JMO Sling Cocktail
Menstrual Cycle Cocktail
Areola Shot
Devil Juice Cocktail
God's Alabama Slammer Cocktail
Cocky Apple Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Death By Sex Shot
Fred's Slo-Drop Shot
Jon Jon Cocktail
Mango Mixer Cocktail
Mongolian Motherfucker #2 Cocktail
Pinchaser Cocktail
Big Stick Cocktail
Black Hawk Cocktail
Black Orgasm Shot
Blackthorn Cocktail
Kiss the Boys Goodbye Cocktail
Bourbon Black Hawk #2 Cocktail
Bourbon Black Hawk Cocktail
Poomina Fizz Cocktail
Bull's Sweat Shot
Slim Ginger Cocktail
San Francisco #2 Cocktail
Red Devil Cocktail
Sex in the Red Zone Cocktail
Sex on the Brain Cocktail
Sexual Harrassment Shot
Shriner Cocktail
Ski Slope Cocktail
Fusion Rioja Cocktail
Black Day In Alabama Cocktail
Jacked Up Shot
Arcadian Lovemaker Cocktail
Chocolate Flip Cocktail
Chum Cocktail
Liquid Cocaine "Top Shelf" Cocktail
A Little Bit Of Maeve Shot
Ohio State Redeye Cocktail
Raspberry Ass Licker Shot
Sloe Comfortable Screw Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #2 Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #3 Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #4 Cocktail
Sloe Gin Cocktail
Sloe Gin Collins Cocktail
Sloe Gin Flip Cocktail
Sloe Gin Rickey Cocktail
Sloe Tequila Cocktail
Sloe Vermouth Cocktail
Sloeberry Cocktail
Slow Comfortable Screw on a Dogbox Cocktail
Slow Comfortable Screw Cocktail
Slow Painful Movement Cocktail
Slow Screw Cocktail
Smooch Cocktail
Born on the 4th of July Cocktail
Tie Me To The Bedpost Baby Cocktail
Traffic Light Cooler Cocktail
Tropical Lust Cocktail
Tropical Passion Shot
Union Jack Cocktail
Field of Green Cocktail
Charlie Chaplin Cocktail
Cherry Bomber Cocktail
Clove Cocktail
Colorado Coolaid Cocktail
Feel This Cocktail
Fuzzy Comfort Cocktail
Baby Fingers Cocktail
Ha Ha Tonka Cocktail
Hawaiian Volcano Shot
Hornet Cocktail
Hurricane Hugo Shot
Jeannie's Dream Cocktail
Johnnie Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid (Rhode Island) Cocktail
Kool-Aid Shot
Laser Beam Cocktail
Lucky Seven Cocktail
Mcclelland Cocktail
Merry Widow Fizz Cocktail
Alabama Slammer Shot
Alabama Slammer #2 Shot
Mach 1 Shot
Martian Cherry Cocktail
Morticia Cocktail
Nikki Delight Cocktail
Octapussy Cocktail
Panty Dropper Cocktail
Patriotic Blow Shot
Ping-Pong Cocktail
Pink Flamingo Cocktail
Puerto Rican Punch Cocktail
Purple Pancho Cocktail
Purple Shroud Cocktail
Night Skies Over London Cocktail
Cloudy Sky Cocktail
Corvette Cocktail
Red Alert Cocktail
Ringo Cocktail
Ruby Fizz Cocktail
Violent Fuck Cocktail
Eclipse Cocktail
Fast Buck Cocktail
Red Death Cocktail
Hell Frozen Over Cocktail
Hopeless Case Cocktail
Irish Shillelagh Cocktail
A Dixon Thing Cocktail
Slow Finnish Cocktail
Strawberry Patch Cocktail
Royal Turkey Cocktail
Slow Gin and Tonic Cocktail
Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail
Bull Kick Shot
Bull Shit Shot
Donald Cox Cocktail
Moneyshot Shot
All Jacked Up Shot
Sunset Shooter Shot
Motherfucker Cocktail
The Crypt Cocktail
Leapfrog Cocktail
Big Red #2 Cocktail
Sloehand Jackson Cocktail
Angel's Kiss Cocktail
Bitter Christina Cocktail
Bourbon Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail
Cape Cod Cooler Cocktail
Chekhov Cooler Cocktail
Firecracker Cocktail
Face First Cocktail
Fire Starter Cocktail
Futurity Cocktail
Jack Me Up Cocktail
Joy Juice Cocktail
Attitude Cocktail
Lover's Cocktail
Manhandler Cocktail
Moll Flanders Cocktail
Moulin Rouge Cocktail
Bagce Cocktail
Hotflash Cocktail
Quick Slammer Cocktail
The Kovalev Shot
Red Risk Cocktail
Purple Cocktail
Torque Steer Shot
Floridanian Cocktail
Cranberry Countdown Cocktail
Love Cocktail
Fruit Breeze Cocktail
Long Island Fruit Punch Cocktail
Dragon Sweat #2 Shot
Red Devil #2 Cocktail