A Clockwork Tangerine Cocktail
Beetle Juice Cocktail
Beautiful Side Ride Cocktail
Bloody Smurf Jizz Cocktail
Blueberry Martini Cocktail
Caribbean Delight Cocktail
Fashion Victim Cocktail
Hairspray Cocktail
Heaven's Gate Cocktail
Her Period Cocktail
Blue Dragonfly Cocktail
Jack Leg Cocktail
Limon Spritzer Cocktail
Limon Squeeze Cocktail
2000 Flushes Cocktail
Applicious Quencher Cocktail
Astronaut Cocktail
Blow Job #2 Cocktail
Cape Cod Islander Cocktail
Cha Cha Unocha Shot
Cool Paradise Cocktail
Goose Egg Cocktail
Gummi Worms Cocktail
Gummy Worm Shot
Ice Bomb Cocktail
Indian Summer Cocktail
Javanese Sunrise Cocktail
Cherrytini Cocktail
Lion Tamer #2 Cocktail
Dirty Dick Cocktail
Crawl Down My Pussy Shot
Nick's Mountain Dew Cocktail
Blue Dolphin #2 Cocktail
Bighorn Cocktail
Beach Bum Cocktail
Captain Defender Cocktail
Country Time Shot
Beakers Blue Cocktail
Cuban Immigrant Cocktail
Dirty Shirley Cocktail
Doggystyle Cocktail
Filthy Bitch Cocktail
Final Exam Relief Cocktail
Hawaiian Russian Cocktail
Hulk Cocktail
Incredible Chak Shot
Indy Melonade Cocktail
3 Fingers of Ron Burgundy Cocktail
Belgian Blue Cocktail
Blue Dong Cocktail
Heavy Flow Cocktail
Aruba Cocktail
Captain's Hook Cocktail
Chuck Diesel Cocktail
Citron and Sprite Cocktail
Cobalt Kiss Cocktail
Cotton Candy #3 Cocktail
Cupcake Cocktail
Dick Lick Shot
Erection Cocktail
Firecrotch Cocktail
Fireman's Ice Tea Cocktail
The Maxim Cocktail
Happy Monkey Cocktail
Harry Dolan Cocktail
Hawaiian Parrot Cocktail
Hayley's Comet Cocktail
Hpnotiq Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail
Hypno Fusion Cocktail
Hypnocrite Cocktail
I Love You Shot
Jamaican Rumshaker Cocktail
Jim Beam's Clermont Lemonade Cocktail
John Deer Cocktail
Kalamazoo Cocktail
Belinda's Fuzzy Melon Cocktail
KY Special Cocktail
Lemon Slap Shot
Deceased Rabbit Cocktail
Jordan's Blue Razz Buzz Cocktail
Shrek Shot
Blood Orange Blast Cocktail
M3 Cocktail
Magic Pixie Cocktail
Malaysian Pina Colada Cocktail
Malibu Delight Cocktail
Mello Yellow Shot
Walk Me Down Cocktail
Mike's Long Beach Cocktail
Miller's Killer Cocktail
Island Breeze #2 Cocktail
Masturbating Butterfly Cocktail
Mophead Cocktail
Natalie's Cocktail
Neon Fairy Cocktail
Betsy Clear Cocktail
The Betty Ford Cocktail
One Long Distance Operator Cocktail
Panther Piss Cocktail
Panty Dropper #2 Cocktail
Par 4 Shot
Patrick's Bloody Mother Cocktail
Big Dumb Russian Cocktail
Pink Star Cocktail
Pink Flamingo #3 Cocktail
The Abba Cocktail
Becky's Nectar Cocktail
Black River Cocktail
Blue Balls Shot
Blue Chili Cocktail
Blue Kisok Shot
Fizzy Ciclon Cocktail
Blue Motorcycle #2 Cocktail
Midori Sour Cocktail
Bonecrusher Cocktail
Born To Be Wild Cocktail
Bourbon and Sprite Cocktail
My Malibu Delight Cocktail
Monster Piss Cocktail
Santo Libre Cocktail
McWhiskey Sour Cocktail
Teeter-Totter Cocktail
Stumbling Fag Cocktail
The Judy Garland Cocktail
Jayhawk Shot
Flying Angel Cocktail
Slimer's Ecto Cooler Shot
Brittle Fracture Cocktail
Greg Brady Wipeout Cocktail
Dixie Cup Cocktail
The Naked Lady Cocktail
Scooley Slammer Cocktail
Blue Sea Martini Cocktail
Seaweed Cocktail
Sever St. Special Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #8 Cocktail
Surly Rancher Cocktail
Mi General Cocktail
Blue Bacardi Breeze Cocktail
Pittsburgh Sunrise Cocktail
Cute Gay Bartender Cocktail
Mountain Creek Cocktail
Dieta Special Cocktail
Beach Water Cocktail
Comfortable Melons Cocktail
Fat Cat Cooler Cocktail
Gettin' Loose Cocktail
Grapermelon Shot
Mojo Jojo Cocktail
The Bitch Cocktail
South Texas Snow Cocktail
Shocker Shot
Battle of Endor Cocktail
Rumbling Raspberry Cocktail
Jack D. My Passion Cocktail
Chocolate Penguin Martini Cocktail
St. Louis Ice Water Cocktail
Deathproof Cocktail
Whitini Cocktail
Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Hawaiian Desire Cocktail
Purple Peach Cocktail
Blue Brew Cocktail
Tiffatini Cocktail
Planet Smasher Cocktail
A Royal Sprite Cocktail
Blue Whip Cocktail
Smurf Cocktail
Snowball #2 Cocktail
Soapy Tits Cocktail
Spic Cocktail
Spring Cocktail
Spritsor Cocktail
Star Wars Cocktail
Tahitian Treat Cocktail
Tattooed Smurf Cocktail
Cloudberry Dream Cocktail
Think Pink Cocktail
Tom Collins ala Olsen Cocktail
Triple Asp Cocktail
Tropical Waters Cocktail
Yellow Birdie Cocktail
Under Current Cocktail
Elmo Cocktail
Candied Sever St. Special Cocktail
Chambrite Cocktail
Christmas Tree Water Cocktail
Cool Kid Cocktail
Cornholio's Revenge Cocktail
Crimson Tide Cocktail
Croc Punch Cocktail
Crocodile Cocktail
Dell Boy Cocktail
Dephaekt Cocktail
Dick Hard Cocktail
Dirty Mexican Lemonade Cocktail
Downshift Cocktail
Electric Marcucci Cocktail
Electric Smurf Cocktail
Electric Tea Cocktail
Emerald City Cocktail
Esirnus Cocktail
Exotic Finn Cocktail
Jihad Cocktail
Ace Ventura Cocktail
Juicy Lucy Cocktail
Fjellbekk Cocktail
Flash Gordon Cocktail
Flyin' Hawaiian Cocktail
Flying Moose Cocktail
Four Twenty Cocktail
Fox Poison Cocktail
Leaving Las Vegas Cocktail
Fruit Lush Cocktail
Fuquay Friday Night Cocktail
Fuzzball Cocktail
Gailwarning Cocktail
Gin Blossam Cocktail
Gin-Dew-It Cocktail
Golden Shower Cocktail
Grape Ape Cocktail
Grateful Dead #3 Cocktail
Green Alien Cocktail
Green Angel Cocktail
Green Cow #2 Cocktail
Green Delight Cocktail
Green Frog Cocktail
Green Voodoo Shot
Norwegian Iceberg Cocktail
Gerbil Cocktail
Gibbs Cocktail
Glitter and Trash Cocktail
Grape Soda Cocktail
Perfect Kiss Cocktail
Hennyville Slugger Cocktail
Hoo Doo Cocktail
Hybris Cocktail
Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail
Jack Sprite Cocktail
Jaguar Cocktail
James D Cocktail
Jaq'ed Up Screwdriver Cocktail
Jen's Red Shot
Jens Special Cocktail
Jersey Shore Cherry Lemonade Cocktail
Jetstream Cocktail
Karma Chameleon Cocktail
Keith Jackson Shot
Kenny Shot
Aviator Fuel Cocktail
Key West Lemonade Cocktail
Kurant Shot
Ladder Cocktail
Lash Cocktail
Lennart Cocktail
Lina Cocktail
Wave Runner Cocktail
William's Rainbow Cocktail
Beautiful Disaster Cocktail
Magic Woman Cocktail
Malibu Massage Cocktail
Mandarin Split Cocktail
Midori Sour #2 Cocktail
Mind Eraser Shot
Mongolian Motherfucker Cocktail
Nay-Nay Strohmeyer Cocktail
Orange Kiss Cocktail
Pamoyo Shot
Penguin Cocktail
The Perfect Ten Cocktail
Pimp Punch Cocktail
Pineapple Drink Cocktail
Pineapple Monyca Cocktail
Pink Fizzy Cocktail
Pink Passion Cocktail
Pixie Stix Cocktail
Poire Fantastic Cocktail
Swedish Polar Bear Cocktail
Polkagris Cocktail
Prince of Norway Cocktail
Purple Love Cocktail
Purple Yummy Cocktail
Rafu Eighteen Cocktail
Ragnar #2 Cocktail
Ragnar #3 Cocktail
Razberi Kicker Cocktail
Red Melon Cocktail
Red Velvet Cocktail
Red Zalo Cocktail
Wolf (Howlin') Cocktail
Rob Love Cocktail
Rockin' Killer Koolaid Cocktail
Romulan Ale Cocktail
Smurf Piss Shot
Roxy Special Cocktail
Red Headed Mexican Cocktail
Viking Blood Cocktail
Vodka Ricki Cocktail
Kitten Cuddler Cocktail
Absolut Anti-Freeze Shot
Absolut Lemonade Cocktail
Absolut Sex Cocktail
Absolut Summertime Cocktail
Adios Motherfucker #3 Cocktail
Mozart Esprit Cocktail
The Admiral's Passion Cocktail
Blue Dolphin Cocktail
Blue Grapes Cocktail
Boom Boom Shot
Boredom Kills Cocktail
Call a Cab Cocktail
Cancun Slammer Shot
Confidence Builder Cocktail
Akis Special Cocktail
Crazy Erika Cocktail
Albysjon Cocktail
Get Her Done Cocktail
Guthrie Cocktail
HeadSpinner Cocktail
Kellikilla Cocktail
Klukwan Cocktail
Life Is Good Cocktail
Pink Pantie Pulldown Cocktail
Purple Heaven Cocktail
Purple Helmeted Warrior #2 Cocktail
Raspberry Martini Cocktail
Skunk Teas Cocktail
Slippery Dick #2 Cocktail
Tequila Bang Bang Shot
Motherfucker Cocktail
Mexican Martini Cocktail
Alpine Sprite Cocktail
Arkansas Avalanche Cocktail
Armageddon Cocktail
Asterix Cocktail
Blue Angel #2 Cocktail
Blue Sky #3 Cocktail
Apfel Orange Cocktail
Blue Bruiser Cocktail
Red Bruiser Cocktail
Canadian Killer Kool-Aid Cocktail
Carrie's Midori Sour Cocktail
Champion's Bubblin' Cherry Cocktail
Concoction Cocktail
Apple Slut Cocktail
Cracked Chandelier Cocktail
Cuntrat Supreme Cocktail
Skylab Cocktail
Doc Hollyblock Cocktail
Fat Titties Cocktail
Funky Garlic Cocktail
Johnson Cocktail
Amaretto Cherry Sour Cocktail
Gangsta Colada Cocktail
Maria-Rocker Cocktail
Midori Dream Cocktail
Minnesota Slammer Cocktail
Mind Bender Cocktail
Nuclear Kool-Aid Cocktail
Passion #2 Cocktail
Peppermint Pleasure Cocktail
Atomic Plum Shot
Big Dumb Russian #2 Cocktail
Fizzy Gimlet Cocktail
Dirty Lemonade Cocktail
Masculating Madness Cocktail
Shining Bull Cocktail
Sheak's Purple Shirt Cocktail
Blue Juice Cocktail
Spew Cocktail
Mojito Nihongo Cocktail
Danny's Blue Devil Cocktail
Void Water Cocktail
Orange Tickle Cocktail
Brunettes Can Be Sluts Too Shot
Headache Shot
Tanquergay Cocktail
Triple Sow Cow Cocktail
Zolezzi Cocktail
Colorado 'rita Cocktail
Get Your Jollies Cocktail
Blue Candy Death Cocktail
HasherSmasher Cocktail
Hawaiian Lust Cocktail
Toxic Limeade Cocktail
Hpno-nana Cocktail
Fun Dip Shot
Pretty Ricky Cocktail
Claifornia Sour Cocktail
Steele & Kari Cocktail
Seth's Candyman Cocktail
Colorado Bull Fucker Shot
RaRocks Cocktail
Royal Sour Kiss Cocktail
Turtle Blasters Cocktail
Apple Booker Cocktail
Rad Fuck Cocktail
Cherry Long Island Cocktail
Katie's Midori Sour Cocktail
Big Game Punch Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #4 Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #4 Cocktail
The Big Slim Cocktail
Greg's Basement Cocktail
Misty Breeze Cocktail
Pink Thing #2 Cocktail
Alawai Canal Cocktail
Long Island Tears Cocktail
Aloha Paradise Cocktail
Damn Right Cocktail
Drowning Pool Cocktail
Nummy Cocktail
Gummybear Cocktail
Smoochie Smoochie Red Cocktail
Fun Dip #2 Shot
Granny Candy Cocktail
Nath Cocktail
Aunt Carrie's Snakebite Cocktail
Allison's Purple Nurple Cocktail
Clear Blue Sea Cocktail
Jona's Special Cocktail
Smoochie Smoochie Blue Cocktail
Nhardkiss Cocktail
Royal Hawaiian Punch Shot
Amnesia #2 Cocktail
Sky Captain Cocktail
Purple Haze Cocktail
Poor Man's Margarita Cocktail
Royal Assassin Cocktail
Bend Over Shirley Cocktail
Mandarin Mojito Cocktail
Phizzle Cocktail
Tequila Bang Bang Mexico Style Shot
Shirley Tempest Cocktail
Andrej's Blue Cocktail
Silent Death Cocktail
Jade Monkey Shot
Sun Energy Cocktail
James Bond Sprite Cocktail
Latin Knocker Cocktail
Asian Sensation Cocktail
Big Apple And Sprite Cocktail
Boozer Bob Shot
Bulldog's Viagra Cocktail
Gale Warning Cocktail
New Guinea Cocktail
Nikki Sixx Cocktail
Ocean Water Cocktail
Punch in the Stomach Cocktail
Bilge Water Cocktail
The Real Mexican Motherfucker Shot
Aunt B's Snakebite Shot
Ruby Soho Cocktail
Bartender's Cream Soda Cocktail
Blue Bastard Cocktail
Blue Shizzle Cocktail
Busted Nut Cocktail
Stinky Pinky Cocktail
Peach Up #2 Cocktail
The Death Blaster Cocktail
Bill Clinton Politically Erect Cocktail
Fruity Sprite Kicker Cocktail
Oscar Pop Cocktail
Club Booster Cocktail
Gatarou Cocktail
Slutty Shirley Cocktail
Apple Tree Cocktail
Raspberry Mango Daiquri Cocktail
Halle Berry Cocktail
Mind Probe Cocktail
Dubai Quench Cocktail