Scotch Daisy Cocktail
Scotch Fix Cocktail
Scotch Flip Cocktail
Scotch Highball Cocktail
Scotch Holiday Sour Cocktail
Scotch Mist Cocktail
Scotch Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Scotch Rickey Cocktail
Scotch Sour Cocktail
Scottalian Cocktail
Scurvy Shot
Shoot Cocktail
Silver Bullet Shot
Silver Bullet #2 Shot
Piss On Me Cocktail
The Battle of the 7 Soul Cocktail
Fans Cocktail
Purple Princess Cocktail
John Grisham Cocktail
Dundee Cocktail
Ginger Scotch Cocktail
Macbeth Cocktail
Loch Ness Mystery Cocktail
Derby Fizz Cocktail
Stone Fence Cocktail
STP Cocktail
Tartan Swizzle Cocktail
Tartantula Cocktail
Thriller Cocktail
To Hell With Swords And Garter Cocktail
Topaz Cocktail
Caleigh Cocktail
Celtic Mix Cocktail
The Celt Shot
Charmer Cocktail
Choker Cocktail
Coffee Grinder Shot
Cranberry Blast Cocktail
Dickie Ward Cocktail
Double Brit Shot
Dry Rob Roy Cocktail
Aberdeen Angus Cocktail
Joan Miri Cocktail
Amber's Revenge Cocktail
Fancy Scotch Cocktail
Flying Scotsman Cocktail
Godfather Cocktail
Grand Master Cocktail
Green Mist Cocktail
Bannockburn Cocktail
Barbican Cocktail
Barn Door #2 Cocktail
Highland Fling Cocktail
Highland Sling Cocktail
Hole-In-One Cocktail
Hoots Mon Cocktail
Rob Roy Cocktail
Rusty Nail Cocktail
Irish Cream Liqueur Cocktail
Italian Heather Cocktail
James The Second Comes First Cocktail
Jock Collins Cocktail
Jock-In-A-Box Cocktail
Joe Collins Cocktail
Kiltlifter Cocktail
L'aird Of Summer Isle Cocktail
Lemon Highlander Cocktail
Duncan MacLeod Cocktail
Loch Lomond Cocktail
Warm Woolly Sheep Cocktail
Whisky Mac Cocktail
Widow Woods' Nightcap Cocktail
Artists' Special Cocktail
AWOL Cocktail
Bonny Prince Cocktail
Bury Me Deep Cocktail
Butterscotch Milk Punch Cocktail
Ma Bonnie Wee Hen Cocktail
Ma Wee Hen Cocktail
Macbeth's Dream Cocktail
Mamie Gilroy Cocktail
Man of the Moment Cocktail
McDuff Cocktail
McTavish Shot
Miami Beach #2 Cocktail
Mithering Bastard Cocktail
Modern Cocktail
Moninger's Madness Cocktail
Morning Glory Fizz #2 Cocktail
Melanie Pimm Cocktail
Morning Glory Fizz Cocktail
Ortensia Cocktail
Paisley Martini Cocktail
Pat Quinn Cocktail
Pearl Harbour Revisited Cocktail
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail
Piper At Arms Cocktail
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Cocktail
Protein Smoothie Shot
Pink Almond Cocktail
Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran Cocktail
Prawn Salad Cocktail
C60 Cocktail
Cold Porridge Cocktail
Cock-A-Bendy Cocktail
Ceasefire Cocktail
Rusty Screw Cocktail
Velvet Kilt Cocktail
Woodward Cocktail
Dundee Dream Cocktail
Easy Action Cocktail
Dead Man's Handle Cocktail
Highland Cream Cocktail
Hot Scotch Nightcap Cocktail
Galliano Toddy Cocktail
Fly Swatter Cocktail
Half-Man Half-Wit Cocktail
Hell Bender Cocktail
Hell Hole Cocktail
Henry's Last Hurrah Cocktail
Lark Cocktail
Lesbian Joy Cocktail
Gold Mine Cocktail
High Road Cocktail
Pablo's Shot
Frozen Gael Cocktail
Blood and Sand Cocktail
Sweet Science Cocktail
Witch Hunt Cocktail
White Christmas Cocktail
Slippery Surprise Cocktail
Surprise Browst Cocktail
Trouser Rouser Cocktail
Troya Cocktail
Scotch Melon Sour Cocktail
Sky Highball Cocktail
Debonaire Cocktail
Mark Twain Cocktail
Smoky Martini Cocktail
Affinity Cocktail
South Coast Cocktail
Aggravation Cocktail
Dragon's Fire Jello Shot
Freefall Cocktail
Canadian Salad Cocktail
Boyd of the Loch Cocktail
Burn's Night Special Cocktail
Graceland Cocktail
Joyce of Hillhouse Cocktail
Seething Jealousy Cocktail
Green Goddess Cocktail
Aquarius Cocktail
Bellamy Scotch Sour Cocktail
Black Stuff Cocktail
Black Stuff #2 Cocktail
Bonny Doon Cocktail
Burnt Martini Cocktail
Cameron's Kick Cocktail
Canal Street Daisy Cocktail
Coffee Egg Nog Cocktail
Cowboy Cocktail
Daily Mail Cocktail
Delta Cocktail
Dirty Sock Cocktail
Dusty Martini Cocktail
Heather Blush Cocktail
Highland Cooler Cocktail
Hoot Mon Cocktail
Horse's Neck with a Twist Cocktail
Hot Mon Cocktail
Hot Pecker Cocktail
Hot Whiskey Toddy Cocktail
Jay Leno Cocktail
King Cole #2 Cocktail
Kon Tiki Cocktail
La Rosa Cocktail
Bruja Cubana Cocktail
Gaudi Johann Cocktail
Butterscotch Collins Cocktail
Queen Of Scots Cocktail
Don's Rusty Nail Cocktail
Imperius Shot
Blue Tartan Cocktail
Coffin Nail Cocktail
Downsizing Reality Shot
Hunting Party Shot
Kilted Yak Cocktail
Chocolate Shake Cocktail
Cherry Poppin' Scotty Cocktail
Feed Bag Cocktail
King James II Cocktail
Avada Kedavra Shot
Circular Incision Cocktail
Conqueror Cocktail
Killeberg Cocktail
Hair of the Dog Cocktail
Appalachia Cocktail
Backstabber Shot
Blastula Cocktail
Ma' Bonnie Wee Hen Cocktail