Irish Cream #4 Cocktail
Alex Trebek Shot
Canadian Hangover Cocktail
Drunken Parrot Cocktail
Kahlua Cookie Cocktail
Peach Daiquiri #2 Cocktail
Brazilian Daiquiri Cocktail
Citron Cheese Cake Cocktail
Bourbon Milk Punch Cocktail
Screaming Epsilon Cocktail
Calypso Daiquiri Cocktail
French Mud Slide Cocktail
Root Beer Float #3 Cocktail
Banana Milkshake Cocktail
Death By Oreos Cocktail
Pineapple Hunk Cocktail
Lips of Myristica Cocktail
Lallah Rookh Cocktail
Southern Hospitality Cocktail
Captain Louie Shot
Pineapple Buganda Cocktail
Little Brother Cocktail
Milky Way Galaxy Cocktail
Orgasmic Fantasy Cocktail
Pearl Harbour Revisited Cocktail
Chocolate Snow Bear Cocktail
Godiva Cream Cocktail
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Cocktail
Choco Banana Smash Cocktail
Creamy Vodkanilla Cocktail
Jamaican Creamsicle Cocktail
Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail
Rattlesnake Eggs Cocktail
Banana Tree Cocktail
Heart Warmer Cocktail
Searoot Cocktail