Andy's Manhatten Cocktail
Apricot Kiss Cocktail
Beetle Juice Cocktail
Gay Mountie Cocktail
Golden Martini Cocktail
Balmoral Cocktail
Baron Cocktail
Midtwinkle Martini Cocktail
Mott Street Manhattan Cocktail
Beal's Cocktail
Beauty Spot Cocktail
Antoines Tarred Image Cocktail
French Martini #2 Cocktail
Bijou Cocktail
Addington Cocktail
Black Pagoda Cocktail
Blackthorn Cocktail
Blavod Martini Cocktail
Bloodhound Cocktail
Copper Rivet Cocktail
Bobby Burns Cocktail
Bolero Cocktail
Bombay Cocktail
Brainstorm Cocktail
Brandy Manhattan Cocktail
Brandy Vermouth Cocktail
Broken Spur Cocktail
Bronx Golden Cocktail
Bull Martini Cocktail
San Francisco #2 Cocktail
Sand-Grown-Un Cocktail
Sand-Martin Cocktail
Santa Maria Cocktail
Scotch Holiday Sour Cocktail
Serpentine Cocktail
Sid Vicious Cocktail
Silver Bronx Cocktail
Hasbrouck Heights Cocktail
Manhattan Skyscraper Cocktail
Prince Elizabeth Martini Cocktail
Black Manhattan Cocktail
Cold Duck Cocktail
Grand Slam Cocktail
Accordion Cocktail
Asbury Park Cocktail
Chum Cocktail
Jack Withers Cocktail
Patrician Cocktail
This Episode is F'd Up Cocktail
Backstreet Cocktail
Bergenline Cocktail
New Fashioned Cocktail
Shaheena Cocktail
Smiler #2 Cocktail
Sphinx Cocktail
Stone Cocktail
Stranger-In-Town Cocktail
Tailspin Cocktail
Tango Cocktail
Tartantula Cocktail
Tequila Manhattan Cocktail
Tipperary Cocktail
Triad Cocktail
Trilby Cocktail
Trinity Cocktail
Yellow Rattler Cocktail
Yolanda Cocktail
California Dream Cocktail
Canadian Manhattan Cocktail
Carrol Cocktail
Charles Cocktail
Clove Cocktail
Comforting Tiger Cocktail
Cooperstown Cocktail
Damn-The-Weather Cocktail
Delmonico Cocktail
Delmonico #2 Cocktail
Diplomat Cocktail
Dressed Up Like A Dogs Dinner Cocktail
Duchess Cocktail
El Floridita Cocktail
El Presidente #2 Cocktail
Emerson Cocktail
English Highball Cocktail
Alfonso Special Cocktail
Alternatini Cocktail
Americano Highball Cocktail
Farmer Giles Cocktail
Farmer's Cocktail
Fleet Street Cocktail
Flying Scotsman Cocktail
Fort Lauderdale Cocktail
Gentleman's Club Cocktail
Gin and It Cocktail
Golden Bronx Cocktail
Gypsy Cocktail
Ginza Strip Cocktail
Golden Friendship Cocktail
Great Gatsby Cocktail
Barbed Wire Cocktail
Bastardo Cocktail
H.P.W. Cocktail
Hat Trick Cocktail
Highland Fling Cocktail
Hoots Mon Cocktail
Rob Roy Cocktail
Horse And Jockey Cocktail
Hotel Plaza Cocktail
The Irresistible Manhattan Cocktail
Jersey Lightning Cocktail
Jet Black Cocktail
Jewel Cocktail
Jeyplak Cocktail
Jock-In-A-Box Cocktail
Jockey's Choice Manhattan Cocktail
Joulouville Cocktail
Journalist Cocktail
Knickerbocker Cocktail
La Stephanique Cocktail
Lady Be Good Cocktail
Latin Manhattan Cocktail
Leap Year Cocktail
Little Princess Cocktail
Lone Tree Cocktail
Los Angeles Cocktail
Whip Cocktail
Whiskey Manhattan Cocktail
Bronx Martini Cocktail
Negroni Cocktail
Manhasset Cocktail
Manhattan Bella Cocktail
Sweet Manhattan #2 Cocktail
Sweet Manhattan Cocktail
Mardee Mine Cocktail
Metropolitan #3 Cocktail
Million-Dollar Cocktail
Montmartre Cocktail
Mountain Cocktail
Mozart Cocktail
Narragansett Cocktail
Negroni - Zimbabwe Style Cocktail
Old Pal Cocktail
Opening Cocktail
Oriental Cocktail
Palm Beach Cocktail
Park Avenue Cocktail
Manhattan Cocktail
Perfect Cocktail
Perfect Manhattan Cocktail
Perfect Rob Roy Cocktail
Petit Zinc Cocktail
Petticoat Lane Cocktail
Plaza Cocktail
High Class Shot
Ragged Company Cocktail
Rolls-Royce Cocktail
Rory O'More Cocktail
Rosita Cocktail
Ruby in the Rough Cocktail
Vesuvio Cocktail
Victor Cocktail
Caricature Cocktail
Fancy Nancy Cocktail
Fernet Branca Cocktail
Harry's Cocktail
Eastern Manhattan Cocktail
Man o' War Cocktail
Maragato Cocktail
Adonis Cocktail
Affinity Cocktail
Confidence Builder Cocktail
Waking to the Call of the Mockingbird Cocktail
Leapfrog Cocktail
Deanne Cocktail
Bill Leaves Town Cocktail
Gault's Gumption Cocktail
Hot Deck Cocktail
L.A. Cocktail
Major Bradbury Cocktail
Park Paradise Cocktail
Teacher's Pet Cocktail
Agincourt Cocktail
Beansy's Battleground Cocktail
Big Red #2 Cocktail
Bittersweet Cocktail
Bresnan Cocktail
Burfentailor Cocktail
Burn's Night Special Cocktail
Cuyahoga Cocktail
Farthingale Cocktail
Gladys Delight Cocktail
Graceland Cocktail
Green Gables #2 Cocktail
Jeff Tracy Cocktail
Joyce of Hillhouse Cocktail
Mary's Delight Cocktail
Matinee Cocktail
Maureen's Dream Cocktail
Mayflower Cocktail
Mayor Billy Cocktail
Much Fuss for the Conquering Hero Cocktail
Same Old Song Cocktail
Seething Jealousy Cocktail
Sweet Nan Cocktail
Warrior Cocktail
Wysoosler Cocktail
Chunnel Cocktail
Southern Comfort Manhattan Cocktail
Madeira M'Dear Cocktail
Americano Cocktail
Anesthetic Cocktail
Applejack Manhattan Cocktail
Armour Cocktail
Aurum Cocktail
Beachcomber's Gold Cocktail
Bonny Doon Cocktail
Preakness Cocktail
Cold Deck Cocktail
Apple Pie Cocktail
Columbia Cocktail
Cuff and Buttons Cocktail
Curled Satan's Whiskers Cocktail
Daiquiri Liberal Cocktail
Danny's Delight Cocktail
Embassy Royal Cocktail
Fair and Warmer Cocktail
Fare Thee Well Cocktail
Fare Thee Well Martini Cocktail
Froupe Cocktail
Futurity Cocktail
Hep Cat Cocktail
Homestead Cocktail
Hoot Mon Cocktail
Hot Mon Cocktail
Island Martini Cocktail
Artillery Cocktail
Ash Blonde Cocktail
Indispensable Martini Cocktail
Leviathan Cocktail
Martunia Cocktail
Maurice Cocktail
Moulin Rouge Cocktail
Naked Lady Cocktail
Newbury Cocktail
Nineteenth Hole Cocktail
Old Fashioned Manhattan Cocktail
Olive Martini Cocktail
Orange Bloom Cocktail
Paddy Cocktail
Pall Mall Cocktail
Pall Mall Martini Cocktail
Peggy Martini Cocktail
Pepper Manhattan Cocktail
Rob Roy Variant Cocktail
HPW Cocktail
Queens Cocktail
Poker Cocktail
Jordan's Cherry Coke Cocktail
Granny Candy Cocktail
UTI Cocktail
Perfect Brandy Manhattan Cocktail
Plaza Martini Cocktail
Pollyanna Cocktail
Gator Bite Shot
Italian Samurai Cocktail
Jeremy Perkins Cocktail
Averno Cocktail
Black Gin Cocktail
Creamy Mimi Cocktail
Dolphin Fin Cocktail
Joliet Jake Cocktail
Brandy Jack Cocktail
Dirty Blonde Cocktail
Gazette Cocktail
Pomegranate Apple Martini Cocktail
Lifeline Cocktail