Bag of Filth Cocktail
Iced Fritter Cocktail
Dutch Disaster Shot
Brown and Beige Cocktail
Ball Bag Cocktail
Amsterdamned Cocktail
Almond Gravy Shot
Bacardi Big Skeet Cocktail
Carribean Catholic Cocktail
Corsair Shot
J-Lu Shot
Jamaican Rumshaker Cocktail
Jimmy Page Shot
Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb Shot
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Blue Mountain Cocktail
Boston Ice Tea Cocktail
Brown Cow #2 Cocktail
A-Bomb Cocktail
Southern Beamy Brain Damage Shot
Southern Brain Damage Shot
Cary Grant Cocktail
Tangerine Dream Cocktail
Three Musketeers Shot
Tiatip Shot
Tiger Tail Shot
Tootsie Roll Shot
Chastity Belt Cocktail
Cocaine #2 Shot
Coco Cognac Cocktail
Cumulus Cocktail
Dark Indulgence Cocktail
Depth Charge Cocktail
Hummingbird Cocktail
Hummingbird #2 Cocktail
Jamaica Me Crazy Cocktail
Landed Gentry Cocktail
Lord And Lady Cocktail
Louie Louie Cocktail
Whistling Gypsy Shot
Mike Tyson Cocktail
Mocha Maria Cocktail
Mudwrestle Cocktail
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster #2 Cocktail
Cafe Trinidad Cocktail
Viking Blood Cocktail
Choco Colada Cocktail
Fat Sailor Cocktail
Hot M.M.M. Cocktail
After Eight Shot
Boston Tea Party Cocktail
Alexandra Cocktail
Tonsil Tickler Shot
Hot Mollifier Cocktail
Beige Russian Cocktail
Black Ukrainian Cocktail
Blenheim Cocktail
Ciel Cocktail
Datsun Cocktail
Disappointed Lady Cocktail
Fire in the Sky Cocktail
Guinness Martini Cocktail
Halfcast Russian Cocktail
Jamaican Yo Yo Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #3 Cocktail
Lift Cocktail
Mongolian Dingbat Cocktail
Papa Muminek Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Lu Lu's Velvet Cream Cocktail
Coffee Nut Cream Cocktail
Dangerous Liaisons Cocktail
John's Delight Cocktail
High-Octane Black Russian Cocktail
Bikini Line Shot
High-Octane White Russian Cocktail
Bed Spinner Cocktail
Minerstown Sling Cocktail
Puerto Rican Monkey Fuck Shot