Caramel "J" Cocktail
Bailey's Dream Shake Cocktail
Frozen Dreamsicle Cocktail
Banana Colada #2 Cocktail
Banana Foster Martini Cocktail
Eskay Slammer Cocktail
Barrier Reef Cocktail
Nightwalker Cocktail
Grandes Smoothie Cocktail
Ichabod Crane Cocktail
Galliano Milkshake Cocktail
Kahlua Cookie Cocktail
Maggie's Yellow Skoda Cocktail
Miscegenation Cocktail
Old Rootbeer Float Cocktail
Banana Jacuzzi Shake Cocktail
Bananas Foster Cocktail
Brandy Ice Cocktail
Frozen Nipples Cocktail
Godiva Whisper Cocktail
Kahlua Frost Cocktail
Brandon and Will's Coke Float Cocktail
Brandy Alexandra Cocktail
Quicksand Cocktail
Bitchin Baileys Cocktail
Creamsicle Margarita Cocktail
Indiana Jones Skull and Bones Cocktail
Moosemilk Cocktail
Blueberry Freeze Cocktail
Schlagerfloat Cocktail
Silver Stallion Fizz Cocktail
Brandied Peaches 'n' Cream Cocktail
Ice Cream Flip Cocktail
Chocolate Almond Kiss Cocktail
Davis Dream Cocktail
Jungle Jizz Cocktail
Jagernog Cocktail
Snowball Dokkie Cocktail
Cat's Meow Cocktail
King Peach Cocktail
Candy Cane Crimbo Cocktail
Amaretto Freeze Cocktail
Paradise Peaches and Cream Cocktail
Snow Blinder Cocktail
Strawberry Dream Cocktail
Tidbit Cocktail
Smooth Pineapple Daiquiri Cocktail
Captain Creamsicle Cocktail
Caramel Nut Cocktail
Choozy Mothers Milk Cocktail
Coconut Toastie Cocktail
Creamy Grasshopper Cocktail
Creamy Punani Cocktail
Crickets Cocktail
Dark Indulgence Cocktail
The Dark Side Cocktail
Elephant Shake Cocktail
Florida Pina Colada Cocktail
Frozen Grasshopper Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide #2 Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Baby Jane Cocktail
Banana Foster Cocktail
Hummer Cocktail
Ice Cream Genius Cocktail
Ice Cream Flip #2 Cocktail
Iceberg In Radioactive Water Cocktail
White Cargo Cocktail
Raspberry Swirl Cocktail
Jamaican Banana Cocktail
Bailey's Shake Cocktail
Glaciermeister Cocktail
Kori's Saturday Night Special Cocktail
Dirty Banana Cocktail
Alaskan Orange Cocktail
Apple a la Mode Cocktail
Banana Nutbread Cocktail
Barnaby's Buffalo Blizzard Cocktail
Bonaparte Velvet Cocktail
Brazilian Monk Cocktail
Butter Pecan Cocktail
Brute Cocktail
McShake Cocktail
Martian Sex Monster Cocktail
Ogre Drink Cocktail
Pensacola Bushwacker Cocktail
Pistachio Cream Cocktail
Nut Crusher Cocktail
Peanut Coffee Frenzy Cocktail
Chocolate Snow Bear Cocktail
Cape Snow Cocktail
Cherry Tree Climber Cocktail
Cherry Chocolate Freeze Cocktail
Cocobanana Cocktail
Country Cream Cocktail
Crime of Passion Cocktail
Royal Peaches and Cream Cocktail
Nutcracker Cocktail
Friesian Cocktail
Frozen Black Irish Cocktail
Frozen Gael Cocktail
Frozen Key Lime Cocktail
Gamble Cocktail
Hammer Horror Cocktail
Island Delight Cocktail
Kaiser's Jest Cocktail
Saronno Peach Fuzz Cocktail
Urban Jungle Cocktail
Rum Sunday Cocktail
Will to Live Cocktail
Mozart Cola Cocktail
Mont Blanc Cocktail
Aggie Banana Cocktail
Pink Panties #2 Cocktail
Apple Granny Crisp Cocktail
Apple River Cocktail
Beach Bum's Cooler Cocktail
Big Chill #2 Cocktail
Blackberry Smoothie Cocktail
Blue Cloud Cocktail
Blue Velvet Cocktail
Cavanaugh's Special Cocktail
Choco Banana Smash Cocktail
Di Amore Dream Cocktail
Dolph Lundgren Cocktail
Don Pedro Cocktail
Dreamy Monkey Cocktail
Frosty Noggin Cocktail
Frozen Andes Mint Cocktail
Frozen Cappuccino Cocktail
Frozen Steppes Cocktail
Fruity Smash Cocktail
Ice Cream Hogarth Cocktail
Irish Dream Cocktail
Iced Coffee a l'Orange Cocktail
Kiev Sundae Cocktail
Lonely Night Cocktail
Melon Island Cocktail
Mexican Dream Cocktail
Mississippi Mud Cocktail
Monk Cocktail
Orange Blossom Special Cocktail
Peach Melba Freeze Cocktail
Peachy Amaretto Cocktail
Baby Eskimo Cocktail
Pina Colada Royal Cocktail
Godiva Chocolate Covered Banana Cocktail
Purple Orchid Cocktail
Lu Lu's Velvet Cream Cocktail
Valentined Cocktail
Berry Cobbler Cocktail
Checkerboard Cocktail
Ice Cream Schnapps Cocktail
Chilled Chocolate Grasshopper Cocktail
Kamora Vanilla Shake Cocktail
Raspberry Cheesecake Cocktail
Caramel Nut Ice Cream Cocktail
Ice Storm Cocktail
Kill Me Now Kahlua Cocktail
Emerald Isle Cooler Cocktail
Irish Immigrant Cocktail
Kuni's Helper Cocktail
Russian Quaylude Cocktail
Koala Bear Cocktail
Ante Meridiem Cocktail
Banana Tree Cocktail
Cum Guzzler Cocktail
Frozen Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Kick In The Glass Cocktail
London Freeze Cocktail
Razzbaretto Cocktail
Banana Barbados Cocktail
Colorado Avalanche Cocktail
Latin Dream Cocktail
Riley's Rosarita Cocktail
Frozen Velvet Hammer Cocktail
Bailey's Banana Vanilla Thrilla Cocktail
Bourbon Float Cocktail
Club Paradise Cocktail
Frozen Orange Dream Cocktail
Kahlua Mocha Milkshake Cocktail
Oreo Speedwagon Cocktail