African Tinnie Shot
Angel's Kiss #2 Cocktail
Bald Estonian Cocktail
Black Death Cocktail
Bloody Monkey Cocktail
Blue Balalaika Cocktail
Bone Crusher Cocktail
Cappucini Cocktail
Caribbean Delight Cocktail
Cranapple Martini Cocktail
Dana's Nicotine Fit Cocktail
Dark and Veiny Shot
Detroit Fermi Cocktail
Foamy Irishman Cocktail
Ginein's Raspberry Surprise Cocktail
Bakkus Cocktail
Green Goblin Cocktail
Han Solo Cocktail
Hard Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail
Her Period Cocktail
Hole in the Head Shot
Italian Greyhound Cocktail
Beach Bum Shake Cocktail
Bitch Slammer Cocktail
Jackalope Punch Cocktail
Jackass Cocktail
Jake's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Jennifer's Junebug Cocktail
Jo Jo Superspy Cocktail
Baltimore Zoo Cocktail
Kalashnikov Shot
Blue Trane Cocktail
Bambi's Iced Tea Cocktail
Kula-for-Shula Cocktail
GordBuster from Hell Cocktail
Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail
Limetini Cocktail
A Midsummernight's Dream Cocktail
Liquid Watermelon Cocktail
Lychee Martini Cocktail
4th of July Shot
Mad Dog #2 Shot
Menstrual Cycle Cocktail
Balalika Cocktail
Bronze Monkey Cocktail
Devil's Breath Shot
Banana Cream Pie Shot
Electric Ski-mask Cocktail
Fucked by a Rockstar Shot
Green Eggs Cocktail
Hypnotic Martini #2 Cocktail
A Lark's Tropical Heaven Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw Watching a Sunrise Cocktail
Alex Trebek Shot
Arielle's Fuck 'n Run Cocktail
Avalanche #2 Cocktail
Bargo Cocktail
Beezer Punch Cocktail
Astronaut Cocktail
Bite Your Mama Bloody Mary Cocktail
Black Santa Cocktail
Bloody Smurf #2 Shot
Blue Volcano Cocktail
Breeze of Saronno Cocktail
Butt Plug Shot
Calm Monkey Cocktail
Canadian Princess Cocktail
Banana Foster Martini Cocktail
Candy Apple Martini Cocktail
Cape Cod Islander Cocktail
Cerebro de Los Pollos Shot
Bananaball Cocktail
Cherry Vodka Greyhound Cocktail
Christini Martini Cocktail
Confusion Cocktail
Coral Queensland Cocktail
Bankers Doom Cocktail
Death Star Cocktail
Bullfrog #3 Cocktail
Dr. Pepper #2 Cocktail
Eye Opening Bloody Mary Cocktail
Fat Girl Shot
Flagella Shot
Flaming Angry Dragon Shot
Fluffy Pink Angel Shot
Frodka Cocktail
Frosted Coke Cocktail
Camel Concoction Shot
Fuzzy Pussy Cocktail
A Southern Screw Cocktail
Gateraide Cocktail
Girl From Mars Cocktail
Green Goddamn Cocktail
Slippery Virgin Cocktail
H-Bomb Cocktail
Happy Camper #2 Cocktail
Home Alone Cocktail
Hornless Unicorn Cocktail
Inauguratini Cocktail
Blue MotherFucker #2 Cocktail
Silver Spider Shot
Heste Pis Cocktail
Ice Bomb Cocktail
Jade #2 Cocktail
Javanese Sunrise Cocktail
Junk It All Shot
Kamikaze Wigglers Shot
Barracuda Shot
Kentucky Bullfrog Shot
La Mojita Cocktail
Liquid Uranium Cocktail
Lithium Cocktail
Little Black Devil Cocktail
Crawl Down My Pussy Shot
Killer Shot
Mexican Martini #2 Cocktail
Baseball Pleasure Cocktail
Anyie on the Beach Cocktail
Midnight Kiss Cocktail
Mind Eraser #2 Shot
Model United Nations Cocktail
Flaming Mr. Fish Cocktail
Bacardi Geezer Cocktail
Baldini Blues Cocktail
Battering Ram Cocktail
Clint's Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Devil Juice Cocktail
B.A.V. Cocktail
Nuttier Russian Shot
Beef Curtains Cocktail
The Marvin Cocktail
3 for a Dollar Special Cocktail
Alize Bleu Bling Martini Cocktail
Big Comfy Couch Cocktail
Big Hicky Cocktail
Bloomer Dropper Cocktail
Brazilian Bitch Cocktail
Buffalo's Milk Cocktail
Calpol Cocktail
Captain Nemo Cocktail
Closed Coffin Shot
57 Chevy Cocktail
Colorado Motherfucker #2 Shot
Counter Strike Cocktail
Country Time Shot
Dirty Rollie Fingers Shot
Dirty Shirley Cocktail
Espresso Martini #2 Cocktail
Fancy Panties Cocktail
French Watermelon Matini Cocktail
General Cocktail
Grandes Smoothie Cocktail
Hawaiian Russian Cocktail
Infidelity Cocktail
C.R. Sun Tan Lotion Cocktail
2000 Flushes #2 Shot
A Roa Cocktail
AA Discount Shot
Absolut Reese's Cocktail
After Five #2 Cocktail
Allegro Cocktail
Amalyzer Cocktail
Amaretto Sourball Shot
Amavel on the Rocks Cocktail
Amy's Risky Passion Cocktail
Beelzebub Shot
Angela's Cabin Shot
Asskicker #2 Cocktail
Atomic Green Cocktail
August Moon Cocktail
Axel Shot
Bad News Bear Cocktail
Beeta Bomb Shot
Big Red Hooter #2 Cocktail
Bill Violator Shot
Belgian Blue Cocktail
Black Opal Cocktail
Blind Bat Cocktail
Bloody Leech Cocktail
Blue Bomb Cocktail
Blue Devil Cocktail
Blue Helena Cocktail
Blue Pixie Stick Cocktail
Time of the Month Cocktail
Blue Russian Cocktail
Bohus Jude Cocktail
Bone #2 Shot
Heavy Flow Cocktail
Brick Cocktail
Bubble Gum #3 Cocktail
Bucket Cocktail
Bull Driver Cocktail
Bullet to the Head Cocktail
Cardiac Arrest Cocktail
Carl Oehl Cocktail
Celtic Kick Cocktail
Cherry Chocolate Milk Royal Cocktail
Cherry Sour Cocktail
Chilli Vodka Cocktail
Chocolate Heaven Martini for Two Cocktail
Clear Lemonade Cocktail
Purple Hooter Shot
8th Birthday Cocktail
Cleveland Steamer Cocktail
Cocky Apple Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Cohutta Twister Cocktail
Cotton Club Cocktail
Crazy Juice Cocktail
Chocolate Cake Shot
Danny Borracho Cocktail
David's Red Robbin Cocktail
Death By Sex Shot
Hop Skip and Go Naked Cocktail
Dirty Ashtray Cocktail
Dirty Swingers Shot
Dr. Zhivago Cocktail
Drunken Stupor Cocktail
Edible Panties Cocktail
Energy Flux Cocktail
Fag Juice Cocktail
Fat Bastard Cocktail
Fireman's Ice Tea Cocktail
Firestarter Cocktail
Floater Shot
The Bathroom Floor Shot
Frothy Snowman Cocktail
The Maxim Cocktail
Fun Loving Cocktail
Dirty Gecko Shot
Eric's Bloody Bull Cocktail
Bee Bite Shot
German Beauty Cocktail
Ginger Messiah Cocktail
Glo-Tini Cocktail
Grandpa's Cough Medicine Cocktail
Green Ambulance Shot
Gummies Cocktail
Halla Mountain Sunrise Cocktail
Happy Monkey Cocktail
Headless Californian Cocktail
Heavy Metal #2 Shot
High on Irony Cocktail
Honeymoon Cocktail
Hot Lesbian Cocktail
Hpnotiq Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail
Insult Man Shot
Jamaican Iced Tea Cocktail
Japanese Lagoon Cocktail
Jersey Lemonade Cocktail
Jessica's Juice Cocktail
Cherry Vodka Sour Cocktail
Jones Juice Cocktail
Frozen Rainforest Cocktail
Kalamazoo Cocktail
Key West Cooler Cocktail
Belle Melon Cocktail
Kwantini Cocktail
Land Shark Cocktail
Lawnmower Shot
Leg Spreader #3 Cocktail
Bellini Martini Cocktail
Deceased Rabbit Cocktail
Black Magick Cocktail
Hard Goya Cocktail
Liquid Coffee Cocktail
Jordan's Blue Razz Buzz Cocktail
Peach Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Long Island Pucker Cocktail
Lovely Wife Cocktail
Bent Bum Cocktail
Shrek Shot
Malibu Woo Woo Cocktail
Man Boobs Cocktail
Master Chief Shot
Mello Yellow Shot
Walk Me Down Cocktail
Miami Beach Cocktail
Mikey's Grape Drink Cocktail
Mind Fuck Shot
Miscegenation Cocktail
Buttercream Tea Cocktail
Mongolian Motherfucker #2 Cocktail
Mophead Cocktail
Mozart 142 Cocktail
Betonimylly Shot
New York Motherfucker #2 Cocktail
Betsy Clear Cocktail
Now and Later Cocktail
Nutty Russian Cocktail
Ocean Breeze #2 Cocktail
Ohio Bulldog Cocktail
Opaque Bloom Cocktail
Oprah's Favorite Pomegranate Martini Cocktail
Orange Dream Cocktail
Orchard Express Cocktail
Original Mulekicker Cocktail
Osiris Cocktail
Oz Dust Cocktail
P'tit Caribou Cocktail
Bloat Mary Cocktail
Buttery Russian Cocktail
Forest Dream Cocktail
Big Apple Cocktail
Pan-Galactic Garble Blaster #4 Cocktail
Paralyzer #3 Cocktail
Saskatchewan Paralyzer Cocktail
Parisian #2 Cocktail
Parma Nova Cocktail
Passionate Affair Cocktail
Passionate Cosmo Cocktail
Patriot Shot
Peachy Red Shot
Pearl Diver #2 Shot
Pearl Harbour Jello Shot
Pecan Coffee Shot
Penguin's Surprise Cocktail
Big Daddy Cocktail
Perfect Lemon Drop Shot
Peterborough Parallax Cocktail
Pickerdo Shot
Pickled Ruski Shot
Pinchaser Cocktail
Pineapple Upside Down Cake #2 Shot
Pink Lemonade Shot
Heart Attack Cocktail
The Big-V Shot
Bikini Cocktail
The Bionic Drink Cocktail
Bird of Paradise Cocktail
Bit of Russian Honey Cocktail
Bite of the Iguana Shot
Bjorns Moscow Mule Cocktail
Black and Blue #2 Cocktail
Black and Blue Shark Shot
The Black Death Cocktail
Black Forest Shake Cocktail
Poppin' the Cherry Cocktail
Red Mo-Fo Cocktail
Absolut Passion Shot
Alien Booger Cocktail
Archdruid Cocktail
Ball-Peen Hammer Cocktail
Barracuda Bite Cocktail
Blended Heaven Cocktail
Blue and Gold Cocktail
Purple Dragon Cocktail
Russjkov Cocktail
Bailey's White Russian Cocktail
Blue Bike Cocktail
Brady Brew Cocktail
Bronze Dragon Cocktail
Black Russian Cocktail
Black River Cocktail
Bleeding Snatch Cocktail
Blindside Cocktail
Bloody Biker Cocktail
Bloody Bull Cocktail
Bloody Caesar Cocktail
Bloody Coochie Cocktail
Bloody Mary Jolly Style Cocktail
Bloody Tampon Cocktail
Lemon Slam Shot
Blue Eye Cocktail
Blue Ice Mountain Cocktail
Blue Iguana Cocktail
Blue In The Face Cocktail
Blue Kamikaze Cocktail
Blue Kisok Shot
Blue Knickers Cocktail
Blue Lagoon Cocktail
Blue Light Special Cocktail
Blue Meanie Shot
Catalina Cocktail
Chocolate Mint Martini Cocktail
Chocotini Cocktail
Cranberry Splash Cocktail
Crazy Huey Cocktail
Darth Maul Cocktail
D Dootie Cocktail
DeNiro Cocktail
Dragon Slayer Cocktail
Elysium Cocktail
Fucked Up Lemonade Cocktail
Fuck Me Up, Scottie Cocktail
Fuzzy Bull Cocktail
Gainer Cocktail
Golden Mountain Screw Cocktail
Green Ice Cocktail
Gregneck's Long Island Cocktail
Hello Nurse Cocktail
Cinnamon Bloody Mary Cocktail
Dickey Wallbanger Cocktail
Dune Buggy Cocktail
Favorite Slammer Cocktail
Frozen Bull Cocktail
Fucked on the Floor Cocktail
Fuzzy Fucker Cocktail
Go-Go Juice Cocktail
Green Glow Cocktail
Hawaiian Eye Cocktail
Hermes Cocktail
Blue Motorcycle #2 Cocktail
Blue Motorcycle Cocktail
Blue Mountain Cocktail
Blue Shark Cocktail
Poland Shot
Blue Whale Cocktail
Blue-Woo Cocktail
Blueberry Kami Shot
Bob's Moscow Mule Cocktail
Body Shot
Boku's Blend Cocktail
Bolduc On The Beach Cocktail
Bondages' No Problem Cocktail
Bonecrusher Cocktail
Boot Blaster Cocktail
Bootlegger Tea Cocktail
Born To Be Wild Cocktail
Boston Ice Tea Cocktail
Boswandeling Shot
Irish Quaalude Cocktail
Jagpanzer Cocktail
Jock Strap Cocktail
Juicy Fruit Remix Cocktail
Lick Me Silly Cocktail
Longhorn Cocktail
Mad Russian Cocktail
March Madness On Crack Cocktail
Maverick Cocktail
Mega Mixer Cocktail
Midas' Touch Cocktail
Mike's Red Menace Cocktail
Mint Chocolate Chip Cocktail
Mind Slicer Cocktail
Night Stalker Cocktail
No Way Cocktail
One Fruity Tutti Cocktail
Orlando Sun Cocktail
Peachface Cocktail
Province Town Cocktail
Mexican Water Shot
Mud Pie Shot
Nipples Malone Cocktail
Olorosa Martini Cocktail
Oppressor Cocktail
Pharoah's Paradise Cocktail
Pound My Kitty Cocktail
Purple Cool Aid Cocktail
Purple Wet Dream Cocktail
Pussy Popper Cocktail
French Martini Cocktail
Mid-Night Passion Shot
The Teddy Toolman Cocktail
Woo Woo Cocktail
Illusions Shot
Brain Eraser Shot
Braindead Shot
Brass Monkey Cocktail
Combat Cocktail
Lockness Monster Shot
Buttery Nutt Shot
St. Mark's Market Cocktail
502 Cocktail
Red K Martini Cocktail
Yager's Bloody Mary Jane Cocktail
Jurere 12 Cocktail
Peach with a Punch Cocktail
Teeter-Totter Cocktail
Back Stage Pass Cocktail
Slurrricane Shot
Pink Stripper Cocktail
Take Me Home Cocktail
Stumbling Fag Cocktail
Poor Man's Hurricane Cocktail
Sex on Brighton Beach Cocktail
B.B. Bomb Cocktail
Flying Angel Cocktail
Lemony Snicket's Cocktail
Leeds Rainbow Cocktail
The Brett Schroeder Cocktail
Brevann Springwater Cocktail
Brooklyn Zoo Cocktail
Highlander Cocktail
Brown Hen Cocktail
Bruised Heart Shot
Brutal Hammer Shot
Bubble Gum Shot
Bullshot #2 Cocktail
Bullshot #3 Cocktail
Italian Ice Cocktail
Bullfrog Cocktail
Bullshot #4 Cocktail
Bullvodka Cocktail
Burnso Tropical Cocktail
Burn Shot
Bushwacker #2 Cocktail
Buzzby Cocktail
Sunny Day Cocktail
Speedy Beemer Cocktail
Sake Tsunami Cocktail
Greg Brady Wipeout Cocktail
Mudvein Shot
Vodka Monster Cocktail
Chadsberry Blast Shot
Duende Verde Cocktail
Fruity Islander Shot
Sunset Bay NY Cocktail
Organ Donor Shot
Classic Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
HellYeah Cocktail
11th Ring of Hell Shot
Purple Lamborghini Martini Cocktail
Drunken Grasshopper Cocktail
GS Tea Cocktail
Salty Balls Cocktail
San Diego Seabreeze Cocktail
San Francisco Cocktail
Orange Whip Cocktail
Passion Chi-Chi Cocktail
Red Devil Cocktail
Screaming Banana Banshee Cocktail
Screaming Epsilon Cocktail
Screaming Multiple Climax Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm #2 Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Screaming Viking Cocktail
Sex On Ice Cocktail
Screw-Up Cocktail
Screwdriver #3 Cocktail
Screwdriver With Color Cocktail
Screwdriver a La Carla Cocktail
Scurvy Cocktail
SD Special Cocktail
Seabreeze Cocktail
Seadoo Cocktail
Slime Cocktail
Secret Blue Cocktail
Sex in the Red Zone Cocktail
Sex On Daytona Beach Shot
Sex on the Beach #2 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #3 Cocktail
Sex On The Beach #5 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #7 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #11 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach #12 Cocktail
Sex on the Beach - Bettsy Style Cocktail
Sex on the Grass Cocktail
Sexy Blue Eyed Boy Cocktail
Shakes - Party To Go Cocktail
Shalom Cocktail
Shamrock Juice Cocktail
Shamrocks Cocktail
Blueberry Freeze Cocktail
Shannon on the Beach Cocktail
Shark Tank Cocktail
Texas Tea Cocktail
Shattered Dreams Cocktail
Shogun Cocktail
Shot of Hell Shot
Tornado Cocktail
Si Kami Ki Cocktail
Siberian Slider Cocktail
Twisted Screw Cocktail
Silver Bullet #2 Shot
Silver Fizz Cocktail
Silverado Cocktail
Simple But Sweet Cocktail
Sizzler Shot
Ski Slope Cocktail
Skinhead Paramedic Cocktail
Skinny Dip Cocktail
Headlights Cocktail
Pink Penis Cocktail
Pinto Bomb Cocktail
Quelude Cocktail
Buzz Lightyear #2 Shot
Key Lime Pie Martini "43" Cocktail
Kyle Julius Cocktail
Sgroppino Cocktail
Emerald Balrog Shot
Hot 'n' Bothered Shot
Tase And Name It Shot
Miscreant Cocktail
Coup De Grace Shot
Pomegranate Greyhound Cocktail
Buttery Nipples Shot
Cantaloupe Dizzy Cocktail
Pittsburgh Sunrise Cocktail
Poor Man's Martini Cocktail
Pure Guava Martini Cocktail
Rainbow Road Cocktail
Red Tonic Cocktail
Rhode Island Ice Coffee Cocktail
A-Bomb Cocktail
AT&T Cocktail
Apple Eden Cocktail
Banging On The Hardwood Floor Cocktail
Blue Velvet Martini Cocktail
Blushing Margarita Cocktail
Boobies In Manhattan Cocktail
Cheap Sunglasses Cocktail
Chocolate Almond Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate Confusion Cocktail
Chocolate Martini #2 Shot
Denmark Orgasm Cocktail
Dr. Red Russian Cocktail
Drag Queen Cocktail
Enchantress Divine Cocktail
Exstatic Orgasm Cocktail
French Mud Slide Cocktail
Joe's Cash Money Cocktail
Mountain Creek Cocktail
Peachumba Cocktail
White Mexican Cocktail
The Pink Diamond Cocktail
Bad Acid Trip Cocktail
SoBe Suprise Cocktail
Gary's Laugh Cocktail
Gilbert Cocktail
Jack Bauer Cocktail
White German Cocktail
Tahiti Jungle Juice Cocktail
Guava Rose Martini Cocktail
Vodka Dragon Cocktail
Pond Scum Cocktail
Purple Farmer Cocktail
Russian Nog Cocktail
Afterwhile Crocodile Cocktail
Applepuckertini Cocktail
Bottom Line Cocktail
Cranberry Smash Cocktail
Felching Banana Cocktail
Foxfire Blitz Shot
Gettin' Loose Cocktail
Godiva Mudslide Cocktail
Grapermelon Shot
Green Carnation Cocktail
Half of Everything We Gots Shot
High Stakes Cocktail
Juicy DJ Cocktail
Kamikaze Margarita Cocktail
Karen's Melons Cocktail
Liquid Panty Dropper Cocktail
Love Daisy Cocktail
Mad Dog Shot
Meema Cocktail
Melon Pants Cocktail
Mouse Trap Cocktail
Pineapple Hunk Cocktail
Lips of Myristica Cocktail
Aquapolitan Cocktail
Rochester Iced Tea Cocktail
Friskt Normansson Cocktail
Winn3 Cocktail
Candy Cane Crimbo Cocktail
Grandma's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Frey Jacobs Special Cocktail
G-Spot Cocktail
Pissed Off Japanese Minnow Farmer Cocktail
Hot Screaming G-Spot Orgasm Cocktail
Lucky Charm Shot
Lemon Drop Extraordinaire Cocktail
Top Cat Cocktail
Southern Tea Cocktail
Jersey KRowe Cocktail
Chocolate Penguin Martini Cocktail
Islander 22 Shot
Smiling Jerry Cocktail
St. Louis Ice Water Cocktail
Buddha's Hand Cocktail
The Good Life Cocktail
Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Russina Cocktail
B-69 Cocktail
Bikini Wax Cocktail
Blunt Ash Cocktail
Broadside Cocktail
Creature of the Night Shot
Creaper Cocktail
Dewberry Martini Cocktail
Dirty Ice-cap Cocktail
Drunken Monkey's Lunch Cocktail
Frozen Blue Hawaii Cocktail
Frozen Sex Cocktail
Gloplug Cocktail
Golden Cocktail
Hacksaw Cocktail
Heidi Schnapps Cocktail
Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Ohio State Redeye Cocktail
Orange Kamikaze Cocktail
Peachtree Square Cocktail
Phantasm Cocktail
Pine-Orgy Cocktail
Pink Milk Cocktail
Pink Monsoon Cocktail
Potpourri Cocktail
Sex on the Beach - Ultimate Cocktail
The Famous Ben Newmark Cocktail
Blue Brew Cocktail
Glass Angel Cocktail
Vodka Blush Cocktail
Red Moon Cocktail
White T Cocktail
The Irish Roundhouse Kick Shot
Pico Mary Cocktail
Drill Cocktail
Pudding Shot
The Brain Eater Cocktail
Bongo's Turkish Delight Cocktail
Transformer Cocktail
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Martini Cocktail
Biotini Cocktail
Starting Fresh Cocktail
3 Fast Olives Cocktail
Sky Blue Fallout Cocktail
Slacker's Slammer Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw Cocktail
Sloe Comfortable Screw #2 Cocktail
Blue Lady Cocktail
Small Bomb Cocktail
Smith and Wesson Cocktail
Smooth Pink Lemonade Cocktail
Smooth Sailing Cocktail
Smurfs Up Cocktail
Bomb Cocktail
Smurf Cocktail
Snakebite #2 Shot
Sneeky Sucker Cocktail
Snow Blinder Cocktail
Bullshot Cocktail
Caesar Cocktail
Something Peachie Cocktail
Sonoma Cocktail
Soul Taker Shot
South Padre Island Cocktail
South Side Cocktail
California Iced Tea Cocktail
Soviet Cocktail
Spear Chugger Cocktail
Speedball Shot
Sperm Shot
Carolina Iced Tea Cocktail
Splender Blenders Cocktail
Splurge Cocktail
Squirrel Shot
Cary Grant Cocktail
Stained Blue Dress Shot
Stan's Surprise Cocktail
Steamboat Shot
Stinger #2 Cocktail
Stinger Shot
Stockholm 75 Cocktail
Cherry Bomb Cocktail
Stop Light Shot
Storm Trooper Cocktail
STP Cocktail
Chicks Dig It Cocktail
Tahitian Tea Cocktail
Tampon String Shot
Tangaze Cocktail
Teal Squeal Cocktail
Temptress Cocktail
Tequillya Cocktail
Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Texas Cool-Aid Shot
Texas Sweat Shot
TGV Shot
This-n-That Cocktail
Creeping Death Cocktail
Thumb Press Shot
Tie Me To The Bedpost #2 Cocktail
Tiger Woods Cocktail
Tiki Torch Cocktail
Tokyo Ice Tea Cocktail
Death of a Virgin Cocktail
Top Banana Cocktail
Topher Special Cocktail
Toro Cocktail
Torpedo Cocktail
Tovarich Cocktail
Toxic Antifreeze Cocktail
Transmission Overhaul Cocktail
Tripple Pleasure Cocktail
Tropic Heat Cocktail
Tropical Itching Cocktail
Tropical Nat Cocktail
Dirty Bastard Cocktail
Tweaked Cocktail
Twister Cocktail
The Two Shot
Yellow Birdie Cocktail
Yellow Bird Cocktail
Yoda Cocktail
Yummy Bidnis Cocktail
Zimamazing Cocktail
Zipperhead Shot
Ultimate Mudslide Cocktail
The Eclipse Cocktail
Unabomber Shot
Unicorn Cocktail
Unknown Warrior Shot
Urban Violence Cocktail
Urine Sample #2 Shot
C-MOB Cocktail
El Nino Cocktail
Cable Guide Cocktail
Electric Jam Cocktail
Caipiroska Cocktail
Elmo Cocktail
Candy Corn #2 Shot
Cape Codder Cocktail
Cappucino Cocktail
Extreme Valentine Cocktail
Caribbean Bliss Cocktail
Caribbean Cruise Cocktail
Carlitos Cocktail
Carman's Dance Cocktail
Carolina Kamikaze Cocktail
Casablanca #2 Cocktail
Cassis Screwdriver Cocktail
Fire Fly Cocktail
Cerebellum Shot
Chambord Royale Cocktail
Firehammer Cocktail
Chambrite Cocktail
Champibble Cocktail
Cherry Bomber Cocktail
Cherry Over The Edge Cocktail
Chi-Chi Cocktail
Chilton Cocktail
China White Shot
Chiquita Shot
Chocolate Covered Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Black Russian Cocktail
Chocolate Cake #2 Shot
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cocktail
Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Martini Shot
Chocolate Slam Cocktail
Chocolate-Mint Martini Cocktail
Christer Petterson Cocktail
The Fucking Shit Cocktail
Clamato Cocktail
Climax Cocktail
Clousseau Cocktail
Clueless Cocktail
Cocaine Lady #2 Cocktail
Galway Grey Cocktail
Colorado Bulldog Cocktail
Colorado Coolaid Cocktail
Concrete Shot
Cookie Tosser Cocktail
Cool Kid Cocktail
Copenheering Cocktail
Copperhead Cocktail
Cosmonaut Cocktail
Cosmopolitan Martini Cocktail
Cough Syrup Shot
Cran-Collins Cocktail
Cranberry Blast Cocktail
Glacier Mint Cocktail
Cranberry Sunrise Cocktail
Cranberry Toad Cocktail
Godiva Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Creamy Screwdriver Cocktail
Crimson Coma Cocktail
Crimson Death Cocktail
Gooseberry Jam Cocktail
Cristianne Cocktail
Croc Punch Cocktail
Crocodile Cooler Cocktail
Crystal Cranberry Cocktail
Grateful Dead Cocktail
Cucacaracha Shot
Cum In A Hot Tub Cocktail
Green K Cocktail
Dan's Dewberry Martini Cocktail
Green Scorpion Cocktail
Danini Cocktail
Greenland Cocktail
Daydream Shot
Dead Lizard Cocktail
Depth Charge Cocktail
Dew-Driver Cocktail
Dirty Diaper Shot
Dirty Dog Cocktail
Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail
Dirty Mexican Lemonade Cocktail
Dirty Moma Cocktail
Dit Kicker Cocktail
Dog House Dew Cocktail
Don's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Double Intention Cocktail
Double Omega Cocktail
Dr. Kevorkian Cocktail
The Dragon Cocktail
The Drink Without A Name Cocktail
Irish Whip Cocktail
The Dukes Of Hazzard Tonic Cocktail
Dungeon Punch Cocktail
Earthquake #2 Cocktail
Easter Bunny Cocktail
Ebola Cocktail
Italian Sunrise Cocktail
Electric Tea Cocktail
Emerald Isle #2 Cocktail
Emerald Vodka Martini Cocktail
The End Of The World Shot
Ethiopian Camel Basher Cocktail
Etyk Cocktail
Evil Slider Cocktail
Exotic Summernight Cocktail
Japanese Slipper #2 Cocktail
Exploding Cherry Cocktail
Extremely Drunk Cocktail
Ace Ventura Cocktail
Acid Trip Cocktail
Air Gunner Cocktail
Jitterbug Cocktail
Alexander The Great Cocktail
Algonquin Bloody Mary Cocktail
Alize Martini Cocktail
Alternatini Cocktail
The Jolly Rancher Cocktail
American Leroy Cocktail
Juicy Lucy Cocktail
Fat Hooker Cocktail
Feel Like Holiday Cocktail
Fire On Ice Cocktail
Five in the Morning Cocktail
Kansas City Ice Water Cocktail
Fjellbekk Cocktail
Fjellfinn Cocktail
Flaming Ale Cocktail
Flaming Goat Cocktail
Flaming Jesse Cocktail
Flaming Russian Shot
Knoxville Lemonade Cocktail
Flying Masturbator Cocktail
Flying Moose Cocktail
Flying Tiger Cocktail
Foggy Morning Cocktail
Formula 3 Cocktail
Forza FCK Cocktail
Four Twenty Cocktail
Freddy Kruger Shot
French Whore Cocktail
Friday Freeze Cocktail
Frisky Steve Cocktail
Frisky Witch Cocktail
Leaving Las Vegas Cocktail
Frog in a Blender Cocktail
Frozen Mudslide Cocktail
Fruit a La La Cocktail
Fruit Tingle #2 Cocktail
Fruity Pebble Shot
Fubar Kool-Aid Cocktail
Fuck in the Graveyard Shot
Fucked Up Float Cocktail
Fury Cocktail
Fuzzy Astronaut Shot
Fuzzy Cooter Cocktail
Fuzzy Ethan Cocktail
Fuzzy F**ker Cocktail
Fuzzy Logic Cocktail
Fuzzy Monkey Shot
Fuzzy Navel #2 Cocktail
Fuzzy Screw Shot
Fuzzy Screw Cocktail
G. T. O. Shot
Loose Caboose Cocktail
Gangbuster Punch Shot
Generic Kamikaze Cocktail
Gentle Ben Cocktail
Georgia Peach Iced Tea Cocktail
Georgia Tea Cocktail
Get Laid Cocktail
Gideon's Green Dinosaur Cocktail
Gila Monster Cocktail
Magnum Cocktail
Chinese Mary Cocktail
Giraffe Cocktail
Girlie Martini Cocktail
Glaucoma Cocktail
Glitch Cocktail
Go Girl Cocktail
Godchild Cocktail
Godhead Shot
Miami Ice Cocktail
Godmother Cocktail
Gorilla Milk Cocktail
Mint Condition Cocktail
Grape Ape Cocktail
Grape Crush Shot
Grape Nehi Cocktail
Grapes of Wrath Cocktail
Grateful Dead #2 Cocktail
Grateful Dead #3 Cocktail
Greasy Swede Shot
Greek Lightning Shot
Greek Sex On The Beach Cocktail
Green Apple #2 Cocktail
Green Beret Shot
Mother Cocktail
Green Demon Cocktail
Green Dinosaur Cocktail
Green Dinosaur #2 Cocktail
Green Dinosaur Shot
Green Dinosaur #3 Cocktail
Murder in the Forest Cocktail
Green Hell #2 Cocktail
Green Monster Cocktail
Naked Twister Cocktail
The Green One Cocktail
Green Quencher Cocktail
Green Russian Cocktail
Green Sneaker Shot
The Green Wave Cocktail
Green Whale Cocktail
Green-Eyed Bi Shot
Grendel Cocktail
Grinch #2 Cocktail
Groader Cocktail
Ground Zero Shot
Grungeist Cocktail
GTV Cocktail
Nitro Cocktail
Gumby Dammit Cocktail
Norwegian Iceberg Cocktail
Gables Collins Cocktail
Gator Booger Cocktail
Nuclear Ice Tea Cocktail
Gayhound Cocktail
Gene Splice Cocktail
Gerbil Cocktail
Ghostbuster Cocktail
Gibbs Cocktail
Gipsy Cocktail
Glacier Mist Cocktail
Glass Tower Cocktail
Glitter and Trash Cocktail
Golden Tang Cocktail
Goober Cocktail
Graham Cracker Smasher Cocktail
Grapefruit Splash Cocktail
Grape Rocket Cocktail
Grape Soda Cocktail
Great Caesar's Martini Cocktail
Great Gatsby Cocktail
Green Ant Cocktail
Green Dream Cocktail
Green Fantasy Cocktail
Green Gables Cocktail
Green Island Cocktail
Green Vodka Cocktail
Guadka Cocktail
Baby Jane Cocktail
Bad Attitude Cocktail
Balalaika Cocktail
Out of Africa Cocktail
Ballet Russe Cocktail
Bananalyzer Cocktail
Paralyzer Cocktail
Barbara Cocktail
Barbed Wire Cocktail
Barn Door Cocktail
Paralyzer #2 Cocktail
Bay Blue Cocktail
Hot and Creamy Cocktail
Ha Ha Tonka Cocktail
Haacker Special Cocktail
Hair Raiser Cocktail
Hairy Sunrise Cocktail
Harlem Mugger Cocktail
Harry Alligator Cocktail
Harvey Cowpuncher Cocktail
Hawaiian Shooter Shot
Hawaiian Sunset Cocktail
Hawaiian Volcano #2 Cocktail
Hawaiian Punch From Hell Shot
Headless Horseman Cocktail
Heilig Shot
Hilde's Special Cocktail
Holy Water Cocktail
Honolulu Action Shot
Swimming Pool Cocktail
Madras Cocktail
Orgasm Cocktail
Pink Cello Cocktail
Hot Bitch Shot
Hot Damn Shot
Hot #2 Shot
Porch Monkey Cocktail
Psycho Citrus Cocktail
Hunka Hunka Burnin Luv Cocktail
Hurricane #2 Cocktail
Hurricane Hugo Shot
Purple Cow Cocktail
Hurricane Leah Cocktail
Ice Pick Cocktail
Ice Pick #2 Cocktail
Iceberg In Radioactive Water #2 Cocktail
Iguana Shot
Iguana Cocktail
Illusion Shot
Indian Summer Shot
Raspberry Swirl Cocktail
Irish Curdling Cow Cocktail
Iron Butterfly Cocktail
Ironman Cocktail
Raspberry Truffle Cocktail
The Italian Job Cocktail
Italian Screw Cocktail
Izayoi Cocktail
Jackson 5 Cocktail
Jaguar Cocktail
Resaca Water Cocktail
Jamaican Sunrise Cocktail
Jamaican Sunset #2 Cocktail
Jealous Queen Cocktail
Jell-o Jiggler Shot
Jenny's Concoction Cocktail
Jeweler's Hammer Cocktail
Jilly Cocktail
Russian Seven Cocktail
Joe Blow Cocktail
Johnny on the Beach Cocktail
Jolly Jumper Cocktail
Event Horizon Cocktail
JT Delight Cocktail
Jufu Cocktail
Juicy Tiger Cocktail
Juicy Volkheimer Shot
Kahlodster Cocktail
Kahlua Bomb Cocktail
Kahlua Madness Cocktail
Kamakazie Shot
Kamikaze Kool Cocktail
Kamikaze Version Cocktail
Karma Chameleon Cocktail
Aviator Fuel Cocktail
Key Lime Pie Shot
Key West Lemonade Cocktail
Kill Me Now Cocktail
Killing Light Cocktail
Kinda Tasty Cocktail
King of Poland Cocktail
Kish Wacker Cocktail
Kool-Aid Shot
Kool-Aid Slammer Shot
Kretchma #2 Cocktail
Carnegie Sunrise Cocktail
Kursk Cocktail
The Lady In Red Shot
Lanette Cocktail
Laser Beam Cocktail
Lash Cocktail
Lawn Boy Cocktail
Leah's Last Hope #2 Cocktail
Leah's Last Hope Cocktail
Leg Spreader Cocktail
Lemon Shooters Shot
Lemon Splash Martini Cocktail
Lethal Weapon Cocktail
Liberty Blue Champagne Cocktail
Light Green Panties Shot
Wa-Hoo-Wa Cocktail
Lil' Johnson Shot
Lime Lizard Shot
Limelight Cocktail
Limelon Cocktail
Liquid Bubble Gum Cocktail
Liquid Cocaine #3 Shot
Liquid Courage Cocktail
Liquid Sex Shot
Liquid Sword Cocktail
Little Brother Cocktail
Long Beach Ice Tea Cocktail
Long Beach Iced Tea Cocktail
Long Beach Cocktail
Long Island Tea Cocktail
Long Island Cocktail
Long Vodka Cocktail
Sexy Lemonade Cocktail
Louie Louie Cocktail
Low Lattitude Lust Cocktail
Lucky Lemon Cocktail
Ludwig And The Gang Cocktail
Carmel Apple Funtini Cocktail
Lui Lui Shot
Lusty Lisa Shot
Luxor Boom-Boom Cocktail
Lysekil's Groggen Cocktail
Alaskan Iced Tea Cocktail
Warped Thursday Cocktail
Warsaw Cocktail
Warsaw Waffle Shot
Watermelon Crawl #2 Cocktail
Watermelon Shooter #3 Cocktail
Watermelon #3 Shot
Watermelon Slice Cocktail
Watermelon Cocktail
Wedding Anniversary Cocktail
Wild Buttery Squirrel Cocktail
Whippet Cocktail
Wild Irish Buttery Squirrel Cocktail
Papa Smurf Cocktail
White Carnation Cocktail
White Russian Cocktail
White Russian #2 Cocktail
White Spider Cocktail
White Trash Cocktail
Whiting Sunset Cocktail
Whop Me Down Sweet Jesus Cocktail
Wiggle Worm Cocktail
William's Rainbow Cocktail
Hal Ligon Cocktail
Vesper Cocktail
Albert 2000 Cocktail
Hairy Lemon Shot
Ambience Cocktail
Alcoholic Icy-Pole Cocktail
Apres Ski Cocktail
Aqua Marina Cocktail
Barnaby's Buffalo Blizzard Cocktail
Best Year Cocktail
Black Dublinski Cocktail
Bluebeard Cocktail
Blushin' Russian Cocktail
Boca Chica Cocktail
Screaming Slippery Bald Beaver Cocktail
Wild Bill's Lemonade Cocktail
Machine Shot
Mage's Fire Shot
Malibu Screw Cocktail
Silk Panties Shot
Manchurian Candidate Shot
Maria's Delight Cocktail
Matty's Magic Mixture Cocktail
Hurricane Cocktail
Melon Tonic Cocktail
Melonball Cocktail
Melonoma Shot
Anti-Freeze Shot
Lime Green Bullfrog Cocktail
Midori Green Russian Cocktail
Tidy Bowl Shot
Mind Eraser Shot
Mind Eraser #2 Cocktail
Mind Eraser Cocktail
Mint Russki Cocktail
Minttini Cocktail
Mir Cocktail
Mister Wu Cocktail
Mistolin Cocktail
Teddybear Cocktail
Dead Green Frog Shot
The Moby Cocktail
Teddybear Shot
Molotov Shot
Moninger's Madness Cocktail
Monk's Martini Cocktail
Monkey La La Cocktail
Orange Venom Cocktail
Montana Tornado Cocktail
Green Orange Cocktail
More Orgasms Cocktail
Dark Fuzzy Navel Cocktail
Mormon Surprise Cocktail
Mortini Cocktail
Mount Red Cocktail
Mountain Cider High Cocktail
Mr G Cocktail
Mr. Freeze Shot
Mudwrestle Cocktail
Multi-Colored Smurf Cocktail
The Mummy Cocktail
Emerald Jewel Funtini Cocktail
Mutual Orgasm Cocktail
Gold Emerald Shot
Melon Ball Cocktail
Missile Rider Cocktail
Naked Surfer Cocktail
Naked Yellow Bird Shot
Nan's Special Cocktail
Nappy Dugout Cocktail
Nasty Pablo Cocktail
National Aquarium Cocktail
Hawaiian Screw Cocktail
Neon Voodoo Cocktail
Net Surfer Cocktail
New Orleans Salty Dog Cocktail
Lemon Drop Shot
Noche de Phoof Cocktail
The Nomad Cocktail
Hawaiian Screw #2 Cocktail
Notre Dame Pick-Me-Up Cocktail
Nuclear Waste Cocktail
Blue Hawaiian Screw Cocktail
Nutty Belgian Cocktail
Blue Hawaiian Screw #2 Cocktail
Nutty Russian #2 Cocktail
Florida Iced Tea Cocktail
Odwits Cocktail
California Iced Tea #2 Cocktail
Olle Goop Cocktail
Orange Crush #2 Shot
Orange Kiss Cocktail
Orange Mule Cocktail
Moody Blue Cocktail
Orange Surprise Cocktail
Oreo Cookie Shot
Orgasm a la Denmark Cocktail
Orgasmic Fantasy Cocktail
Oxymoron Cocktail
Paisano Cocktail
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster #2 Cocktail
Panama Deluxe Cocktail
Juicy Fruit Cocktail
Passcack Valley Orgasm Cocktail
Paul Raspberry Shot
Peach Death Cocktail
Peach Fuzz Cocktail
Peach Nehi Shot
Peach Passion Cocktail
Pearl Harbour Cocktail
Sexy Lemon Slam Shot
Pedra Shot
Penguin Cocktail
Pentecostal Cocktail
Petit Zinc Cocktail
Sex on the Beach Cocktail
Phillips Screwdriver Cocktail
Pic-Walsh Cocktail
Piggelin Cocktail
Piledriver Cocktail
Pineapple Tea Cocktail
Pink Cotton Candy Cocktail
Pink Drink Cocktail
Pink Elephants On Parade Cocktail
Pink Flamingo Cocktail
Banana Punch Cocktail
Pink Lemonade #2 Cocktail
Pink Panther Cocktail
Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Pink Passion Cocktail
Pink Pillow Cocktail
Pink Poontang Shot
Pink Ranger Shot
Pink Russian Cocktail
Windex Cocktail
Poison Cocktail
Polish Professor Cocktail
Polkagris Cocktail
Polynesian Cocktail
Poontang Cocktail
Popped Cherry Cocktail
Cowboy Roy Cocktail
Porky Bone Cocktail
The Power Of Milk Cocktail
Power Screwdriver Cocktail
Prince of Norway Cocktail
Puerto Rican Punch Cocktail
Pure Ecstacy Cocktail
Pure White Evil Cocktail
Purple Crayon Cocktail
Purple Elastic Thunder Fuck Shot
Purple Haze #2 Shot
Purple Haze #2 Cocktail
Polar Bear #2 Cocktail
Purple Haze #3 Cocktail
Purple Hooter #2 Shot
Purple Mask Cocktail
Polar Bear Cocktail
Purple Motherfucker Cocktail
Purple Motherfucker #2 Shot
Purple Passion Shot
Purple Peril Cocktail
Purple Problem Solver Cocktail
Purple Rain Shot
Pyro Shot
Pinko Cocktail
Bearded Boy Shot
Blue Polar Bear Shot
Curacao Cooler Cocktail
Ice Bear Cocktail
Cloudberry Cocktail
Colditz Cocktail
Camshaft Cocktail
SherryBear's Lemonade Cocktail
Black Magic Shot
Chamtini Cocktail
Cola-Rolla Cocktail
The Quan Cocktail
Salem Witch Cocktail
Radioactive Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Rafu Eighteen Cocktail
Raging Bull Cocktail
Vampire Shot
Rainbow Brew Cocktail
Rangers Rocker Cocktail
Raspberry Cream Cocktail
Raspberry Kamikaze Cocktail
Raspberry Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail
Vampire's Kiss Cocktail
Raw Sewage #2 Cocktail
Raw Sewage Cocktail
Neon Ghost Cocktail
Razzleberry Cocktail
The Real Windex Cocktail
Red Apple Cocktail
Red Eyed Hell Shot
Red Hot Lover Cocktail
Red Melon Cocktail
Red Mosquito Shot
Red Nail Cocktail
Red Orange Cocktail
Red Rasputin Cocktail
Red Rudolph Cocktail
Red Vodkatini Cocktail
Redcoat Cocktail
Rob Love Cocktail
Robin's Nest Cocktail
Robyn Cocktail
Rock and Rye Cooler Cocktail
Rocket Fuel Shot
Rocket Fuel Cocktail
Rockin' Killer Koolaid Cocktail
Roll Me Over Cocktail
Rontini Cocktail
Root Beer Float Cocktail
Root Beer Cocktail
Ruby Relaxer Cocktail
RumRunner's RubyRed Cocktail
Russian Apple Shot
Nutty Bitch Cocktail
Russian Candy Shot
Russian Cocktail
Russian Cream Cocktail
Russian Iceberg Shot
Russian Monster Tom Collins Cocktail
Russian Qualude Cocktail
Russian Qualude #2 Cocktail
Russian Roulette Shot
Russian Shamrock Shot
Russian Sunset Cocktail
Valentine Cocktail
The Valentine Cocktail
Vaughn Purple Haze Cocktail
Velvet Hammer Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #2 Cocktail
Victory Collins Cocktail
Virgin Whore Shot
Vit Ryss Cocktail
Vodka "7" Cocktail
Vodka and Apple Juice Cocktail
Vodka and Tonic Cocktail
Vodka Bitter Lemon Cocktail
Vodka Collins Cocktail
Vodka Fizz Cocktail
Vodka Gimlet Cocktail
Vodka Grasshopper Cocktail
Vodka Martini Cocktail
Vodka Ricki Cocktail
Vodka Russian Cocktail
Vodka Salty Dog Cocktail
Vodka Sling Cocktail
Vodka Sonic Cocktail
Vodka Stinger Cocktail
Vodka Sunrise Cocktail
Vodkalenius Cocktail
Volga Boatman Cocktail
Volvo Shot
Voodoo Doll Cocktail
Voodoo Sunrise Cocktail
Winter Tropic Cocktail
Wolfsbane Cocktail
Wong Tong Cocktail
Woodpecker Cocktail
Wu Wu Cocktail
Di Saronno Driver Cocktail
Five Hundred Proof Cocktail
East West Cocktail
Nutcracker Cocktail
French Kiss Cocktail
Nutcracker #2 Cocktail
Hairy Coconut Cocktail
Gagarin Cocktail
Passionate Screw Cocktail
Peachbreeze Cocktail
Opera House Special Shot
Formula 1 Cocktail
Frosty Amour Cocktail
Graffiti Cocktail
Gremlin Fixer Cocktail
Kitten Cuddler Cocktail
Lady in Green Cocktail
Lutteur Cocktail
Red Death Cocktail
Flying Grasshopper Cocktail
Fondaudege Cocktail
French Horn Cocktail
Red Panties Cocktail
Frozen Melon Ball Cocktail
Golden Russian Cocktail
Hayfever Remedy Shot
Katinka Cocktail
Kiss and Tell Cocktail
Snow Melt Cocktail
Liberator Cocktail
Frozen Black Irish Cocktail
Hammer Horror Cocktail
Lazy Daze Cocktail
Hong Kong Fizz Cocktail
Justine Cocktail
Blue Champagne Cocktail
Mozart Chocolate Liqueur Cocktail
Campari Cocktail
Abe's Tropical Night in Hell Cocktail
Cuban Island Cocktail
Eastwind Cocktail
Flying Kangaroo Cocktail
French 76 Cocktail
God's Child Cocktail
Green Russian #2 Cocktail
James Bond Cocktail
Late Mistral Cocktail
Merry Widow #2 Cocktail
Red Russian Cocktail
Russian Bear Cocktail
Russian Cadillac Cocktail
Vodka Sour Cocktail
Volga Volga Cocktail
White Cloud Cocktail
Yellow Fever Cocktail
Royal Passion Cocktail
She's Paying Cocktail
Strangelove Cocktail
Tangerine Cocktail
Absolute HB Cocktail
Sharpshooter Shot
Viking Warmer Cocktail
War Cloud Cocktail
Ready Steady Cocktail
Wobbly Knee Cocktail
Yellow Fingers Cocktail
Strawberry Cascade Cocktail
Acapulco Zombie Cocktail
Regatta Cocktail
Strawberry Champagne Cocktail
Vodka Pina Colada Cocktail
Absolutely Bananas Cocktail
D.P.R. Cocktail
Blue Monday Cocktail
Bull Shot Cocktail
Bloody Butrum Cocktail
Cape Cod Cocktail
Devil's Torch Cocktail
Addison Special Cocktail
Faux Nog Cocktail
Flirtini Cocktail
Adios Motherfucker #3 Cocktail
Adios Motherfucker Cocktail
Leprechaun's Delight Cocktail
Electric Iced Tea Cocktail
Miami Iced Tea Cocktail
Adios Mother Cocktail
Excalibur Cocktail
Vodkatini Cocktail
Soho Martini Cocktail
Mud Slide Cocktail
Nutty Angel Cocktail
Pink Coral Cocktail
Affirmative Action Cocktail
Scorpino Cocktail
Sea Breeze Cocktail
Afghanistany Whore Cocktail
Papagena Cocktail
Mont Blanc Cocktail
After Sex Cocktail
18 Till You Die Shot
Abelito Cocktail
Anabolic Steroid Shot
Anti Freeze #5 Shot
Apple Pie #3 Shot
Berry Bananza Cocktail
Blackhawk Cocktail
Blast Furnace Shot
Blue Bayou Cocktail
Agent Orange Cocktail
Boredom Kills Cocktail
Boston Tea Party Cocktail
Brown Town Busta Cocktail
Bullfrog #2 Cocktail
Bull's Special Cocktail
Caipirinha #2 Cocktail
Nemesis Cocktail
Chocolate Ravage Cocktail
Clearly Vodkanadian Cocktail
Confidence Builder Cocktail
Cranberry Cooler Cocktail
Alabama Riot Cocktail
Damage Cocktail
Desi Shot
Dragon's Fire Jello Shot
Drunkin' Gator Shot
Fade 'o Rade Cocktail
Green Tide Cocktail
Alex Chi-Chi Cocktail
Guthrie Cocktail
Hard Lemon Ice Cocktail
I Like To Drink Cocktail
Jared's Concoction Cocktail
Light Flow Cocktail
Limey Bellows Shot
Long Happiness Cocktail
Long Island Taxi Cocktail
Martini Bovine Cocktail
Matteress Cocktail
Algae Cocktail
Mint Russian Cocktail
Mountain Breeze Cocktail
On the Green Cocktail
Paris Hilton Cocktail
Peapicker Cocktail
Piledriver Shot
Pink Pantie Pulldown Cocktail
Purple Helmeted Warrior #2 Cocktail
Purple Hooter Cocktail
Purple Nurple Shot
Red Devil Shot
Red Gypsy Cocktail
Dale's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Dale's Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Root Beer Float #2 Cocktail
All Night Long Cocktail
Screaming Orgasm #3 Cocktail
Screw The City Cocktail
Sex on the Sofa Cocktail
Skunk Teas Cocktail
Slippery Todd Cocktail
Slut Tits Cocktail
Smurf Juice Cocktail
Snowballs Cocktail
Soulard Cordial Cocktail
Soviet Holiday Cocktail
Sand in Your Shorts Cocktail
Stigmata Cocktail
Kangaroo Cocktail
Sugar 'n Sinz Cocktail
Suicidal Shot
Sweating Colombian Cocktail
Sweet Heart Cocktail
Syberian Sunrise Cocktail
Ten More Minutes Cocktail
Motherfucker Cocktail
The Crypt Cocktail
Fizzy Green Hunnit Cocktail
Harrison Ford Cocktail
Motherfucker #2 Shot
The Pickle Barrel Cocktail
The Quickening Cocktail
WOP Shot
Tokyo Tea Cocktail
Vodka Amp Cocktail
Vodka and Coke Cocktail
Warm Apple Pie Shot
Wasabi Bloody Mary Cocktail
Watermelon-Kazi Cocktail
White Girl Cocktail
Wild Sacramento Cocktail
British Bulldog Cocktail
Jubilee Cocktail
Aberfoyle Cocktail
Bertrand's Black Magic Cocktail
Black Eye Cocktail
Bloody Mary #2 Cocktail
Brazen Hussy Cocktail
Bluebeard #2 Cocktail
Cherry Ripe Cocktail
Czarine Cocktail
Deanne Cocktail
Desert Shield Cocktail
Doyles' Deliberation Cocktail
Duke's a Champ Cocktail
Dusty Dog Cocktail
Foggy Afternoon Cocktail
Frightleberry Murzenquest Cocktail
Gale At Sea Cocktail
Gorky Park Cocktail
Green Mirage Cocktail
Vodka Greyhound Cocktail
Her Name In Lights Cocktail
Hoss's Holdup Cocktail
Idonis Cocktail
Jackath Cocktail
Joy Jumper Cocktail
Karoff Cocktail
La Carre Cocktail
Latham's Rule Cocktail
Major Tom Cocktail
Marc Feldini Cocktail
Mazrick Cocktail
Laughing at the Waves Cocktail
Morning Glory Cocktail
Ninotchka Cocktail
On the Town Cocktail
Our Stanley Cocktail
Owdham Edge Cocktail
Piece of Mind Cocktail
Pretty Thing Cocktail
Quiet But Quick Cocktail
Rocky's Dilemma Cocktail
Russian Kamikaze Cocktail
Sarah Cocktail
Silver Sunset Cocktail
Spymaster Cocktail
Vicker's Treat Cocktail
Stuffy in a Suit Cocktail
Vodka and Bitter Lemon Cocktail
Vodka Cooler Cocktail
Vodka Daisy Cocktail
Vodka Dry Cocktail
Vodka Swizzle Cocktail
Witch of Venice Cocktail
Chi Chi Cocktail
Reggae Cocktail
Amazon Street Lemonade Cocktail
Ambijaxtrious Cocktail
Man in the Melon Cocktail
Sloehand Jackson Cocktail
Queen's Cousin Cocktail
American Pie Cocktail
61 Imperial Cocktail
Anna's Banana Cocktail
Anestesia Cocktail
Apple Knocker Cocktail
Apple Pie #2 Cocktail
Apple Soda Cocktail
Arnie's Cocktail
Armada Martini Cocktail
Beachcomber #2 Cocktail
Beige Russian Cocktail
Belmont Stakes Cocktail
Big Johnson Cocktail
Big Squeeze Cocktail
Big Dog Cocktail
Banana Split Shooter Shot
Bitter Bison Cocktail
Bitter Evan Cocktail
Black Cat #2 Cocktail
Black Ukrainian Cocktail
Bleeding Weasel Cocktail
Blenheim Cocktail
Anti-Freeze #4 Cocktail
Bloody Nightmare Cocktail
Blue Angel #2 Cocktail
Bloody Mariana Cocktail
Blue Frog Cocktail
Anton's Ecto Cooler Cocktail
Blue Nuke Cocktail
Blue-on-Blue Martini Cocktail
Blue Sky #3 Cocktail
Blue Temptation Cocktail
Boardwalk Cocktail
Bolshoi Punch Cocktail
Bonehead Cocktail
Booga Booga Cocktail
Booger's Booze Cocktail
Boston Gold Cocktail
Apfel Orange Cocktail
Brain Candy #2 Cocktail
Brain Pain Killer Cocktail
Apple Blossom Cocktail
Bubbly Red Sex Cocktail
Buddy's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Bunky Punch Cocktail
Butterscotch Truffle Martini Cocktail
Buzz Bomb Cocktail
Buzzsaw Cocktail
California Martini Cocktail
Campari Martini Cocktail
Cane Toad Cocktail
Canadian Killer Kool-Aid Cocktail
Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail
Centauri Sundown Cocktail
Apple Judy Cocktail
Champagne Cornucopia Cocktail
Cherry Blast Cocktail
Cherry Pucker Cocktail
Chocodka Cocktail
Chocolate Barkchip Cocktail
Dolly Iced Tea Cocktail
Fire in the Disco Cocktail
Christina Cocktail
Apple Pie Shot
Classy Bitch Cocktail
Apple Pie #2 Shot
Coco Loco Cocktail
Cold Green Slime Cocktail
Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Cocktail
Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall Cocktail
Concoction Cocktail
Connie Cola Cocktail
Connolly's Irish Connection Cocktail
Cool Operator Cocktail
Cool Yule Martini Cocktail
Cosmo Cocktail
Cossack Cocktail
Count Stroganoff Cocktail
Crazy Orgasm Cocktail
Creamy Crotch Cocktail
Creamy Sex on the Beach Cocktail
Creamy Vodkanilla Cocktail
Cuban Breeze Cocktail
Cuban Breeze #2 Cocktail
Cum in your Mouth Cocktail
Skylab Cocktail
Czarina Cocktail
Apricot Adventure Cocktail
Daffy Duck Cocktail
Daphrine Cocktail
Dead Hand Cocktail
Death by Chocolate Cocktail
Deep Blue Something Cocktail
Desert Sunrise Cocktail
Devil's Delight Cocktail
Devil's Tail Cocktail
Die Hard Cocktail
Dionisia Cocktail
Dirty Vodka Martini Cocktail
Doh Doh Cocktail
Dolph Lundgren Cocktail
Apricot Smoothie Cocktail
Double Fudge Martini Cocktail
Douglas Slammer Cocktail
Down Under Cocktail
April Rain Cocktail
Dreamy Monkey Cocktail
Drink of the Gods Cocktail
Dumpster Juice Cocktail
East Wing Cocktail
Electric Lizard Cocktail
Excitabull Cocktail
Explosion Cocktail
Aqua Cocktail
Falcon Eddy Cocktail
Fickle Pickle Cocktail
Aqueduct Cocktail
Fire Engine with Alarm Cocktail
Fire Starter Cocktail
Flame of Love Cocktail
Flashback Cocktail
Floyd Collins Cocktail
Flying Cow Cocktail
Flying Fortress Cocktail
Flying Grapefruit Cocktail
Frosted Apple Cocktail
Frosty Lay Cocktail
Ariel's Frappe Punch Cocktail
Fuzzy Melon Cocktail
Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall Cocktail
Gumdrop Martini Cocktail
Hair Gel Cocktail
Hairy Navel Cocktail
Halfcast Russian Cocktail
Hallo Police Cocktail
Handball Cooler Cocktail
Hard Mick Cocktail
Harpic Cocktail
Harsh But Fair Cocktail
Hawaiian Sea Breeze Cocktail
Hawaiian Seduction Cocktail
Hawaiian Sunrise #2 Cocktail
Heated Cape Cod Cocktail
Heaven on Earth Cocktail
Heidi's Comet Cocktail
High Rise Cocktail
Honeydew Martini Cocktail
Honolulu Hammer Cocktail
Arkansas Razorback Cocktail
Hot Blah! Cocktail
Huntsman Cocktail
Army Special Cocktail
Instant Apple Pie Cocktail
Jack Hammer Cocktail
Jack Hammer #2 Cocktail
James Bond Martini Cocktail
James Bond Martini #2 Cocktail
Jamie's Martini Cocktail
Jenny's Summer Delight Cocktail
Jericho's Breeze Cocktail
Johnny's Love Juice Cocktail
Jojo and Alex Special Cocktail
Kahlua Martini Cocktail
Kak in the Eye Cocktail
Cum in Your Panties Shot
Early Morning Sulk Cocktail
Electric Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail
Nutty Club Cocktail
Orange Rush Shot
Red Headed Leg Spreader Shot
Russian Mountain Dew Cocktail
Russian Rose Cocktail
Salt Lick Cocktail
Atheist's Best Cocktail
Vodka Amaretto Sour Cocktail
Kangaroo Kicker Cocktail
Kelly-K Cocktail
Key West Screwdriver Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid Cocktail
Killer Kool-Aid #3 Cocktail
Kim-Berry Cocktail
Kiwi-Berry Boat Drink Cocktail
Kleinfeld Cocktail
Klingon Koffee Cocktail
Klingon Battlejuice Cocktail
Kooky Boa Cocktail
Kung Fu Kicker Cocktail
Atomic Lokade Cocktail
Laguna Cocktail
L.A. Sunrise Cocktail
Krazy Carl Cocktail
Left Handed Screwdriver Cocktail
Le Grand Sunset Cocktail
Atomic Watermelon Cocktail
Lemmings Leap Cocktail
Licorice Stick Cocktail
Lightning Rod Cocktail
Attitude Adjustment #2 Shot
Linux Cocktail
Liquid Lite Cocktail
Long Walk off a Short Pier Cocktail
Love Birds Cocktail
Low Tide Martini Cocktail
Lulu Cocktail
Autodafe Cocktail
Macaroon Cocktail
Maddress Cocktail
Magic Trick Cocktail
Maier Special Cocktail
Mangotini Cocktail
Manhandler Cocktail
Maraschino Collins Cocktail
Martini Navratilova Cocktail
Mary Elizabeth Wagoner Cocktail
Mashed Kermit Cocktail
Masterblaster Cocktail
Matti Nyknen Cocktail
Melon Island Cocktail
Melon Patch Cocktail
Mel's Summersault Cocktail
Axe Murderer Cocktail
Midori Dream Cocktail
Midori Illusion Cocktail
Midweek Tweak Cocktail
Mission Accomplished Cocktail
A Gilligan's Island Cocktail
Mind Bender Cocktail
Mofo Cocktail
Molester Cocktail
Mona Cocktail
Mongolian Cocktail
Monkey Cum Cocktail
Monkey Madness Cocktail
Morning Wood Cocktail
Moscow Bobsled Cocktail
Mayan Sacrafice Shot
Mounaki Cocktail
Peach Bullfrog Cocktail
Mud Fuck Cocktail
Mulatto Russian Cocktail
Darth Vader Cocktail
Naked Pretzel Cocktail
Dirty Silk Panties Shot
Nasty Cocktail
Nazi Qualik Cocktail
Necrophiliac Cocktail
New York Motherfucker Cocktail
Nijinski Blini Cocktail
No Clue Cocktail
Nuclear Zima Cocktail
Nutty Martini Cocktail
Nutty-Tini Cocktail
Oakland Cocktail
Old Country Martini Cocktail
Oliver's Green Diamond Cocktail
Oral Sex on the Beach Cocktail
Orang-A-Tang Cocktail
Orange Ed Cocktail
Orange Martini Cocktail
Orange Smartie Cocktail
Orange Splash Cocktail
Orgasm #5 Cocktail
Orgasm #6 Cocktail
Orgasm #10 Cocktail
Osaka Dry Cocktail
Oscar Cocktail
Overcast Friday Cocktail
Palm Breeze Cocktail
Panty Remover Cocktail
Paraflu Cocktail
Pavlova Supreme Cocktail
Peach Blossom Cocktail
Peach Tumbler Cocktail
Penetrator IV Cocktail
Perfect Screw Cocktail
Pesticidal Cherries Cocktail
Pimp Daddy Cocktail
8-Ounce Twista Cocktail
Banana Split Martini Cocktail
Blues Night Cocktail
Cluster Fuck Cocktail
Corkscrew #2 Cocktail
Eat My Pussy Cocktail
Ectoplasm Cocktail
Electric Lemonade #2 Cocktail
Fisherman's Friend Shot
Backfire Shot
Big Dumb Russian #2 Cocktail
Flame Blazer Cocktail
Fuji Devil Dog Cocktail
Backseat Boogie Cocktail
357 Magnum Cocktail
A Night At Naughty Nikki's Shot
Bloody Morning Cocktail
Brevann Cocktail
Dirty Lemonade Cocktail
Fuzzy Hippo Cocktail
Happy Happy Cocktail
Harry Titty Cocktail
HO-Tini Cocktail
Horny Bayman Shot
Hot Damn Cocktail
Nazzy Baby Cocktail
Nick's Fruit Punch Shot
Nitequell Shot
Purple Pussycat Juice Cocktail
Green Dragon Shot
Damiana Golden Cocktail
Sneaky Ashley's Cocktail
Sweet Red Cocktail
Sheak's Purple Shirt Cocktail
Blue Juice Cocktail
Dysentery Shot
Dutch Summer Cocktail
Capital One Cocktail
Garnet Crow Cocktail
Red Kryptonite Cocktail
Blue Ice Cocktail
Fuck Me Hard Cocktail
Harvey Wall Climber Cocktail
Headache Shot
Oriental Peacock Cocktail
Platinum Bullet Shot
Tropical Legionaire Cocktail
Sex with Jess Cocktail
Spiced Apple Cider Martini Cocktail
Lemonhead Cocktail
Pomopolitan Cocktail
Siberian Frost Shot
Super Balrog Shot
Shpivo Cocktail
BabyDoll Cocktail
Janner in Mexico Cocktail
Get Your Jollies Cocktail
St-Oh Man Cocktail
Kai-agra Cocktail
Blue Ice Kool-Aid Cocktail
Burnt Toasted Almond Cocktail
Paradise Bliss Cocktail
Macatini Cocktail
Coffee Nut Cream Cocktail
Pinkeye II Cocktail
Green-tini Cocktail
Hot Shot
Spicy Asian Cocktail
Bongela Cocktail
The Sherpa Cocktail
Tootsie Roll #2 Shot
Coeur d'Alene Peach Pucker Cocktail
BerryRay Cocktail
Hpnotiq Gaze Cocktail
Malibu Fruit Juice Cocktail
Pineapple Fusion Martini Cocktail
Steele & Kari Cocktail
Charon Cocktail
Checkerboard Cocktail
Cunning Stunts Cocktail
Jamaican Tennis Beads Cocktail
Lights Out Shot
Supercharged Screwdriver Cocktail
Pistachio Mint Ice Cream Cocktail
Quaalude Cocktail
Canadian Ceasar Cocktail
Caramel Mochatini Cocktail
Crypto Nugget Cocktail
Ice Crystals Cocktail
Tropical Legionaire #2 Cocktail
Georgia Peach Tea Cocktail
Artic Polarbear Shot
Pitbull On Crack Cocktail
Apple Cider Surprise Cocktail
Cape Driver Cocktail
Caramel Nut Ice Cream Cocktail
Cherry Breeze Cocktail
Dirty Momma Cocktail
The Extremely Exotic Sarah Shot
Debi D Cocktail
Poison Sumac Cocktail
Raspberry Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Absolut Quaalude Shot
Cape Grape Cocktail
Choco Buca Cocktail
Comfortable Screw Against a Fuzzy Wall Cocktail
Cordless Screwdriver Shot
Dartmouth Cocktail
Flaming Sugar Lips Shot
Imperius Shot
Java Jam Cocktail
Jolly on the Rocks Cocktail
Liquid Crystal Cocktail
Nooner Cocktail
Worcester Tramp Cocktail
Velvet Hammer #4 Cocktail
Red Sweater Shot
Red Bit Cocktail
Arctic Orange Cocktail
California Driver Cocktail
Candy Fireball Cocktail
Carmen's Dance Cocktail
Chocolate Chimp Cocktail
Chocolate Lovers Martini Cocktail
Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cocktail
Corn Romeo Cocktail
Egghead Cocktail
Gangplank Cocktail
Jawbone Cocktail
Kick Your Ass Dirty Martini Cocktail
Kitchen Sink Cocktail
Liquid Gold Cocktail
Nuclear Meltdown Cocktail
Psychic Venom Cocktail
Genghis Thong Cocktail
Pineapple Upside Down Cake #5 Shot
Sex on the Clock Shot
Greg's Basement Cocktail
Misty Breeze Cocktail
Power of Will Cocktail
Purple Passion Jiggle Shot
A Walk on the Moon Cocktail
ASU Girls Cocktail
Bare Cheeks Cocktail
Black Dahlia Cocktail
Bluegreeni Cocktail
California Screwdriver Cocktail
Caputo Special Cocktail
Coma 666 Cocktail
Cranewoman Cocktail
Damn Good Lemonade Cocktail
Diva Style Cocktail
Express Cocktail
French Hooker Cocktail
Irish Trash Can Cocktail
Joe's Apartment Shot
Jungle Jim Cocktail
Liquid Babysitter Cocktail
Lockhart Zoo Cocktail
Mama Mia Cocktail
Mango Cocktail
Maroon Lipstick Cocktail
Monster Mash Cocktail
Gypsy Margarita Cocktail
Horny Melon Cocktail
Saroztini Cocktail
Whisper Jet Cocktail
Shaved Pussy Cocktail
Strawberry Fresca Daiquiri Cocktail
Sunshine Cocktail
Jeepers Creepers Cocktail
Polish Car Bomb Cocktail
Kamikazi #2 Shot
Seagalmageddon Cocktail
Royale Cocktail
Spider Bite Martini Cocktail
Russian Quaylude Cocktail
Plasse Knock Out Cocktail
Poor Man's Vodka Martini Cocktail
Purple Jim Bob Cocktail
Raspberry Beret Cocktail
Raving Psycho Cocktail
Afrikaaner Cocktail
Bav Cocktail
Black Marble Cocktail
Cannabia Cocktail
Celestia Cocktail
Chocolate Milk with a Kick Cocktail
Czar Cocktail
Dark Eyes Cocktail
Deep Blue Sea Cocktail
Dramka Cocktail
Energy FM Cocktail
Evertini Cocktail
Foot in the Ass Cocktail
Great Attitude Cocktail
Ice Blue Kamikaze Cocktail
Irish Orange Cocktail
Jan Juice Cocktail
Lemon Fizz Cocktail
Liquid Bomb Cocktail
Lisa's Special Cocktail
Mud Puddle Cocktail
Okinawa Special Cocktail
Paua Shell Shot
Peachy Fuzzy Cocktail
Rattlesnake Eggs Cocktail
Red Light District Shot
Purple Alaskan Thunder Fuck Shot
Super Stalin Shot
Vodka Cranberry Cocktail
The Pink Taco Shot
Jolly Rancher #4 Cocktail
Chocolate Covered Strawberry #2 Shot
Aunt Roberta Cocktail
Balrog Shot
Pink Torpedo Cocktail
Pretty Martini Cocktail
Purple Bang-Up Cocktail
Purple Passion Tea Cocktail
Road Runner Cocktail
Russian Banana Cocktail
Abrupt Realization Cocktail
Absolut Nut Shot
Albus Dumbledore Cocktail
Aloha Screwdriver Cocktail
Aprishot Cocktail
Bar Slut Cocktail
Beatle Juice Cocktail
Bee Cocktail
Blueberry Breeze Shot
Chocolate Dream Cocktail
Chocolate Twist Cocktail
College Dropout Cocktail
Crash Landing Cocktail
Dark Lord Cocktail
Daytona 501 Cocktail
Destroyer Cocktail
Donna's Glowing Sunrise Cocktail
Exxtaacy Cocktail
Floridanian Cocktail
Frozen Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail
Heart Warmer Cocktail
International Cocktail
John Cooper Deluxe Cocktail
Jona's Special Cocktail
Kamakazi Deluxe Shot
Kashmir Cocktail
Little, Yellow, Different Cocktail
Live Human Brains Shot
Mac Dawg Cocktail
Meadowlark Lemon Cocktail
Melon Madness Cocktail
Mountain Stream Cocktail
Mulch Muncher Cocktail
Nail Puller Cocktail
Nutdriver Cocktail
Oki Sun Cocktail
Phillips Head Cocktail
Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktail
Raspberry Jello Spritzer Shot
Bloody Rain Cocktail
Hot Screaming Orgasm Cocktail
Sexy Martini Cocktail
Key West Key Lime Pie Martini Cocktail
Tahitian Sunset Cocktail
Polyjuice Potion Shot
Warrens Liquid Energy Cocktail
Miraclazing Cocktail
Adelaide MOJO Cocktail
Pink Valdimar Cocktail
Burgundy Bomb Shot
Twisted Cola Blast Cocktail
Playita Bomb Cocktail
Green Meadows Cocktail
Requiem Cocktail
The Mexican Pineapple Cocktail
Purple Pecker Spit Cocktail
Russian Martini Cocktail
Atlanta Brave Cocktail
Averno Cocktail
Bleeker Cocktail
Bloody Navel Cocktail
Cat Cocktail
Chucks Irish Bomb Cocktail
Creamy Mimi Cocktail
Death Everywhere Cocktail
Detox Shot
Dolphin Fin Cocktail
Dr. Vodka Cocktail
Electric Blue Lemonade Cocktail
Fading Vader Cocktail
Fat Boy Cocktail
Fish Lips Cocktail
G-String Cocktail
Green Booger Cocktail
Green Bull Cocktail
Hiball Cocktail
High Roller Cocktail
Irish Pinata Cocktail
Juicy Cocktail
Lemon Kamikaze Cocktail
Melon Man Cocktail
Mike's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Montana Sunrise Cocktail
Orange Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Orange Shot
Peach Beseech Cocktail
Prom Date Special Cocktail
Puerto Rican Sky Rocket Cocktail
Balboa Shot
Zone 23 Cocktail
Screw the Polar Bear Cocktail
Tropical Storm Cocktail
Tiki Tini Cocktail
Sneaky Bastard Cocktail
Superbly Snowy Cocktail
The Snow Leopard Cocktail
Skittka Shot
Sweet Home Chicago Cocktail
Top Shelf Purple Rain Cocktail
Bloody Screwdriver Cocktail
Sun Energy Cocktail
A Few Of My Favorite Things Cocktail
Banangrove Cocktail
Bartender In A Cup Cocktail
Black Cherry Kool-Aid Cocktail
Blind Melon Cocktail
Blue Ruby Cocktail
Charging Rhino Cocktail
Club Med Cocktail
Crazy Jew Cocktail
Dirty Blonde Cocktail
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun Cocktail
Dr. Monkey Cocktail
Gale Warning Cocktail
Glasnost Cocktail
Golden Screw Cocktail
Good Old Boy Cocktail
Green Doodoo Cocktail
Green Kryptonite Cocktail
Hamlet Cocktail
Holly Berry Cocktail
Kamikaze #2 Shot
Kiss Your Mother Cocktail
Lazy Luau Cocktail
Mr. P Cocktail
Needle in Your Eye Cocktail
Nuclear Kamikaze Cocktail
Old Pirate Cocktail
Orange Flux Cocktail
Osh Kosh Besloshed Cocktail
Paco Mix Cocktail
Peach Flambe Shot
Peachy Tea Cocktail
Pineapple Splash Cocktail
Pink Pleasures Cocktail
Raspberry Tea Cocktail
Love Punch Cocktail
The Lawnmower Cocktail
The Sal Costa Cocktail
T-Bone's Black-Razz Tea Cocktail
Guy Punch Cocktail
Green Eyed Jello Shot
Diamond's Tweaked Cosmopolitan Martini Cocktail
Strong Badia Melonade Cocktail
The Loch Ness Monster Cocktail
Regatta Moscow Mule Cocktail
Frog Man Cocktail
LA Water Cocktail
Frozen Velvet Hammer Cocktail
Liam's Lucky Charm Cocktail
Sea Dragon Cocktail
Sour Grapple Cocktail
Holiday Cocktail
10 Deep Cocktail
P.T.O. Cocktail
Russian Turkey Cocktail
Anal Sex Cocktail
Ariane Special Cocktail
Ballistic Banana Cocktail
Bikini Line Shot
Blinding Light Shot
Blue Eyed Bitch Cocktail
Blue Long Island Cocktail
Blue Shizzle Cocktail
Bungalow Cocktail
Busted Nut Cocktail
Drunken Madness Cocktail
Fake Mountain Dew Cocktail
Freaking Shot
Frigid Alaskan Nipple Shot
Frozen Bikini Cocktail
Gecko Cocktail
German Bulldog Cocktail
Ghetto Romance Cocktail
Goldberg Cocktail
Good Stuff Cocktail
Grape Vodka Froth Cocktail
Green and Mean Cocktail
Green Eye-Opener Cocktail
Homicidal Maniac Cocktail
Leadville Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Licorice Whip Cocktail
Long Island Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktail
Melon Kamikaze Cocktail
Mig Cocktail
Moose Hummer Shot
One Night Stand Shot
Orange George Cocktail
Pearl Harbor Cocktail
Pink Polka Cocktail
Prison Bitch Cocktail
Purple Popsicle Cocktail
Quiescent Cocktail
Mitchell's Bloody Mary Cocktail
Long Island Ice Tea (Low Cal) Cocktail
We Attack at Dawn Shot
The Minion Shot
Flying Penguin Cocktail
Red Devil #2 Cocktail
Pomegranate Apple Martini Cocktail
Russian Bawls Cocktail
Screaming Peach Cocktail
Tall Blonde Cocktail
Pied Piper Cocktail
German Lemon Bomb Cocktail
The Death Blaster Cocktail
Dawa Cocktail
Alaena Cocktail
Filthy Mudblood Cocktail
Georgia's Cocktail
Amy Cocktail
Carmel Apple Martini Cocktail
Alien Fish Bowl Cocktail
Baileys Bitch Shot
Bloody Lip Cocktail
Blood Mary Extra Hairy Cocktail
Fuzzy Greyhound Cocktail
Hail Queen Candace Cocktail
Happy Feller Shot
Harry Lime Cocktail
Hawaiian Vodka Cocktail
Hill Topper Cocktail
Minerstown Sling Cocktail
My Sweet Red Lips Cocktail
Orange Oscar Cocktail
Over the Top Cocktail
Pink Rain Cocktail
Pissed McGillis Cocktail
Professor and Mary Ann Cocktail
Puddle in the Rainforest Cocktail
Quebecer Banana Blow Job Shot
Racing Greyhound Cocktail
Randy Randy Cocktail
White Ukrainian Cocktail
SilverLined Tragedy Shot
Blue Heaven Bliss Cocktail
Ray Charles Shot
The Mel Gibson Cocktail
Sex on the Shore Cocktail
Emerald City Cocktail
Red Caramel Apple Martini Cocktail
Silent Touch Cocktail
Gorilla Shot
Creeper Coke Cocktail
Bumper Sticker Shot
Homer's Plutonium Shot
Stockholm Imperial Cocktail
Mike & Steve's Martini Cocktail
James Bond in Havana Cocktail
Applefancy Cocktail
Caribbean Blues Cocktail