Beaubetween Shot
Cinnamon Rose Shot
Irish Rose Cocktail
Alrighty Then! Cocktail
Banana Split #4 Cocktail
Buttery Nipple #4 Shot
Cordial Cherry Cocktail
Creamy Pussy Shot
J-Lu Shot
Mrs. Santa Claus Shot
Neopolitan Dynamite Shot
Neopolitan Shot
Peppermint Rose Shot
Coke Float Shot
Monkey Balls Shot
T-52 Shot
Tequila Bay Breeze Cocktail
Teresa's Dream Shake Cocktail
Thorny Mexican Shot
Captain Crunch Shot
Freddie's Naughty Neopolitan Shot
China Girl Cocktail
White Tornado Shot
The Whole Maryann Cocktail
MVP's Strawberry Bomb Shot
Pearl Necklace Shot
Pink Russian Cocktail
Beauty and the Beast Shot
Dudi Drop Shot
Mandi Candy Shot
Pink Cement Shot
Slapper Shot
Cherry Popper Shot
Tie Dye Shot
Southern Rose Shot
Beer Rose Cocktail
2MC's Shot
Bloody Pussy Shot
Hot Pink Pussy Shot
Toxic Cream Factory Shot
Muddy Rose Cocktail
Coco Blossom Cocktail
Cindy's Orchid Shot
Carrie's Pink Blossom Cocktail
Dirty Condom Shot
Jamie's Dream Cocktail
Blueberry Muffin Shot
Riley's Rosarita Cocktail