Commie Shot
Hole in the Head Shot
Jake's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Mad Dog #2 Shot
Flaming Bloody Rectum Shot
Alamo Shot
Bite Your Mama Bloody Mary Cocktail
Bloody Dragon Cocktail
Death by Shot
Death Row Shot
Eye Opening Bloody Mary Cocktail
Flaming Open Wound Shot
Mariachi Cocktail
A Tender Touch Shot
Captain Nemo Cocktail
Dirty Rollie Fingers Shot
Flaming Meggers Shot
Flaming Ring of Fire Shot
Flatliner #2 Shot
Hot Chicana Shot
Hot Tequila Shot
Spicy Delirious Fire Cocktail
AA Discount Shot
Bleeding Nazi Cocktail
Burnt Mexican Shot
Flaming Buller Shot
Gay Uncle Shot
Heavy Metal #2 Shot
Liquid Herpes Cocktail
Mack Attack Shot
Mad Pirate Shot
Black Wolf Shot
Bloody Caesar Cocktail
Bloody Chicken Shot
Bloody Maria Cocktail
Bloody Mary Jolly Style Cocktail
Cornhusker Deluxe Cocktail
Green Chilli Shot
Cinnamon Bloody Mary Cocktail
Boston Burn-Out Shot
Tabouzo Shot
Moon Light Cocktail
Bram Stoker's Dracula Shot
Brave Bull Shooter Shot
Shanan's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Yager's Bloody Mary Jane Cocktail
Vampiro #2 Cocktail
Brush Fire Shot
Bullshot #2 Cocktail
Bull's Sweat Shot
Bullshot #4 Cocktail
Burn Shot
Klingon Blood Wine Cocktail
Sangrita Shot
Satan's Piss Shot
Satan's Revenge Shot
Satan's Spawn Shot
Sexoholic Shot
Shot of Hell Shot
Shot of Respect Shot
Simon Sez Seazar Cocktail
Soup Nazi Shot
Cajun Tomato Cocktail
Caribbean Volcano Shot
Spicey Sword Cocktail
Mad Dog Shot
This Episode is F'd Up Cocktail
Aquapolitan Cocktail
Grandma's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Chainsaw Shot
Finlandia Bloody Mary Cocktail
Snakebite #2 Shot
Snakebite #3 Shot
Snakebite #5 Shot
Caesar Cocktail
Spicy Martini Cocktail
Stinger Shot
T2 Shot
Tequila BoomBoom Shot
Tequila Surprise Shot
Texas Prairie Fire Shot
Cajun Comforter Cocktail
Chuck Wagon Shot
Colorado Rattlesnake Shot
Creole Cocktail
Deer Killer Cocktail
Desert Water Shot
Don's Bloody Mary Cocktail
El Bastardo Cocktail
Estonian Forest-Fire Shot
Acapulco Clam Digger Cocktail
Alexi's Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail
Algonquin Bloody Mary Cocktail
Fahrenheit 5000 Shot
Fire And Torture Shot
Fire in Heaven Shot
Fireball Cocktail
Fireball #2 Shot
Fireball Shot
Fireball #3 Shot
Flaming Anus Cocktail
Flaming Citrus Action Cocktail
Flatliner Shot
Forest Fire Shot
Chinese Mary Cocktail
Golden Furnace Shot
Harakiri Shot
Headcrush Shot
Hell Mary Cocktail
Hot Bitch Shot
Hot Lunch Cocktail
Hot #2 Shot
Hot Spot Shot
Inferno Shot
Kentucky Hot Tub Shot
Lava Shot
Leatherneck Shot
Lumberjack Shot
Mexican Prairie Fire Shot
Buffalo Sweat Shot
Nazi Taco Shot
The Pernod Demon Shot
Prairie Dog Shot
Prairie Fire Shot
Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker #2 Shot
Red Square Shot
Red Tequila Shot
Riddler's Shot
The Graveyard Cocktail
Romulan Ale Cocktail
Russian Bloody Mary Shot
Sharpshooter Shot
Bull Shot Cocktail
Bloody Butrum Cocktail
Mud and Blood Cocktail
Afterburner #2 Shot
Barn Burner Shot
Battery Acid Shot
Buffalo Sweat #69 Shot
Canadian Snake Bite Shot
Cuban Assassin Shot
Flaming Jew Shot
Hate Cocktail
Hell's Mary Cocktail
Jared's Concoction Cocktail
Zhivago's Revenge Shot
Red Devil Shot
Dale's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Rudolph's Nosebleed Shot
Sweaty Shot
Sweaty Mexican Shot
Bloody Mary #2 Cocktail
Bloody Maru Cocktail
Bloody Mariana Cocktail
Buddy's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Hair of the Dog Shot
Hot Pecker Cocktail
Hot Pussy Cocktail
Buffalo Sweat #2 Shot
Jawbreaker aka Fireball Shot
Bloody Morning Cocktail
Gold Furnace Shot
Bloody Mary Intoxicating Vegetable Soup Cocktail
Passionate Virgin Cocktail
Hot Shot
Polish Flameberry Shot
Colorado Prairie Fire Shot
Monkey Fart Shot
Montana Prairie Fire Shot
Screaming Pedro Shot
Avada Kedavra Shot
Gator Bite Shot
Ultimate Bloody Mary Cocktail
Mike's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Oklahoma Rattler Shot
Paco Mix Cocktail
German Rusty Nail Shot
Hot Poker Shot
Retro Girl Bloody Mary Cocktail
Demonade Cocktail
T-Bone's Ultimate Bloody Mary Cocktail
Filthy Mudblood Cocktail
Blood Mary Extra Hairy Cocktail
Ray Charles Shot